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Charity Shops in Rome

A solidarity and charity boutique that helps those in need. Anyone can donate clothes they no longer wear. Once sold, the proceeds are used to finance courses for immigrants and refugees who intend to devote themselves to sartorial craftsmanship. The fight against waste thus expands and passes from things to the weakest people, who have the opportunity to learn a job, start a business and integrate into our communities.

Vintage King Size

The Rione Monti in Rome is considered the heart of vintage because here there are many proposals where to find used clothing and more. King Size is a very large shop full of second hand clothes and accessories, a place much appreciated by young people who are looking for particular (and very skinny) garments. There is also a lot of offer for men and an expanse of amphibians arranged on the ground to be combined with cult clothing from the 40s up to the 90s.

Address: Via Leonina, 79
Info: Facebook Page


A cult address for those who love vintage, indeed more addresses because Pifedo is present in Rome with two stores. Clothing used from the 50s to the 90s, the classic Levi’s jeans and a good proposal of 70s sunglasses; There is no shortage of shoes, bags, belts, hats, and leather garments, designer or not. It should be noted that at Pifebo Kilo di Monti, you can choose what you like and pay by the kilo, while on the website you can consult the updated offer so as not to miss the best garments.

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Address: Via dei Serpenti, 135 & 141, Via dei Valeri, 10
Info: Website

Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders is a particular vintage shop as it is a Maison de Recouture, or sells luxury used clothes for men and women. High quality and good business not only clothing, but also footwear, glasses, accessories, bags, costume jewelry and glasses. To consult constantly the Instagram page of the store to find out the news coming soon.

Address: Via Urbana, 132
Info: Instagram page

Blue Goose

Another address in the Monti district with a nice selection of used clothes signed in excellent condition. A rather chic and refined style, and a varied proposal of shoes, bags and costume jewelry and some evening dresses. Good value for money, suitable for those looking for glamorous garments, there is no shortage of labels by Chanel, Dior, Max Mara and big Italian and foreign brands.

Address: via del Boschetto, 4
Info: Facebook page

Homer and Cecilia

Not far from Piazza Navona another historic address among the vintage shops of Rome. Rather small place to browse through skirts and dresses of the 70s and a good offer of “band jackets”, all carefully preserved. The collection of used suitcases and hats is also very rich.

Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 110

Twice Vintage

A dip in the 60s, 70s and 80s in this curious vintage store specializing in retro clothing, accessories and special garments, such as shirts with psychedelic prints and colorful dresses. A store where you can browse and an online e-shop where you can find shoes, bags and well-kept vintage designer jackets, there are also colored ties.

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Address: Via San Francesco di Ripa, 7
Info: Website

Pulp Vintage

Rione Monti is a riot of addresses for those who love vintage, and Pulp is also a shop not to be missed. A store furnished in pop style where you can find clothes, shoes and accessories from the 60s to today, all proposed in a nice and careful way. The section dedicated to sunglasses and costume jewelry is very rich.

Address: Via del Boschetto, 15A
Info: Facebook Page

Oliver’s wardrobe

A second-hand clothes shop for children where you can find excellent well-preserved garments. Very nice proposals and excellent prices, especially because often children’s clothes, especially for children, are really used very little. Shop and proposals of quality and excellent taste, ideal place to go for a gift.

Address: Via degli Zingari, 54
Info: Website

Mademoiselle Vintage

In the heart of the Pigneto district, an area considered very trendy, here is an address where you can find quality vintage garments. Opened in 2018, the store offers quality and valuable vintage clothing, accessories and footwear, especially in the proposal of fabrics and models.

Address: Via Alberto Da Giussano 62/E
Info: Website

Humana Vintage

Humana Vintage is a shop of special used clothes: it is part of a large charity association spread all over the world. Part of the proceeds from the stores is used for social cooperation projects in countries such as Africa. In Rome there are three addresses that boast a good assortment of original vintage garments from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, excellent and constant renewal of the proposed garments.

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Addresses: Via Leonina, 38-41 (Monti), Via Cavour, 102 (Monti), Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 199-201 (Centro Storico)
Info: Website

Charity Shops in Rome
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