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Cheap Restaurants in Jeddah

The best cheap restaurants in Jeddah include delicious menus, and provide a lot of offers and benefits as well as competitive prices, given that the city of Jeddah is one of the prominent areas in terms of strategic location and tourist potential in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And the citizen or resident in the lands of Jeddah is always looking for varieties of distinguished restaurants with low cost, so through the store site We show the best low-priced restaurants in Jeddah.

Al Baik Restaurant

The restaurant founded nearly 45 years ago, and during the years of its work, it was able to attract a large number of visitors, and this is for many reasons, including providing ready meals such as sandwiches and hot corn with butter, and one of the most important items offered by the restaurant is garlic sauce, various seafood, as well as chicken with more than one recipe, in addition to sandwiches, so Al-Baik is a cheap restaurant in Jeddah

  • Opening hours from Saturday to Thursday are from 11am to 2pm, while on Fridays, the restaurant is open from 4pm to 2pm.
  • The address of the restaurant is Khalidiya area in Jeddah.
  • Website: albaik
  • Phone Number: 8002442245.

Hadota Restaurant

  • It is one of the best restaurants in Jeddah, and the restaurant also offers the best shawarma meals of various kinds.
  • The restaurant also hosts families and individuals, as the restaurant serves Italian and Arabic shawarma sandwiches in the Lebanese and Syrian style.
  • Serving Italian meals such as chicken and meat, regular and Italian chicken sandwiches, the restaurant serves drinks, juices and appetizers.
  • Address: Prince Majid Street, Al Safa Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: +966501577744

Abu Zaid Restaurant

  • Abu Zeid restaurants offer some of the popular food favorite of many in the Western Region, and the founder of this famous restaurant chain is Zaid Al-Sharabi, may God have mercy on him.
  • The restaurant has been successful after its establishment for 30 years or more, and the working hours of the restaurant start from dawn until noon, and then after sunset when it comes at half past two.
  • Abu Zaid restaurants can be contacted via the unified number (920003670), or by accessing the official website from here.
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Kudu Restaurant

Kudu is a wonderful restaurant, and its price affordable, and it offers fast food with a unique flavor, and one of its most important features is the open kitchen policy, which allows diners to see the steps of making meals in an interesting way that makes them happy, and it is primarily based on providing snacks represented in sandwiches, hot drinks, and fresh juices.

  • The restaurant operates all day without closing.
  • The address is in Al-Hamra area in Jeddah.
  • Website: kudu
  • Phone Number: 920006999.

Khayal Restaurant

  • It is considered one of the most famous restaurants in Saudi Arabia.
  • It also contains natural and picturesque areas.
  • It also offers a range of different food and beverages.
  • The upper division is also allocated to the allowances, and the lower section to individuals.
  • The restaurant serves meals and dinners such as drinks, mills, grills, shawarma, Turkish pastries, appetizers and salads.

Khayal Restaurant Branches

  • Address: Prince Sultan, Zahra.
  • Phone Number: +96692000223

It is one of the old restaurants preferred by the people of Jeddah, where it began its work since 1385 AH.The official website of Shawarma Shaker Al Jazeera Jeddah can be accessed from here, and to communicate via WhatsApp on (0567750999).

There are three main branches of Shawarma Shaker Al Jazeera in Jeddah: Al Baghdadia Al Sharqiya 1, Al Baghdadiyah Al Sharqiya 2 and Al Aziziyah Branch.

Zaitouna Bay Restaurant

  • It is one of the most famous and best restaurants in Jeddah.
  • It also offers the best food and various drinks.
  • It is also characterized by the beauty of its view and the beauty of the natural landscape.
  • The restaurant serves breakfasts of cheese, butter, eggs, halva tahini and various drinks.
  • It also features seer meals containing meat, fish, chicken and all kinds of different salads.
  • Address: Tahlia Street in Jeddah.
  • Phone: +96655346402

Rustic Hummus Restaurant

  • The prices of Hummus Rustic restaurant for families and individuals are suitable for the middle class.
  • The restaurant’s working hours start from six in the morning until three in the evening, and you can contact the restaurant via the number: +966 9200 06002
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Shawarma Shaker Al Jazeera Restaurant

This restaurant in particular is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Jeddah in serving shawarma for 55 years, and the restaurant receives a large number of visitors daily, and this is evidence of the quality of its food, and despite this crowding, everyone receives quick attention in meeting their requests, so it is one of the restaurants in Jeddah that are sweet and cheap.

  • Address Hail Street, Ruwais area, opposite Jeddah Medical Center.
  • The restaurant’s opening hours start from 4 pm.
  • Phone Number: +966594335978.

Ahoub Breakfast Restaurant

  • Ahoub Breakfast Restaurant is one of the most affordable places, and it is one of the best cheap restaurants in Jeddah, and it offers many advantages, such as the ability to eat inside or outside the restaurant in the open air.
  • In addition to the availability of delivery service and takeaway, you can contact the restaurant via the number (+966122617032).

Fares Breakfast Restaurant

One of the restaurants that serve light and wonderful breakfasts, and the place is famous for being one of the best popular restaurants in Jeddah, and its menu and details are as follows:

  • Opening hours every day from 5.30 am to 11.30 pm.
  • Address: Abdul Maqsoud Khoja Street in Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: 920005027.

Tekwa Lounge

  • It is considered one of the most famous restaurants.
  • As it has many different features.
  • The restaurant is very popular in Saudi Arabia.
  • The restaurant also offers the best and most famous main dishes such as burgers, beef fillet, chicken fajita and other dishes.
  • Address: Jeddah Corniche.
  • Phone Number: +966564116190
  • ziyah Branch.
  • an be found here.

Al Tazaj Restaurant

  • There are many branches of the famous Al Tazaj restaurant distributed throughout Saudi Arabia, including the Jeddah branch and its address:
    • 7285 Prince Miteb Bin Abdulaziz Road – Al Safa District – Jeddah 23454 3209
  • Al Tazaj Restaurant’s website can be accessed directly from here.
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Buffalo Wings & Rings Restaurant

  • Buffalo Wings and Rings Restaurant in Jeddah is a premium restaurant that offers competitive prices, and the items offered.
  • Working hours in Buffalo Jeddah restaurants start from one pm to twelve pm.
  • To contact Prince Sultan branch from (0122901138), Sari Street branch from (0122900258), and to contact Emaar Square branch (0126051559).
  • Visit the official account on Instagram and learn about the new offers from the link here.

Saraya Latif Restaurant

In case you want to take your family to a respectable traditional food restaurant in Jeddah that offers delicious meals and cheap prices. It does not necessarily mean that the standard of food or service is not good for this simple price. But in the fact that these restaurants offer innovative food and very classy service, and at the same time the restaurant is distinguished by the presence of a spacious place for families,

This makes them feel comfortable and special at the same time, and it offers varieties of Turkish food, in addition to that it is considered one of the cheapest restaurants in Jeddah.

  • Address Palestine Street, opposite Jamjoom Center in Jeddah.
  • Working hours on all days of the week from 1 pm to 2 pm.
  • Phone Number: 0126641090.

Nino Restaurant

From the list of the best cheap restaurants in Jeddah, we bring you this restaurant, which is classified as one of the finest family restaurants, and it serves delicious Italian and Western meals, and it has several branches in the Gulf countries and Arab countries.

  • The restaurant is open to visitors every day from 1.30 pm to 12.30 am.
  • Address Palestine Street – Al Hamra area in Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: 0122613333

Cheap Restaurants in Jeddah
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