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Check Mobily Balance

Mobily is one of the most famous companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that provides mobile services, and it has many customers and users, and Mobily has always provided a lot of different offers and packages to satisfy users, and many users face some problems in the way to know Mobily’s balance.

How to know my Mobily balance

One of the common questions is how to know the balance of Mobily frequented by the year a lot, we will show you how to know if it is a word or if it is the Internet in order to facilitate the matter and the knowledge of the balance in Mobily is divided into: :-

1 – Check Mobily Balance for Calls

You can easily check your call balance using the short code *1411#.

2 – Know Mobily’s internet balance

You can view your remaining balance of Mobily’s internet package by using the Mobily short balance code (*1411*2#).

3 – Know the number of free minutes to Mobily network

If you have free minutes from Mobily, you can check the number by dialing the short number (*1422#).

4 – See the number of free minutes

Dial *1422# to check your balance on the free minutes and their validity period.

Inquire about Mobily Data Balance “Remaining from the Internet”

  • You can check the remaining balance of your data consumption in your Mobily bill
  • That is, to know the remaining balance of your Internet usage by dialing #1411*2#, and if the call is not made, you will not receive an SMS with balance details
  • You can dial *1422#
  • There is also another code to know the data consumption which is to dial *1411*1#.
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Code to know the remaining free minutes Mobily

Mobily offers a special code to know the minutes easily, so you can also know the rest of the remaining free minutes you have by dialing the following number *1422#.

  • Mobily customer service number 1100
  • Mobily customer service number 900
  • You can inquire about your Mobily prepaid balance by dialing *1411#

Mobily advance balance

Balance borrowing code from Mobily There are several ways to obtain emergency credit from Mobily, we will show them to you through the following:
Send a text message containing the number “403” to the number 1100, so that the user gets 5 Saudi riyals.
Dial *405# from the phone to add 5 riyals to the user’s balance.
Send a message containing “403” to 1100 to transfer 30 Saudi riyals to the user’s balance.
Dial the code *430#, so that the subscriber gets 30 EGP emergency credit, which is the maximum amount available for obtaining from this service until the balance is recharged.
Send a message containing 403 to 1100 to add 300 MB to the consumer account, valid for a week.
Dial *403# to add 300MB to the consumer account, valid for one week.

Find out the balance of Mobily Package 75

The cost of Mobily 75 prepaid package 75 Saudi riyals.
The validity of the package is 4 weeks from the date of subscribing to the package. Mobily Package 75 gives you 500 local minutes to all networks within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The package also gives you 6 GB of internet, and the package gives you 6 GB for social media sites “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.”
To activate a Mobily service or bundle of 75 riyals, by sending an SMS message containing 75 to the following number 1100.
But if you want to cancel the 75 package by sending a short text message also to the following number 1100, but it says 075, and you will receive a message canceling your subscription to the package.
If you want to inquire about the remaining features, send an SMS with 4 written to the following number 1411.
The package cost does not include VAT.
The package renews automatically, but you can cancel the automatic renewal service for the package, and you can use the features offered by the package until its expiration date.

Check Mobily Balance
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