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Chocolate Shops in Rome

There are many chocolate shops in Rome town, where it is impossible to escape from the wonderful aroma of cocoa and exotic spices spread everywhere.

Said since 1923 Ancient Chocolate Factory Rome

The first chocolate shop to visit in Rome is certainly SAID (Società Azionario Industria Dolciumi) which has been dealing with chocolate and hospitality since 1923 . Here it is possible not only to taste but also to buy all forms , versions and flavors of chocolate . From bars to hot chocolate, through spreadable creams, zests and many gift ideas. The SAID chocolate shop, open every day (except Sundays) until 00:30 and Fridays until 1:30, is located in the San Lorenzo district, in Via Tiburtina 135.

Raw chocolate raw – Monti

In via Urbana, here is the first raw food pastry shop in the world: Grezzo, where Nicola Salvi and Vito Cortese (the two founders) will tempt you with chocolates, sweets, cakes, desserts and smoothies prepared with high quality, organic, gluten-free, lactose, without additives and without refined sugars.

A pastry suitable for everyon one: celiacs, sportsmen, intolerant and vegans.

The prices are excessive but justified by the excellent quality of the products offered.

Romeow Cat Bistrot

In the Ostiense area, EUR district , we find the Romeow Cat Bistrot chocolate shop . As the name itself indicates, it is a real house for cats . In this very refined and delicate environment it is possible to taste wonderful and enveloping hot chocolates to accompany with the desserts of the day.

Chocolate shop – Colosseum

A small tempting shop on via Leonina, where the Maitre Chocolatier Maurizio Proietti will tempt you with refined chocolates with an unmistakable flavour.

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Many varieties of chocolates (100%, 90%, 80%), truffles, liqueur fillings (limoncello, sambuca, whiskey), marron glaces, orange peel, spreadable creams, gélées, fruit, etc.

Prices? €100 for 1 kg of chocolates. Definitely high!

Moriondo and Gariglio confectionery

If you find yourself strolling through the historic center of Rome , you cannot fail to stop at the Moriondo e Gariglio Confectionery . The surnames that give the name to this delicious chocolate shop are closely linked to the history of our country: the two cousins ​​were in fact the chocolatiers of the Italian royal family. Today the chocolate shop is still a point of reference where you can discover the goodness and genuineness of the chocolates prepared every day in a rigorously natural way.

Trappist chocolate

A brand resulting from the work of the Rugghia family who, in the 1970s, began the production of artisanal chocolate within the Tre Fontane Abbey.

The raw materials used are rigorously of high quality and this is denoted by the unmistakable taste of the products.

Chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, nougat, spreadable creams, etc. they will tempt you at first glance!

In addition to the Eur point of sale (in Via delle Acque Salvie), you can find Trappist Chocolate products at the historic Caffè Sant’Eustachio (in Piazza Navona), at Eataly, in wine bars and craft shops.

The prices are lower than the chocolate shops presented s

Gay-Odin Parioli

A historic Neapolitan chocolate factory, with outlets only in the cities of Naples, Rome and Milan.

The bestsellers ? The “Vesuvio”, a chocolate in the shape of the famous Campanian volcano and filled with gianduia cream, and the “Foresta”, a milk chocolate and puff pastry log.

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In the shop you will also find a vast assortment of loose chocolates, pralines, peels, spreadable creams, cakes and chocolate-based liqueurs, all designed to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Don’t miss the “Godinella” spreadable cream, made with hazelnuts and dark chocolate, very similar to Nutella but more bitter.

The prices are not exactly cheap (500 g of chocolates cost around €35) but, for once, a little madness can be done.

Venchi – Via della Croce

A small boutique of taste, near Piazza di Spagna, where you can choose from creamy homemade ice creams, filled chocolates, chocolate bars, truffles and spreadable creams.

The must-haves? The chocolate bars with no added sugar (fantastic for savoring the true taste of chocolate), the chocaviar chocolates (filled with pistachio cream), the cremini, the “blocks of chocolate” (similar to mini nougats) and the spreadable creams based on hazelnuts and cocoa.

Prices? 400 g of mixed chocolates cost around €30, while spreadable creams range from €4 to €11 (depending on the format chosen).


Another tempting boutique in the Pantheon area, where you can choose from homemade ice creams (with chocolate-covered wafer cones), captivating-looking cakes (such as chocolate cheesecake), creamy coffees served with a spoon of chocolate, and thousands of chocolate bars chocolate and pralines of all tastes.

Here you can also buy preparations for puddings, hot chocolate and chocolate cakes to make at home, spreadable creams, gelé and biscuits, all of unquestionable quality.

The white chocolate pralines, the classic ones (with a red wrapper, to be clear) and those filled with caramel.


At EUR there is Arthè , a colorful living room with attention to the smallest details in which to breathe a unique and suggestive atmosphere, in which to savor all the goodness of a cup of tea or one of hot chocolate , prepared with the best Italian chocolates.

Chocolate Shops in Rome
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