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Chopin Museum

The Fryderyk Chopin Museum is located in Warsaw’s Chopin Institute. The largest center dedicated to the work of the Polish composer. Here they keep the memory of the great creator and talk about his life and musical activity. The structure of the museum also includes a branch – Chopin’s home and a park in the village of Zhelyazova Volya.

There are different spellings of the composer’s name. In Polish it Friederike, and in French transcription his name is spelled Frédéric. It cannot be said that the second option is wrong. Since the Polish author of musical works has French roots and he spent his mature years in Paris.

How to get to the Chopin Museum for free

It is located next to the museum building. If there are few visitors, which is unlikely. Then you immediately be given electronic passes. If there are a lot, they will write them down for the nearest free time. It had it in 1.5 hours.

  • buses No 102, 105, stop “Nowy Świat 03”; No. 162. Stop “Topiel 03”; No N14, N64, stop “Topiel 01”; No 178, N16, N44, N66, stop “Nowy Świat 02”.
  • trams No 7, 9, 22, 24, 25, stop “Muzeum Narodowe 06”.

Opening hours of the Chopin Museum in Warsaw

You can visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday. In summer from 11:00 to 20:00, in winter – from 11:00 to 19:00. The ticket office closes 45 minutes earlier. The Frédéric Chopin Museum closed on New Year’s Day, Easter. Christmas (as well as the day before and after it) and some other holidays. You can follow the current mode of operation on the website.

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Chopin Museum Prices

On Wednesdays , free admission for everyone. The rest of the time, the cost of tickets depends on the category of visitors:

  • adults — 23 PLN);
  • privileged categories (schoolchildren, pupils of art schools. As well as their teachers, students, pensioners, disabled people, veterans, blood donors) – 14 PLN;
  • children under 7 years of age, employees of state museums and holders of special Polish orders are free of charge.

For organized groups of 15 people or more, the ticket will cost 19 PLN, for school groups – 12 PLN. There is also a special family fare for 63 PLN. This ticket valid for a maximum of 6 people: parents/guardians and children under 18 years of age.

When planning a visit, it is worth considering that due to the small space in some rooms. The number of visitors per day is limited, no more than 70 people allowed in every hour. Tickets can be bought at the box office of the Chopin Museum. Online by selecting the date you interested in. The ticket office is located in a building next to the museum.

Independent travelers can clarify the information of interest about the exhibits from the staff on each floor. The entrance ticket also includes a short tour from the museum staff overseeing a specific area of the permanent exhibition. They held at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 in Polish and English. A group of up to 30 people is recruited.

From Tuesday to Sunday, you can also book a tour of the permanent exhibition of the Frédéric Chopin Museum. During the museum’s opening hours. To do this, you need to submit an application. No later than 3 days in advance by phone 22 44 16 251/252 or by e-mail: The cost of the guide is 100 PLN for the excursion in Polish and 120 PLN in English. This price does not include entrance fees. The tour lasts 60 minutes, the number of participants is up to 30.

Prices on the official website of the Chopin Museum in Warsaw

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The Chopin Museum in Warsaw has collected more than 7.5 thousand items. Related to the life and work of the composer. Here stored his manuscripts of musical works, letters and other personal belongings. Despite the sale of property from Chopin’s last apartment and the devastating effects of the war. Some of the legacy preserved.

Memorabilia collected by Friends, students and family of Frederick. A special role in this matter played by his older sister, Ludvika. In 1899, the collection expanded with items donated by Chopin’s department from the Warsaw Musical Society. Subsequently, this task carried out by the first Frédéric Chopin Institute, later renamed the Composer’s Society. Since 2005, the Chopin Museum in Warsaw has been responsible for the preservation of the collection.

The most valuable are the manuscripts of Frédéric Chopin, according to which it is possible to trace his creative process. Copies of his works, copied by hand by friends. Students of the outstanding composer, and editions of Chopin’s works are also important. The museum carefully preserves portraits of F. Chopin, there is a cast of his hand, a lock of hair and a death mask. Special exhibits are Frederick’s latest piano and his notebooks.

Permanent Exhibition

This exposition created in 2010. It covers 12 themes and spread over 4 floors:

  • The 0th floor is dedicated to the place where the composer was born – Zhelyazova Volya, youth travels. There is also a living room in Frédéric’s father’s living room;
  • The 1st floor is the themes “Paris Salon”, “Nohant” and “Women”;
  • The 2nd floor reveals the personality of the composer, tells about his travels in Europe and death;
  • On the -1st floor there are stands “Pianist”, “Composer”, “Imitators”.
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The exposition uses multimedia technologies and sound accompaniment. While visiting different halls, you can hear chopin’s music performed by artists of his era. The sounds of Paris of the XIX century, Chopin’s lessons, the sounds of nature. During the tour, you can also visit the Concert Hall. You can listen to recordings from the Frédéric Chopin International Piano Competition.

Chopin Museum
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