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Chusovskaya Bridge

The Chusovaya bridge, built in the Dobryansky district of the Perm region, is located at the end of the Kama reservoir, where the Chusovaya river flows into the Kama.

Old Chusovskaya bridge

Commissioned in 1996 as part of the Perm-Berezniki highway, the Chusovskaya bridge connected the regional center with the cities of Verkhnekamye by the shortest route. The ferry crossing is a thing of the past.

The two-lane bridge with a width of 12 m and a length of 1598 m has ceased to cope with the flow of cars, and the technical condition of the crossing is assessed as pre-emergency.

On the Chusovsky bridge, people stood in traffic jams for 3-4 hours, so in 2010 the regional authorities decided to expand the bridge to 4 lanes and approved a project worth 9 billion rubles. 50 million rubles spent on the development of documentation, but the government’s plans not implemented.

New Chusovskaya bridge

For the construction of the new bridge, which began in 2019, Stroytransgaz chosen as the general contractor. The contractor announced that 8 of the 14 bridge supports in the riverbed commissioned in 2019.

Project and construction

Construction carried out simultaneously using two technologies: using watercraft and a temporary bridge. It supposed to reconstruct road sections on both banks and build two-level interchanges.

Stroytransgaz was lagging behind in its work, explaining that there was no normal funding. The customer proved that the builders do not have time to master the money allocated by the region, so it decided to create a working group of bridge builders, road workers and economists to check the performance of the work.

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Change of contractor

In July 2019, it turned out that the construction of the bridge across Chusovaya would rise in price: new interchanges appeared and the existing bridge needed to repair.

The customer tore up the contract and chose a new contractor – Moscow-based SK Mosty and Tunnel LLC. At the same time, the courts began with Stroytransgaz.

The construction of the bridge in Perm, which planned completed in 2022, will financed from the federal and regional budgets. The cost estimated at 15 billion rubles.

Bridge characteristics

The new Chusovskaya bridge will be located 18 km downstream of the old one and will take on half of the traffic load. The bridge will be safe; the construction will take into account the shortcomings of the existing structure.

It assumed that after the commissioning of the new bridge for one season, all traffic transferred to it. During this time, the existing bridge reconstructed.

The total length of the bridge crossing is 1504 m, the depth of the river under the pillars is 25 m. The approaches to the bridge change, pedestrian crossings and elevators built for small-sized categories of citizens.

The new bridge and the approach to it will complete a large-scale reconstruction of the transport corridor that will connect the capital of the Perm Territory with the northern territories of the region and the Sverdlovsk region.

The estimated speed of movement on the new Chusovsky bridge will be 100 km / h. The carrying capacity is 50 thousand cars per day. Travel on the new highway planned to pay.

Chusovskaya Bridge
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