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Coffee Shops in Riyadh Park

Riyadh Park one of the distinctive tourist places in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, because it contains various international exhibitions and several recreational areas, in addition to the restaurants and cafes that abound in it, in addition to the presence of a restaurant area with a unique view of the King Abdullah Financial Center, and below, Madam, she presents you with a list of the most luxurious Cafes.

Karmello Chocolate Cafe in Riyadh

Cafe Carmelo Chocolate

In Riyadh one of the best cafes in Riyadh and specialized in chocolate

It is possible to enjoy the place

 Uncle Tetsuo cafes Riyadh Park

One of the places specialized in Japanese cheesecake in Riyadh, there are no places to sit, and entry not allowed inside the shop, which not necessary if you do not sit as you can buy from outside.

  • NameUncle Tetsuo Riyadh
  • Category : Groups/Individuals
  • Genre: Sweets Shop
  • Prices : Medium
  • Children: Suitable
  • Music: There is
  • Timings:10:00am–11:30pm/fri, 1:30pm–12:00am
  • Website: To access the café’s website, click here
  • Address of Uncle Tetsuo Riyadh Al Aqiq, Riyadh

Eric Caesar Riyadh Park Mall Cafes

A neat, tidy and clean café with suitable prices. His dishes for sharing are delicious and harmonious 👌

  • Name : Eric Kayser Restaurant
  • Category: Individuals – Families
  • Type: Restaurant & Cafe
  • Prices: Medium to High
  • Kids: Allowed
  • Music: Yes
  • Working hours: 7AM–11:30PM
  • Website: To enter the restaurant click here
  • Address For Eric Caesar Restaurant in riyadh Eastern Ring Branch Road, Al Aqiq, Riyadh

Dose Cafe

Riyadh Park Cafes – Dose Cafe
It is one of the most famous cafes in Riyadh Park and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, considering that it has several branches in several Saudi cities such as Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Khobar, Al-Ahsa and Dammam, in addition to more. more than one branch in Riyadh, including the Riyadh Park branch that we are talking about now, and Dose Café is not only famous for its many branches, it is also famous for its fast services, the quality of its staff, and its delicious and creative food and drinks.

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# Phone : 966562222411+

To see more pictures of Dose Cafe in Riyadh Park on Google, click here

Joe’s Cafe Walnut

Joz Café is one of the distinctive cafes located in “Riyadh Park”, where it offers many types of specialized coffee, hot drinks and juices, in addition to its excellence in providing all types of food such as pizza, pasta, and others.

Overgar Riyadh Park

The place on the second floor is very beautiful and calm the staff are cooperative you can write anything and hang it on the wall for memory.

  • Name: Cafe Overgar Riyadh Park
  • Category : Groups/Individuals
  • Type : Cafe
  • Prices : Medium
  • Children: Suitable
  • Music: There is
  • Working hours:10:00am–12:00am
  • Website: To access the café’s website, click here
  • Address For Overgar Cafe Riyadh Park 2886 6332 Northern Ring Branch Road Riyadh Park Mall, Gate 2 floor 2, Riyadh
  • Cafe Overgar Riyadh Park 966920001888+

Bateel Cafe

Bateel Café is an ideal choice for snack lovers with a nice twist of one of Arabia’s core ingredients, dates, as the café derives its name from the Arabic word “Bateel”, which means small branch of the palm. Café specialises in providing high-quality desserts, most of which prepared with the finest dates. The café’s interior design is very modern and comfortable, with indoor and outdoor seating available.

CAF Caffe

CAF Caffe considered by some to be the best coffee in Riyadh Park, but it is definitely one of the best cafes in Riyadh Park and it has another branch in Turki Al-Awwal Street, try Con Helado, Iced Red velvet or dutch brew and tell us about your experience in the best Kuwaiti coffee in Riyadh Park.

Anas Cafe Ons Coffee

Anas Café has two branches, the first in Al-Rayyan neighborhood, while the second about to open in Riyadh Park in the capital, Riyadh, and it one of the best cafes specialized in making coffee that brings you a rich and heavy taste.

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Wisdom Cafe

Wisdom Café considered one of the most distinctive cafes in terms of location and method of presentation, as it considered a Russian-style café, and this is what distinguishes it from other cafes.

Mihi Mihimih

It considered one of the most famous well-known cafes in Saudi Arabia and specializes in preparing and serving the best types of hot and cold drinks and delicious desserts, and also owns another branch in Riyadh Boulevard.

Starbucks Coffee Shop

Starbucks Cafe is a world-famous American café with several branches in different places in many countries and specializes in preparing the best types of delicious drinks and fresh desserts.

NabtFenjan Cup Sprouted

It is another café preparing to open a new branch in Riyadh Park, where the main branch is located in Othman bin Affan Street, anyone can come to it, whether it is within individuals or families, and its prices are medium to high, but you will feel like you are at home, thanks to the calm atmosphere and coffee that you will feel as if your grandmother prepared it for you.

Half Million

One of the most prominent and luxurious cafes in Riyadh Park characterized by serving a cup of coffee called Signature, which served cold or hot and has a different taste each time, and the café has another branch on Tahlia Street.


Montreux one of the best distinctive restaurants that considered a restaurant and a café at the same time, and it specializes in preparing the best types of sweets such as Italian tiramisu and original French sweets.

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Tamra Café considered one of the most high-end cafes in Riyadh, as the café characterized by its elegance and wonderful place and provides excellent service to the customer, and it also has more than one branch in Riyadh.

Varietalcafe coffee breeds

Cafe Coffee Breeds varietalcafe one of the most famous cafes that located in Riyadh Park and there another branch on King Abdul Aziz Street and characterized by being able to receive families and individuals alike and its prices are medium and the coffee it offers more than excellent with outdoor seating places.

Tea Club

This café characterized by serving various types of tea such as Asian, Arab and European tea, and also offers some meals and mixtures and also serves roses.

Nespresso Coffee

Nespresso Café is a café and café that serves various types of coffee served in the best way, and also offers some hot and cold drinks and delicious appetizers.

PappaRoti Cafe

PappaRoti Café distinguished by serving the best types of delicious drinks and desserts, as this café for the Emirati businesswoman Rasha Al-Dhanhani, and they also have many branches inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Coffee Shops in Riyadh Park
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