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Continental Airlines VIP Lounge

Continental Airlines was a major US airline that operated from 1934 until 2012, when it merged with United Airlines. During its operation, Continental Airlines provided a range of services to enhance the travel experience for its passengers, including access to its VIP lounges. In this article, we will explore the features and amenities of the Continental Airlines VIP lounge.

Location and Access

The Continental Airlines VIP lounge was located at several airports throughout the world, including Newark Liberty International Airport, Houston Intercontinental Airport, and London Heathrow Airport. The lounge was accessible to passengers traveling on Continental Airlines who had purchased a business class ticket or had elite status in the airline’s frequent flyer program.

Design and Amenities

The Continental Airlines VIP lounge was designed to provide passengers with a comfortable and relaxing environment while they waited for their flights. The lounge featured a modern and stylish interior with comfortable seating areas, workstations, and a dining area. The lounge also offered high-speed Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected and productive while waiting for their flights.

The seating areas in the lounge were designed to provide maximum comfort, with plush sofas and armchairs. The lounge also featured a range of natural light, which created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The décor of the lounge was contemporary, with a mix of neutral colors and accents of blue, reflecting the Continental Airlines branding.

Passengers could enjoy a variety of refreshments, including soft drinks, coffee, and tea, as well as a selection of snacks and light meals. There was also a fully stocked bar offering a range of alcoholic beverages. The food and beverage offerings at the lounge were of high quality, and there was a variety of options available, catering to different dietary requirements.

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For passengers who needed to freshen up before their flight, the lounge had shower facilities, complete with towels and toiletries. There was also a luggage storage area, allowing passengers to store their belongings securely while they relaxed in the lounge.


The Continental Airlines VIP lounge offered a range of services to enhance the travel experience for its passengers. Passengers could take advantage of the lounge’s concierge service, which could assist with flight information, baggage handling, and other travel-related queries.

The lounge also offered a business center, complete with computers, printers, and other office equipment, allowing passengers to stay productive while they waited for their flights. Additionally, the lounge had a selection of local and international newspapers and magazines for passengers to read during their stay.

Passengers using the lounge had access to a range of entertainment options, including television, music, and movies. The lounge also featured a children’s play area, which was ideal for families traveling with young children.

Benefits for Elite Status Members

For passengers with elite status in the Continental Airlines frequent flyer program, the VIP lounge offered additional benefits. These included priority check-in, priority boarding, and access to dedicated lounges at other airports where the airline operated.

Elite status members could also take advantage of additional services, such as a personal shopper, chauffeur service, and personalized travel itineraries. These services were designed to make the travel experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible for elite status members.

Additional Amenities

In addition to the amenities and services mentioned above, the Continental Airlines VIP lounge had several other features that made it an excellent space for passengers to relax and unwind. These included:

  1. Spa Services: The lounge had a spa offering a range of treatments, including massages, facials, and manicures. This was perfect for passengers who wanted to pamper themselves before their flight.
  2. Sleep Pods: The lounge had several sleep pods, which were private spaces where passengers could take a nap or relax in a quiet environment.
  3. Meeting Rooms: The lounge had several meeting rooms, which were ideal for business travelers who needed to hold meetings or conduct conference calls.
  4. Terrace: The lounge had a terrace with outdoor seating, providing passengers with a scenic view of the airport while they relaxed.
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The Continental Airlines VIP lounge was a top-notch facility that provided a comfortable and relaxing environment for its premium passengers. With its modern design, range of amenities, and services, the lounge was sure to enhance the travel experience for passengers flying on Continental Airlines.

The lounge’s additional amenities, such as the spa services, sleep pods, meeting rooms, and terrace, made it an exceptional space for passengers to spend time before their flight. The lounge’s exceptional service, high-quality food and beverage offerings, and comfortable seating areas all contributed to making the Continental Airlines VIP lounge a standout facility.

If you were traveling with Continental Airlines and had access to the VIP lounge, you were sure to take advantage of the facilities and services on offer. The lounge provided a peaceful and comfortable environment where passengers could relax and unwind before their flight. The lounge’s concierge service was also a valuable resource for passengers, providing assistance with travel-related queries and making their travel experience hassle-free.

The spa services offered at the lounge were a unique feature that set it apart from other VIP lounges. Passengers could indulge in a rangeof treatments, including massages and facials, which were perfect for those looking to pamper themselves before a long flight. The sleep pods were also a great feature, allowing passengers to catch up on rest in a private and quiet space.

Overall, the Continental Airlines VIP lounge was an excellent facility that provided passengers with a range of amenities and services to enhance their travel experience. Whether you were a business traveler looking for a quiet space to work or a family traveling with young children, the lounge had something for everyone. It was a testament to Continental Airlines’ commitment to providing exceptional service to its premium passengers.

Continental Airlines VIP Lounge
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