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Costume Shops in Riyadh

The city of Riyadh includes many boutiques suitable for evenings, daily outings, engagement and wedding dresses, and many other shapes, all of which are keen on high quality and the use of the best materials, and in this article we will shed light on the best dress shops in Riyadh.

 Boutique Gang

The Ganj boutique is one of the wonderful and distinctive stores in Riyadh, as it is suitable for every girl and woman, and you will find everything you are looking for and the appropriate sizes, as it combines fashion, beauty and high designs because it relies heavily on the latest fashion trends for major designers of international fashion houses. There are evening dresses boutiques in Riyadh

It also interested in all modern fashion that corresponds to different tastes, the boutique includes formal clothes and high-quality models, the shop is located in the city of Riyadh on Olaya Street, opposite the Andalus market.

Avanti Store

Among the best soft dresses stores in Riyadh is Afatty store, which is located in Centeria Mall, and offers different forms of dresses in a variety of sizes to suit all women.

  • Phone Number: 0112933912.

Marina Mall dresses

This shop characterized by a variety of products, as it combines evening dresses, bracelets and bridal dresses, and you do not need to increase more than one place to provide your needs of evening dresses, but you will find everything in one place, and it is very suitable for wedding dresses, especially modern or classic dresses, as it allows you to modify or sew some unwanted parts in the dress, and also interested in displaying evening dresses for veiled women. There are evening dress shops in Riyadh large sizes

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Wafaa Al Maiman Boutique

Are you looking for shops that sell evening dresses for fat women in Riyadh? There is no need to look too much, as Wafaa Al Maiman boutique offers all sizes of evening dresses, and also offers different models to suit all body shapes.

  • Phone Number: 0555266211.

Ganj store is the most famous dress shop in Riyadh

The Ganj store among the best luxury dress stores in Riyadh, as it characterized by its elegant atmosphere and provides a variety of dress models, including evening dresses, colorful dresses, royal dresses, and one-color dresses, and the store also provides dresses from the finest international fashion houses, as well as providing a dress size adjustment service to suit you perfectly.

  • Phone Number: 0114992022.

Pronovias is the best dress shop in Riyadh

One of the most famous evening dress stores in Riyadh Pronovias, which known for providing the best models of dresses from international brands, and characterized by its keenness on the diversity of colors and designs, and provides the most beautiful engagement dresses in a variety of sizes to suit all women.

Glory Markets Evening Dresses

Where can I find evening dresses in Riyadh one of the most famous markets in the city of Riyadh combines good prices and high quality and glory markets located in the neighborhood of Rabwah, which one of the places known to the residents of Riyadh, and the advantages of this place every lady looking for excellence and elegance in evening dresses you will find what you are looking for from the least thing to the largest thing of evening supplies.

Souq Al Majd consists of a large mall that includes more than 300 shops specializing in evening dresses and soirees, in addition to its cheap prices and opens its doors to the public daily from seven in the morning until 12 in the evening.

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It is worth noting that it offers prices that suit a very budget-friendly and is the right choice for all families looking to travel or give gifts. Jeddah markets also include not only evening dresses, but there are many fabrics, restaurants and children’s entertainment toys. It also contains some perfume shops, accessories, watches and jewelry, and the most important thing that distinguishes them is that the prices in Jeddah markets are cheap.

Riad studied the best dress shop in Riyadh

One of the best evening dress stores in Riyadh is Riad Dars, which offers the finest forms of dresses in a variety of materials from simple to luxurious to suit all women’s needs.

  • Phone Number: 0548321992.

Marawi Boutique

Marawi Boutique store is among the best dress stores in Riyadh, where you will find all kinds of dresses, whether evening dresses, or dresses suitable for occasions, as well as offering reasonable prices.

  • Phone Number: 920008775.

Wonderful Dresses Est. One of the best dresses stores in Riyadh

If you are looking for the best evening dresses stores in Riyadh, the wonderful dresses establishment will be your ideal destination, as it offers a variety of evening dresses in various styles, and is keen to renew constantly.

  • Phone Number: 0540320991.

Al-Mousa Complex in Riyadh

This center focuses heavily on the display of distinguished wedding dresses, which combine the appropriate prices and the elegance and beauty of dresses, but it does not mean that it has cheap dresses, as the complex includes a variety of various stores, including Ahmed Badawi store, and Albert shop, and does not depend on wedding dresses only, but also cares about attractive and distinctive evening dresses, as it depends in its designs on the different types of fabrics suitable for making wedding dresses.

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Swan Boutique

Swan Boutique considered one of the best evening dress stores in Riyadh, and it characterized by the quality of the wonderful and varied materials of dresses between silk, satin and others.

  • Phone Number: 0114610308.
Costume Shops in Riyadh
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