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Countries speak Portuguese

Which countries speak Portuguese? The Portuguese language, along with Spanish and English, is indeed widely spoken throughout the world. It is spoken by the population of four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa and South America). This small state, which is located in the west of Europe, was able to spread its language norms in Brazil and China.

A similar spread of the Portuguese language around the world is associated with the discovery of new lands by the Portuguese in the Middle Ages. That is why the conquistadors were able to “plant” the language to other countries, making it official. In the world, about 250,000,000 people speak Portuguese, and about 200,000,000 people are native speakers. Portuguese is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, ranking eighth.

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Brazil is one of the most famous countries where the inhabitants of the country speak Portuguese. It was brought to the territory of the modern state in the early 16th century.

Under the influence of the characteristics of Brazil itself, the local Portuguese dialect received an interesting sound, but retained its classical characteristics.

Another country where the Portuguese language is very popular is called Angola. More than 18,000,000 people out of 30,000,000 inhabitants live in this state, which is perfectly explained in Portuguese. Portuguese has gained particular popularity among young people.

Portuguese is also widely spoken in Mozambique. True, only 10,000,000 people here can call Portuguese their native language. And this is despite the fact that Portuguese is recognized as an official language in the state.

The publication uses images from open sources

The language became widespread in the central part of the country, but inland and in small villages they speak national dialects.

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In Guinea-Bissau, in a small state in western Africa, it is also customary to speak Portuguese. For the first time, the inhabitants heard this language at the beginning of the 15th century, after the capture of the country by the Portuguese conquerors.

In addition to these countries, the Portuguese language is widely spoken in Cape Verde, the island of Sao Tome, Principe.

Some residents of Uruguay, France, Andorra and Luxembourg also speak Portuguese. By the way, the Portuguese-speaking territories around the world are called Lusofinia.

Countries speak Portuguese
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