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Cove Beach

Among Dubai’s most popular private beaches Cove Beach Dubai. Offers plenty of luxurious leisure facilities and allows visitors to experience exceptional. And distinctive in a great atmosphere and modern facilities. A favorite place for many people to practice various sports and beach activities. Have fun with friends and celebrate or swim, among the facilities provided by the beach. Swimming pools, Rosie Lounge lounge, various restaurants. In this article we will show you the most prominent leisure facilities included in the beach. As well as the beach’s entertainment facilities. Membership rates that suit all visitors.

Many celebrities, as well as residents and tourists, accepted on the beach for a good time at Coffee Beach Dubai. For sunshine on luxury beds or jacuzzi, as well as drinks and refreshments during the sun. The menu inside offers plenty of cuisine from around the world. Including sushi and pizza as well as various health authorities.

Enjoy the seaside with golden sand and clear water, relax in this stunning setting. In the wonderful sunshine, and the staff inside will meet all your needs.

How to Get To Cove Beach Dubai

Cove Beach, where Cove Beach located in The Sears Palace on Blue Waters Island. One of dubai’s most ideal destinations for recreation and relaxation.

Caesars Palace Bluewaters Island, Bluewaters Island off JBR – Dubai

Official Website:

+971 50 454 6920

Cove Beach Activities

Sample a great selection of juices. Enjoy the beach parties organized by Cove Beach. Spend an unforgettable evening with your friends on the impact of great music and in a fun atmosphere.

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The Cove Beach site features a stunning waterfront, including a restaurant, rosé’s unique lounge. 3 pools with a tranquil Arabian Sea backdrop.

Rosie Lounge

Rosie Lounge in Cove Beach Dubai the perfect place for various parties during the day or night on weekends. But on the rest of the week, it’s a great place for different meetings. Business lunches, and many other activities, and in the evening you can enjoy sunsets. Your favorite dishes or drinks, whether cocktails, fresh juices or hot drinks.

Cove Beach Pools

At Cove Beach Dubai, visitors can enjoy a swim in a luxurious setting, featuring three pools. Offering daily swimming, and the pools equipped with luxurious and modern facilities. Offer visitors the possibility to take the finest souvenirs. As well as sunbathe or enjoy hammocks in the area, and access to the pool is only available until sunset.

  • Opening hours: 10:00 am to sunset (daily)

Restaurant Two. 0

Coffee Beach Dubai is a special place for many visitors to eat different dishes in a wonderful and refined atmosphere.

  • Opening hours: 10am-3pm/ 6pm – 11:00pm, every day.

Cove Beach Working Hours

  • Pool and beach opening hours: 10 a.m. Restaurant: 12pm to 11pm on weekdays, weekends 12pm -11.30pm.
  • Weekend lounge: 12pm – 1am.
  • For more information, email:
  • Cove Beach Dubai: +971 50454 6920.
  • WhatsApp: +971 50454 6920.

Cove Beach Dubai Entry Fee

Visitors can take advantage of one-time entry rates or take advantage of membership rates for six months. Or annually, and sunbed reservations and admissions AED 200 7 days a week.

For people under the age of 21, they cannot enter the beach alone, but must have adult facilities. And if you want to eat indoors, a refund of AED 100 paid. Reservations must made in advance in order to prevent overcrowding.

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Cove Beach Dubai Membership Fees

  • The price of one membership for six months is 9000 dirhams for a couple. 12,000 dirhams, and for the family 16,000 dirhams.
  • For annual membership rates, for one person 15,000 dirhams, for a couple 18,000 dirhams and a family for AED 22,000.
  • Blueutters resident membership for one person 10,000 AED, for couple 12,000 dirhams, and for family 14,000 AED.
Cove Beach
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