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Customer service number for Nahdi Pharmacy

Nahdi Pharmacy number: Nahdi Pharmacy is one of the largest and most famous pharmacies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this pharmacy specializes in providing all medicines and some skin and hair care products, in addition to child care products, and many people trust pharmacy products, and the pharmacy is headquartered in Jeddah, and it has more than one branch in different places in Saudi Arabia, and some are looking for ways to communicate with Nahdi Pharmacy to request or inquire about a product, so we show you in this report the numbers And the branches of the pharmacy and ways to communicate with ease.

Unified Number Al Nahdi Pharmacy in Saudi Arabia

Nahdi Pharmacy allocates a unified number for all branches of the pharmacy for the possibility of communicating with the pharmacy easily from anywhere in Saudi Arabia and at any time, and by calling the following number of the pharmacy, you can inquire about the offers provided through the pharmacy, and you can also inquire about the price of any product before buying, and communication is done by calling the following number:

  • 8001191198.

Email Nahdi Pharmacy

  • You can submit complaints and suggestions to Nahdi Pharmacy through the pharmacy’s e-mail at:

How can I contact Nahdi customer service?

  • You can speak with a customer service agent at email.
Customer service number for Nahdi Pharmacy
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