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DANA Air VIP Lounge

DANA Air is a Nigerian airline that was established in 2008. The airline is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, and operates domestic and regional flights within Africa. One of the many amenities that DANA Air provides to its passengers is the VIP Lounge, which offers a range of amenities for passengers to enjoy before their flight.

Location and Access

The DANA Air VIP Lounge is located at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. The lounge is accessible to passengers traveling in business class or first class, as well as members of the airline’s frequent flyer program. The lounge is open daily from early morning until the last flight of the evening, so passengers can relax and enjoy the amenities regardless of their flight schedule.


The DANA Air VIP Lounge offers a range of amenities to ensure that passengers feel relaxed and comfortable before their flight. The lounge features comfortable seating, televisions, newspapers and magazines, and free Wi-Fi. Passengers can catch up on the news, watch their favorite TV show, or browse the internet before their flight.

For passengers who need to catch up on work before their flight, the lounge offers a range of business facilities, including workstations, printers, and free Wi-Fi. Passengers can work in a quiet and comfortable environment, ensuring that they are fully prepared for their flight.

The lounge also offers a range of relaxation facilities, including massage chairs and shower facilities. Passengers can unwind and relax before their flight, making the travel experience more enjoyable.

Food and Beverage

The DANA Air VIP Lounge offers a variety of food and beverage options to its guests. Passengers can enjoy a range of hot and cold meals, snacks, and a selection of beverages, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. The lounge also offers a variety of Nigerian and international cuisine, catering to the diverse tastes of its guests.

In addition to the regular food and beverage offerings, the lounge also offers special seasonal menus to celebrate holidays and events. For example, during the Christmas season, the lounge may offer festive treats and drinks to celebrate the season.

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Frequent Flyer Program

DANA Air offers a frequent flyer program called “Smart Miles”. Members of the program can earn miles when they fly with DANA Air or its partner airlines, and can redeem their miles for a range of benefits, including flight upgrades, lounge access, and other travel-related services.

Members of the Smart Miles program can enjoy access to the VIP Lounge at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, as well as other lounges operated by DANA Air. Depending on their membership level, members may be eligible for additional benefits, such as priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, and priority boarding.


The DANA Air VIP Lounge offers a range of amenities to ensure that passengers feel comfortable and relaxed before their flight. From food and beverage options to entertainment and business facilities, the lounge has everything that passengers need to prepare for their journey. If you are flying with DANA Air, be sure to take advantage of the VIP Lounge and enjoy a comfortable and stress-free travel experience. Additionally, if you are a frequent flyer with DANA Air, be sure to join the Smart Miles program to enjoy even more benefits, including access to the VIP Lounge and other travel-related services.

DANA Air VIP Lounge
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