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Dinner in the sky of Dubai

During a holiday in Dubai, you can have an unusual dinner in different ways. For example, go on a safari and taste the dishes prepared by the Bedouins. Or buy a cruise on a yacht or a dhow boat to eat deliciously, and the evening lights of the sights to admire, and local talents during the show to appreciate. But the most original option many tourists recognize lunch or dinner at a height in Dubai, when the dining table literally floats in the sky.

About how such a dinner takes place and how much it costs – we will definitely tell further. We will give useful links to the online order of the “high-altitude” meal, see the composition of the menu and read reviews about the dinner at the height in Dubai. They will help to understand who will definitely like this event, whether problems arise during an unusual feast and whether it is worth paying for such an extreme experience.


Visitors greeted 45 minutes ahead of schedule for opening drinks and then the night begins with their ascent to the podium, which takes them up to 45 metres to serve them fine dining and the platform lands after dinner. From the start of the platform to landing, the journey takes 85 minutes, plus 45 minutes at the break before the move begins.

Security and safety

At a time when some may concern about the danger of being in a restaurant that reaches the high sky, it should note that all safety standards available in this privileged place.

Restaurant chairs have seat belts, similar to those available at popular amusement parks, to ensure full protection for customers while eating their delicious food, and all restaurant trips carry a safety engineer to increase everyone’s reassurance.

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Only those who wish to experience this exciting experience required to refrain from smoking on board the restaurant, and not to climb pregnant women to it for their own safety, as well as the importance of entering the toilets before going to the restaurant, so that the responsible crew does not have to land in case of emergency, to cancel the flight in the first place.

Dinner in the sky of Dubai

  • What distinguishes restaurants from each other is their delicious meals and their mastery, but this restaurant is what makes it the talk of the city because it serves its guests meals away from the ground and chooses the sky to fly high with its visitors.
  • It offers a variety of premium luxury meals, and the fact that it derives its excellence from the place of dining does not mean that it neglects the quality of the food served.
  • Food served at a table for 22 people as well as staff serving and catering guests.
  • Flying in the sky with a crane up to 50 meters above ground, the seats fitted with seat belts to ensure guests are safe, so you don’t have to worry about going through the experience as they are 100% secure for unforgettable fun and enjoy a special meal with a great view of Dubai from above.
  • This experience requires pre-booking so you can’t go there whenever you want without a reservation.
  • The tour often takes about 90 minutes, so it always recommended that you go to the bathroom before sitting at the table, but the restaurant does not mind taking down the table in case of course emergencies.
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Suspended restaurant prices in Dubai

  • For its price list, it is already high, ranging from AED 600 to AED 800 per person.
  • They vary on weekdays on Fridays and Saturdays, serving a meal at AED 699, afternoon tea at AED 599, and dinner served at AED 799.
  • On the rest of the week, lunch served at AED 599, afternoon tea at AED 499 and lunch at AED 699.

Diner In The Sky Dubai Restaurant

  • You can contact them at 971859186923+.
  • Address: Safauh Street, Skydive Dubai.
  • For more details, visit their website here.


On the restaurant’s website you will find in frequently asked questions a warning to guests that you should enter the bathroom before you start, with the assurance that in case of emergency the restaurant can land again but that will be the end of the trip and will not be completed again, so our advice to you if you want not to lose your money and lose the fun of the day please enter the bathroom in advance.

Dinner in the sky of Dubai
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