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Diving in the Philippines

There are so many diving spots in the world, but diving into the beautiful waters of the Philippines is a true diver’s mission. The Philippines is often visited for its incredible diving sites. This country has one of the longest coastlines in the world, ranking fifth overall. The Philippines has about 7107 islands in its entirety, so local and foreign drivers rush there at full steam, just to dive deeper and enjoy the picturesque marine nature as soon as possible. There are many amazing and unspoiled islands that provide the best spots for divers looking for an unforgettable adventure. Below are some of the best diving spots in the Philippines that you should definitely include on your list.

Here’s what we have selected for you:

Cebu: the city of the queen of the south

Cebu is the center of trade, commerce and tourism. However, Cebuano’s communities still boast of their well-known diving spots. Some of the main and most popular diving spots in Cebu include Malapascua, which is located on the northern coast of Cebu, famous for its excellent clam-watching spots.

Bohol: island paradise

Local and foreign divers come to Bohol year after year for its great snorkeling spots. Some of these dive sites include Balicasag Black Forest and Balicasag Diver’s Heaven. Balicasag Black Forest – Named for the thick corners found in unusual black corals and colorful fish, including barracuda and butterfly fish. Balicasag Diver’s Heaven, on the other hand, is often visited for its amazing and colorful coral gardens, crystal blue waters and scenic spots for avid photographers.

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Boracay: the beach capital of the Philippines

Boracay is home to thousands of magical marine species that make up a vast and unique marine wealth. For divers, there is a wide range of accommodation options, from modest beach houses to five-star hotels. The location of Crocodile Island is considered one of the best diving spots. With many aquatic species and numerous coral reefs, this makes it a preferred destination for divers to visit. It is while sailing through the canyons and crevices of Boracay Island that you will have a unique opportunity to see special species of fish, including sergeant majors and imperial fish. This makes Boracay Island even more stunning.

Puerto Galera: the pearl of Mindoro

Sabang Point, located in Puerto Galera, Mindoro is an area where you can dive around the clock. Sabang Point is a great place for night diving, which is conveniently located and accessible to every tourist. The sea views here are especially impressive for divers towards midnight. Beginners and experienced divers alike will be impressed by the fish that are named the bat and surgeon fish that cover the ridges and walls of this dive site. Boulders, a network of underwater tunnels and caves that provide refuge for large pelagic fish (huge rays and sharks) are another pride of Puerto Galera. Known as a haven for Asia’s underwater wonders, the Philippines is definitely the pearl of the eastern seas with all its scenic beauty.

Diving in the Philippines
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