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Does ASL Airlines Ireland Provide Headphones

ASL Airlines Ireland is a regional airline that operates passenger flights on behalf of major carriers like Aer Lingus and DHL. The airline uses a fleet of ATR turboprop aircraft to serve destinations across Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe.

When flying on an ASL Airlines Ireland aircraft, passengers may wonder if headphones are provided. The answer is no, ASL Airlines Ireland does not provide headphones to passengers.

This is typical for short-haul flights in economy class cabins. Airlines aim to reduce costs and weight on regional aircraft, so amenities like headphones, blankets, and pillows are not usually included. Passengers are expected to bring their own headphones if they wish to listen to in-flight entertainment.

Are Bluetooth Headphones Allowed?

Since passengers must supply their own headphones, many prefer to bring wireless Bluetooth headphones for extra convenience and comfort.

The good news is that yes, Bluetooth headphones are allowed on ASL Airlines Ireland flights. Passengers can pair their Bluetooth headsets or earbuds to the seatback in-flight entertainment screens to listen wirelessly.

ASL Airlines does not restrict the use of Bluetooth devices on their aircraft. As long as the headphones are not noise-cancelling (which require batteries), they are perfectly acceptable to use inflight. Just be sure to disconnect your Bluetooth headphones when instructed for takeoff and landing.

Can You Borrow Headphones on ASL Airlines Ireland?

Some airlines do have a limited number of wired headphones available to borrow, usually on intercontinental flights. But this is not the case with ASL Airlines Ireland.

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Since they do not hand out headphones at all, there are no extras on board to borrow. The only way to listen to movies, music, or other audio on ASL Airlines is to bring your own headphones.

If you forget your headphones at home, you may have to go without onboard entertainment. Or you could try to share headphones with your traveling companion, if seated together. But otherwise, ASL Airlines Ireland does not accommodate headphone requests if passengers come empty-handed.

In Summary

While ASL Airlines Ireland does offer seatback entertainment screens on most flights, they do not provide headphones to passengers. Make sure to pack your own wired or Bluetooth headphones if you want to listen inflight. Bluetooth models are allowed and can be paired to the screens. And unfortunately, there are no extra sets to borrow if you leave your headphones behind. Following these tips will ensure you have a smooth entertainment experience on ASL Airlines Ireland.

Does ASL Airlines Ireland Provide Headphones
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