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Does LAM Provide Headphones?

LAM is the flag carrier of Mozambique, which offers domestic and regional flights to several destinations in Africa. If you are traveling with LAM, you might want to know how to enjoy their entertainment options with your own headphones. In this article, we will explain the LAM headphones policy, and how you can use wired or wireless headphones on their flights.

LAM Does Not Provide Headphones

Unlike some other airlines, LAM does not provide headphones for their passengers. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy their entertainment options, which include movies, music, games, and magazines. You can access these entertainment options by bringing your own headphones and connecting them to the audio jack on your seat. Alternatively, you can use your own device to download the LAM entertainment app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

You Can Use Wired Or Wireless Headphones On Some Flights

If you have a preference for wired or wireless headphones, you might be able to use them on some LAM flights. However, this depends on the type of aircraft and the flight regulations. According to the LAM website, they have a fleet of Boeing 737-500, Embraer 190, and Bombardier Q400 aircraft. Some of these aircraft might have Bluetooth-enabled entertainment systems, while others might not. You can check the type of aircraft and the entertainment system on your flight when you make your reservation or when you check in online.

However, even if your flight has a Bluetooth-enabled entertainment system, you might not be able to use your wireless headphones at all times. This is because most airlines require passengers to turn off their electronic devices or switch them to airplane mode during takeoff and landing. This means that you will have to disconnect your wireless headphones from the entertainment system or your device during these phases of the flight. You can only use your wireless headphones when the seat belt sign is off and the crew announces that you can use electronic devices.

You Do Not Have To Pay Extra Fees For Bringing Your Own Headphones

If you decide to bring your own headphones for your LAM flight, whether they are wired or wireless, you do not have to worry about paying any extra fees for them. You can carry them in your hand luggage or in your checked baggage, as long as they comply with the baggage rules and regulations. You can find out more about the baggage policy of LAM on their website . However, you should be careful not to lose or damage your headphones during your flight, as LAM is not liable for any personal items that are lost or damaged on board.

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LAM does not provide headphones for their passengers, but they do offer a variety of entertainment options that you can enjoy with your own headphones. You can use wired or wireless headphones on some LAM flights, depending on the type of aircraft and the flight regulations. You do not have to pay any extra fees for bringing your own headphones, but you should take care of them during your flight. We hope this article has helped you understand the LAM headphones policy better. Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

Does LAM Provide Headphones?
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