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Does Las Vegas Exist in Pokemon?

In the Pokémon universe players explore various regions and encounter a wide array of cities and towns. One popular real-world city that seems to have captured the imagination of many Pokémon fans is Las Vegas. Known for its vibrant nightlife casinos and entertainment Las Vegas is often associated with excitement and luxury. But does Las Vegas exist in the Pokémon world? In this article we will explore the question and assess the evidence.

Las Vegas Inspired Locations

While Las Vegas may not exist by name in the Pokémon world there are several locations within the games that draw inspiration from the iconic city. These locations often replicate Las Vegas’ aesthetics themes and attractions providing players with a similar experience.

Celadon City

One of the most well-known Pokémon cities that resemble Las Vegas is Celadon City. Located in the Kanto region Celadon City features a large casino known as the Celadon Game Corner. This bustling establishment offers a range of games and prizes resembling the casinos found in Las Vegas. Additionally Celadon City is known for its shopping district which is reminiscent of the high-end shopping experiences available in the real Las Vegas.

Veilstone City

Veilstone City found in the Sinnoh region is another location that may remind players of Las Vegas. This city features tall modern buildings bright lights and a central department store. The city’s Game Corner also provides a gambling experience similar to Las Vegas casinos. While not an exact replica Veilstone City captures the essence of Las Vegas through its design and attractions.

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Lumiose City

Lumiose City found in the Kalos region showcases elements of Las Vegas through its grandeur and modern architecture. The city is divided into several districts each with its own unique charm. The Prism Tower one of Lumiose City’s landmarks is reminiscent of the iconic structures found on the Las Vegas Strip. Furthermore Lumiose City is known as the city of lights mirroring Las Vegas’ reputation as the City of Lights.

Pokémon Inspired by Las Vegas

While entire cities may not bear the name Las Vegas some Pokémon themselves draw inspiration from the city’s themes and culture.


Porygon a virtual Pokémon bears a resemblance to the technological advancements found in Las Vegas. With its polygonal design Porygon reflects the digital world and high-tech atmosphere often associated with the city. In the anime series Porygon is even involved in an episode titled “Electric Soldier Porygon which further emphasizes its connection to technology and futuristic themes.


Sawsbuck a Pokémon that changes its appearance based on the seasons has a form known as the “Autumn Form.” This form with a color scheme of orange and brown is reminiscent of the fall foliage found in Las Vegas during autumn months. Although a stretch some Pokémon trainers might associate Sawsbuck’s Autumn Form with the changing colors of trees often showcased in Las Vegas during this season.


While no exact replica of Las Vegas exists in the Pokémon world there are several cities and Pokémon that draw inspiration from the iconic city. Whether it’s the bustling casinos of Celadon City the modern architecture of Veilstone City or the grandeur of Lumiose City players can experience elements similar to Las Vegas throughout their Pokémon journeys. Additionally Pokémon such as Porygon and Sawsbuck further emphasize the connection between the Pokémon world and the themes and culture associated with Las Vegas. So while Las Vegas might not exist by name its influence can be felt and enjoyed in various ways throughout the Pokémon games.

Does Las Vegas Exist in Pokemon?
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