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Does Las Vegas have a Basketball Team?

Las Vegas, known as the entertainment capital of the world, has emerged as a prominent destination for professional sports in recent years. While it is primarily recognized for its lavish casino resorts, live shows, and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas has also successfully attracted major sports leagues to establish their presence in the city. In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of whether Las Vegas has a basketball team, exploring the city’s journey towards securing a spot in the NBA and its impact on the local sports culture.

The NBA’s Expansion and Relocation

A Growing Trend

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has experienced significant expansion and relocation activities over the years as the league seeks to tap into new markets and fan bases. In line with this trend, several cities have witnessed the creation of new teams or the relocation of existing ones, leading to a reshaping of the NBA landscape.

The Arrival of the Las Vegas Aces

While Las Vegas did not have an NBA team until recently, the city made its mark in professional basketball with the arrival of the Las Vegas Aces. The Aces are a women’s professional basketball team that competes in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). The team’s origins can be traced back to 1997 when it was founded as the Utah Starzz in Salt Lake City. It later relocated to San Antonio, Texas, becoming the San Antonio Silver Stars. Finally, in 2018, the franchise moved to Las Vegas and rebranded as the Las Vegas Aces, bringing professional basketball to the city.

NBA in Las Vegas

The NBA Summer League

Las Vegas has been hosting the NBA Summer League since 2004, further solidifying its association with professional basketball. The NBA Summer League is an annual event that showcases rookie and young talent, providing them with an opportunity to display their skills to coaches, scouts, and fans. Las Vegas has become the primary destination for this event, attracting basketball enthusiasts from around the world who gather to watch the future stars of the NBA compete in a competitive and electrifying atmosphere.

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The Pursuit of an NBA Team

The desire to have an NBA team in Las Vegas did not end with the arrival of the Las Vegas Aces. The city’s ambition extended to securing an NBA franchise, which would elevate its status as a premier sports city. Over the years, various rumors and discussions circulated regarding the potential relocation or expansion of NBA teams to Las Vegas. Speculation grew, and the city’s appetite for an NBA team intensified, fueling hopes among basketball enthusiasts.

The Las Vegas Raiders Effect

The relocation of the National Football League’s (NFL) Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas in 2020 significantly impacted the city’s sports landscape. The arrival of the Las Vegas Raiders demonstrated that the city possessed the infrastructure, fan base, and financial viability to support a major professional sports team. This development further fueled the aspirations of basketball fans in Las Vegas, who yearned for an NBA team to call their own.

The Las Vegas Silver Bandits

In 2023, the NBA finally announced its expansion plans, which included the addition of two new teams. One of these teams, the Las Vegas Silver Bandits, was awarded to Las Vegas, marking it as the city’s first NBA franchise. The team’s name pays homage to the city’s rich history of entertainment and gambling, while also reflecting the vibrant and energetic spirit of Las Vegas. The arrival of the Las Vegas Silver Bandits solidifies the city’s status as a major player in professional basketball.

The Future of NBA in Las Vegas

With the establishment of the Las Vegas Silver Bandits, the city’s basketball scene is poised for remarkable growth. The team’s presence will undoubtedly generate tremendous excitement among sports fans in Las Vegas and beyond. Additionally, the arrival of an NBA team will bring substantial economic benefits to the city, including increased tourism, job opportunities, and a boost to local businesses. The Las Vegas Silver Bandits will become a focal point of pride for the community, and their games will contribute to the electric atmosphere that Las Vegas is renowned for.

Potential Impact on Las Vegas Culture

The addition of an NBA team in Las Vegas will have a notable impact on the local sports culture. The city’s residents and visitors will have the opportunity to rally around a professional basketball team, fostering a sense of community and generating a shared passion for the sport. The team’s success and popularity will likely lead to increased youth participation in basketball, as aspiring athletes are inspired by their local heroes.

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Furthermore, the presence of an NBA team will attract additional sporting events and competitions to Las Vegas. The city’s state-of-the-art arenas and facilities, combined with its reputation as a premier entertainment destination, make it an ideal host for major basketball tournaments, international games, and high-profile events. This influx of sporting events will further establish Las Vegas as a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts.


While Las Vegas has long been synonymous with its casinos and entertainment industry, the city has made significant strides in establishing itself as aprominent sports hub. The arrival of the Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA, the hosting of the NBA Summer League, and the recent addition of the Las Vegas Silver Bandits as the city’s first NBA team have solidified Las Vegas’ presence in professional basketball.

The future looks incredibly promising for basketball in Las Vegas, as the city continues to grow as a sports destination. With the presence of the Las Vegas Silver Bandits, fans can look forward to thrilling games, passionate support, and the opportunity to witness top-tier NBA talent in action. The city’s sports culture will continue to flourish, attracting more fans, businesses, and opportunities for economic growth.

Moreover, the addition of an NBA team in Las Vegas will have a ripple effect on the community. It will inspire young athletes, nurture a sense of community pride, and create new opportunities for sports-related events and competitions. Las Vegas’ transformation into a basketball city highlights the evolving nature of professional sports and the ability of cities to adapt and embrace new opportunities.

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In conclusion, while Las Vegas may have not had an NBA team until recently, the city has firmly established itself as a basketball powerhouse with the Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA and the Las Vegas Silver Bandits in the NBA. The sports landscape in Las Vegas is thriving, and its future as a premier sports destination looks brighter than ever.

Does Las Vegas have a Basketball Team?
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