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Does Las Vegas NV Have Trains?

Las Vegas is a city known for its glitz, glamour, and excess. It is also a city that is heavily reliant on transportation, with millions of visitors coming to the city each year to experience its famous casinos, hotels, and attractions. When it comes to transportation in Las Vegas, most people think of taxis, buses, and cars. However, many people wonder if Las Vegas has a train system. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Las Vegas, NV has trains, and provide an overview of the city’s transportation options.

The History of Trains in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a rich history when it comes to trains. The city was first connected to the national railway system in 1905, when the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Railroad (later known as the Union Pacific Railroad) completed a line from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City that passed through Las Vegas. For many years, trains played a vital role in the city’s economy, transporting people and goods between Las Vegas and other parts of the country. However, by the 1960s, air travel had become the dominant mode of transportation, and train service to Las Vegas began to decline.

Current Train Service in Las Vegas

Today, there is only one train service that operates in Las Vegas – Amtrak’s Southwest Chief. This train runs daily between Los Angeles and Chicago, with stops in several cities along the way, including Las Vegas. The Southwest Chief arrives and departs from the Las Vegas Amtrak station, which is located just a few miles from the city’s downtown area. The station is served by a shuttle bus that provides transportation to and from the station for passengers.

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While Amtrak’s Southwest Chief is the only train service that currently operates in Las Vegas, there are plans to expand train service in the future. The proposed DesertXpress high-speed rail line would connect Las Vegas with Southern California, providing a faster and more convenient travel option for those traveling between the two regions.

Other Transportation Options in Las Vegas

While train service in Las Vegas may be limited, the city offers a variety of other transportation options for residents and visitors. These include:

  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available throughout the city, with many stationed at hotels and popular attractions. The cost of a taxi ride in Las Vegas is generally reasonable, with rates starting at around $3.50 and increasing based on distance and time.
  • Buses: The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada operates a network of buses that serve the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Fares start at $2 for a single ride, with discounts available for seniors, children, and disabled riders.
  • Ride-sharing services: Services like Uber and Lyft are popular options for getting around Las Vegas, especially for those who prefer not to drive. These services operate throughout the city, with fares generally comparable to those of taxis.
  • Rental cars: Rental cars are available at the McCarran International Airport and throughout the city. The cost of renting a car in Las Vegas can vary widely depending on the time of year and the type of vehicle, but rates generally start at around $20 per day.
  • Monorail: The Las Vegas Monorail is a popular option for those looking to travel along the Las Vegas Strip. The monorail runs from the MGM Grand to the Sahara and makes stops at several major hotels and attractions along the way. Fares start at $5 per ride, with discounts available for multi-day passes.
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Conclusion: Las Vegas – A City with Limited Train Service

In conclusion, while Las Vegas has a rich history when it comes to trains, the city’s current train service is limited to Amtrak’s Southwest Chief. However, there are plans to expand train service in the future, with the proposed DesertXpress high-speed rail line being the most notable example. For now, visitors and residents of Las Vegas have a variety of transportation options to choose from, including taxis, buses, ride-sharing services, rental cars, and the monorail. Whether you’re looking to explore the city’s famous attractions or venture out into the surrounding desert, Las Vegas offers plenty of ways to get around.

Does Las Vegas NV Have Trains?
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