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Does Scoot Have Business Class?

Scoot, a popular low-cost airline based in Singapore, offers a range of services and amenities to cater to different passenger needs. While Scoot primarily known for its affordable fares and no-frills approach, it does not offer a traditional business class cabin on its flights. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this decision, discuss the alternative options available for passengers seeking a more premium travel experience with Scoot, and shed some light on the recent development of Scoot introducing business class on select aircraft.

Understanding Scoot’s Business Model

Scoot operates as a low-cost carrier, focusing on providing affordable air travel options to its customers. The airline’s business model centered around offering competitive fares by streamlining operations and reducing overhead costs. By eliminating business class cabins from most of its aircraft, Scoot can optimize seat capacity and offer more cost-efficient travel options for its passengers.

ScootPlus: A Premium Economy Alternative

While Scoot does not have a dedicated business class, it does offer a premium economy product called ScootPlus. ScootPlus provides passengers with an upgraded experience compared to the standard economy class. Passengers traveling in ScootPlus enjoy additional legroom, wider seats, and enhanced in-flight amenities.

ScootPlus passengers also receive priority check-in and boarding, allowing for a smoother and more convenient travel experience. While it may not provide the same level of luxury as a traditional business class, ScootPlus offers an affordable option for passengers who desire a more comfortable journey without the premium price tag.

Extra Legroom and Preferred Seats

For passengers who prioritize comfort but do not require the additional amenities offered in ScootPlus, Scoot provides the option to purchase extra legroom and preferred seats. These seats come with additional legroom, allowing passengers to stretch out during the flight. While it is not a business class experience, it can greatly enhance the overall comfort level, particularly on longer flights.

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Scoot’s Business Class Introduction

In recent developments, Scoot has introduced business class cabins on select aircraft in its fleet. This move comes as part of Scoot’s efforts to cater to a wider range of passengers and offer a more premium travel experience. The introduction of business class cabins allows Scoot to tap into the segment of travelers who prioritize luxury and enhanced services.

Passengers traveling in Scoot’s business class can expect a higher level of comfort and amenities compared to the ScootPlus and economy classes. Business class passengers enjoy spacious seating, fully-reclining seats that convert into flat beds, enhanced privacy, dedicated cabin crew, premium in-flight entertainment, and a variety of gourmet meals and beverages.

It is important to note, however, that business class cabins are currently available on a limited number of Scoot aircraft and specific routes. Therefore, passengers interested in experiencing Scoot’s business class should check the availability of this option when booking their flights.

Scoot’s In-Flight Amenities

Despite the absence of business class cabins on all aircraft, Scoot continues to offer various in-flight amenities to ensure an enjoyable journey for its passengers. Onboard, passengers have access to a wide range of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games, accessible through personal seatback screens or personal electronic devices.

Scoot also provides a selection of meals and beverages for purchase, ensuring that passengers well-fed during their travels. Special dietary requirements accommodated with advance notice, making it convenient for passengers with specific dietary needs.

Scoot’s Commitment to Customer Experience

Regardless of the class of service, Scoot committed to providing a positive customer experience for all passengers. The airline’s staff trained to deliver friendly and efficient service, ensuring that passengers feel welcomed and comfortable throughout their journey.

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Scoot also offers a loyalty program called Scootitude, allowing frequent flyers to earn points and enjoy various benefits. These benefits may include priority boarding, extra baggage allowance, and access to exclusive promotions and discounts.

Exploring Alternative Options

If the absence of a business class cabin on certain aircraft remains a significant factor in your travel decision-making, it is worth considering alternative airlines that offer business class services on your desired routes. Many full-service carriers provide premium cabins and a more luxurious flying experience, albeit at a higher cost.

However, it is important to note that Scoot’s competitive fares and low-cost model often make it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. The absence of a business class cabin on all flights allows the airline to offer affordable tickets to a wide range of destinations, making air travel more accessible for many individuals.


While Scoot does not have a business class cabin on all aircraft, it offers alternative options such as ScootPlus, extra legroom/preferred seats, and recently introduced business class cabins on select flights. By focusing on affordability and efficiency, Scoot caters to a broad customer base and provides a positive travel experience for those seeking affordable air travel options.

Whether you choose to fly in ScootPlus, opt for extra legroom or preferredseats, or explore the newly introduced business class, Scoot ensures that passengers can enjoy a pleasant journey with the airline. The availability of business class cabins on select aircraft provides an added luxury and premium experience for those who seek it.

Ultimately, the decision to choose Scoot or explore alternative airlines with business class services will depend on individual preferences, travel requirements, and budget considerations. Regardless of the choice made, Scoot’s commitment to customer experience and its range of amenities ensure that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

Does Scoot Have Business Class?
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