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Dreamland Aqua Park Umm Al Quwain

DreamLand Waterpark opened on June 12, 1997, it is one of the oldest water amusement parks in the UAE. The authorities of the emirate of um Al Quwain allocated a large plot of land for the water park. About 500×400 meters, which is 200,000 square meters. This is 20 hectares. It has become the largest in terms of area not only in the UAE. But also in the entire Middle East.

Dreamland aqua park umm al quawain. Divided into 3 parts: water slides, attractions on land, a beautiful park with rich vegetation. To the side, separated by a bridge from the entire water park, a pool bar. Children under 18 strictly forbidden to stay here, as alcoholic beverages sold here. This is a bit unusual for the UAE.

How to Get There

DreamLand WaterPark is located in the eastern part of the emirate of Umm Al Quwain, about 12 kilometers from the city of um Al Quwain. Getting here is the main problem for visitors.

In Umm Al Quwain, just one hotel is next to DreamLand Water Park. This is a hotel Barracuda Beach Resort, from it to the water park only 100 meters, but this is the distance to the fence of the water park, and you will have to make a detour and walk 1.8 kilometers to the entrance.

From the rest of the hotels in the emirate of um al Quwain you will have to go by taxi. Recall that there is no other public transport in the emirate, not even buses. A taxi will cost between AED 45 and AED 55.

From the hotels of Ajman by taxi you can get for 75-85 dirhams. And from sharjah hotels, a taxi will cost 100-120 dirhams. From Dubai – 150-180 dirhams. From Ras Al Khaimah – 80-100 dirhams.

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Theoretically, you can get by bus Dubai – Ras Al Khaimah, but this does not save much the cost of the trip, and it will take a lot of time and effort. Not recommended.

Dreamland Aqua Park Ticket Price

Prices for tickets to “Dreamland” considered very democratic in comparison with other water parks in the UAE:

  • For an adult for the whole day 160 dirhams;
  • Children up to 120 cm tall – 100 dirhams;
  • Adults over 65 years of age — AED 100;
  • A family of 2 adults and 2 children below 120 cm – 450 dirhams;
  • Children under 2 years old and people with disabilities – free of charge.

Dreamland Aqua Park Ticket Offers

As for holidays and special occasions, big discounts made on ticket prices, and they come at the following price:

  • Ticket price Reduce prices up to 100 dirhams
  • The price of a child ticket is 40 UAE dirhams
  • Ticket price for over 65 years old 60 AED
  • The price of a family ticket for 2 adults + 2 children is 300 dirhams
  • Children under two years of age get free entry without any charges
  • Persons with special needs free entry

Most of the offers come online with reservations from tourism companies

Dreamland Aqua Park Opening Times

From January to March – from 10-00 to 18-00 on all days.

In April and May – from 10-00 to 18-00, on Friday during this period – from 10-00 to 19-00. Recall that in the UAE, Friday from January 3, 2022 is a semi-day off.

In June – from 10-00 to 18-00, on Friday during this period – from 10-00 to 19-30.

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July – from 10-00 to 19-00, on Friday during this period – from 10-00 to 20-00.

August – from 10-00 to 18-00, on Friday during this period – from 10-00 to 20-00.

September – from 10-00 to 18-00, on Friday during this period – from 10-00 to 19-30.

October, November, December – from 10-00 to 18-00, on Friday during this period – from 10-00 to 18-00.

Water attractions

The water here filtered throughout the day, and its temperature maintained at a comfortable level for visitors. As for safety, the rescuers of the park are always ready to provide the necessary assistance.

  • Kids Pool

There are animators who can offer children a variety of games. One of the most exciting moments on this attraction the one when a huge container, filled with water, overturned on young visitors.

  • Bumper Boats

This attraction is somewhat reminiscent of cars, but instead of a mini-car, the child will have to control a small vessel on the water.

  • Wave Pool

The pool of this attraction contains about 125,000 liters of water, there are also artificial waves.

  • Dream Stream

A very calm and even romantic place: here visitors invited to dream a little, as well as enjoy the company of loved ones.

  • Twister

This attraction involves riding a water circle on a 40-meter tunnel. Visitors should prepare for a sharp rotation and falling into the pool from a low altitude.

  • Family Reft Ride

The very name of the attraction suggests that it is perfect for spending time with the whole family. The vessel of the attraction accommodates five people, and at the end of the quest you can take a photo.

  • Kamikaze
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Here, visitors can test their strength by riding a steep slide.

  • Twisting Dragons

An attraction for those who love everything unexpected. The visitor chooses one of the entrances to the attraction, but will never guess in which pool he will be at the end.

  • Slide 5

In appearance, an ordinary slide, located away from water attractions, but riding on it becomes an exciting journey.

  • Mighty Go Round

The attraction reproduces rafting on a mountain river: visitors get into a boat, which “winds” from side to side. More suitable for adults, but also for children there is a similar place (though less extreme) called Mini Go Round.

  • Hippos Island

A very spectacular attraction, as it made in a pirate style. There are several slides for every taste for the youngest visitors.

  • Dead Sea

Visitors to the attraction can plunge into a large pool with water imitating that in the Dead Sea.

  • Buheira Grande

Designed for those who like to swim and dive: this opportunity is provided by a deep pool.



Dreamland Aqua Park Umm Al Quwain
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