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Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali – Talking about tourist attractions on the island of Bali, it is definitely not far from the beach attractions. Yes, indeed the island of Bali is famous for its beautiful and enchanting beaches.

There are many beautiful beaches in Bali that are quite popular, such as Kuta Beach, Pandawa Beach, Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach, and many more.

But, have you ever heard of a beautiful beach in Bali called Dreamland Beach?

Well, in this post, we will discuss information about Dreamland Beach Bali.

Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach Bali has another name, namely New Kuta Beach.

Therefore, if anyone mentions New Kuta Beach, what is meant is this Dreamland Beach.

The attraction Dreamland Beach is famous for having very fine white sand.

In addition, the location of the beach is also surrounded by towering white cliffs.

The waves owned by Dreamland Beach are quite strong and large, so Dreamland Beach is very much liked by tourists who have a hobby of surfing.

Most Indonesian tourists who vacation to Dreamland Beach, prefer to sit back and relax on the beach while watching surfers crashing into the waves, and waiting for the sunset view.

Dreamland Beach Attractions

Because it is in a remote place, Dreamland Beach is much cleaner than Kuta Beach.

Visitors to Dreamland Beach Bali, more foreign tourists than Indonesian tourists.

This is because the waves of Dreamland Beach are quite large, so it is suitable for tourists who like surfing sports.

The main attraction of Dreamland Beach, is in the cleanliness of the beach which is very well maintained.

Thus, it will certainly give a comfortable impression when visitors sit or relax at Dreamland Beach Bali.

If you are not a person who likes to swim at the beach, I recommend that you should not go to this beach.

Because the location of Dreamland Beach Bali is very far away, and to return from this beach to another tourist attraction, you will be exposed to quite severe traffic jams on the Ngurah Rai by pass road.

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But, for those of you who like Dreamland Beach Bali and want a beach with clean white sand, then the tourist attractions dreamland beach Bali is a beach attraction that you must visit during your vacation on the Island of the Gods of Bali.

I recommend for those of you who are visiting Dreamland Beach for the first time, you should invite people who have previously been to this beach, or with people who already know and know about the location of Dreamland Beach Bali.

Because for people who are coming to Dreamland Beach Bali for the first time, it is a bit difficult to find the location of this beach.

Advantages of Dreamland Pecatu Beach Bali

The beach has contours almost similar to Kuta Beach and geographical scenery until it is called New Kuta Beach.

Dreamland Beach is surrounded by high cliffs that adorn and beautify Dreamland Beach and the large coral rocks are the specialty of Dreamland Beach.

The stretch of white sand and rugged coral crevices make Dreamland Beach have its own charm to enjoy while relaxing.

Here are the advantages of Dreamland Beach Bali.

1. A Charming Stretch of White Sand

Bali is indeed famous for its extraordinary beach charm by offering a stretch of white sand that is so tempting.

No less also the white sand offered by Dreamland Beach which is decorated with small ponds at low tide.

The beach, which has wide white sand, is very tempting for tourists to sunbathe and bathe in the morning sun.

You can also bring your family and children to enjoy the natural beauty of dreamland beach while playing in the sand with your children and beloved family.

2. The Right Place to Play Surfing

For those of you who like water sports, Dreamland Beach is a recommended place for you to surf the water and conquer the waves of the beach which is quite powerful and high.

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Dreamland Beach is a favorite beach for novice and professional surfers to fight the waves.

In addition, Dreamland Beach is also listed as the best Surfing place in Bali.

3. The Sunset Panorama is So Exotic

There are many places or spots to witness the beauty of the sunset in Bali.

Likewise, the spot offered by Dreamland Beach whose location is also included as the best place to see the sunset.

It usually starts at 17.00 to 18.30 WITA.

4. Elite Tourism Area In Bali

Dreamland Beach is located in an elite tourism area in Bali, which is located right in the area of star-rated hotels and luxury resorts that have elite facilities such as international golf.

Here you can feel like in any other country, because this region is owned by foreigners.

In one corner of the cliffs of Dreamland Beach there are hotels and restaurants facing directly to the sea.

For those of you who want to honeymoon, you can enjoy Dreamland Beach and do a prewedding photo shoot.

Interesting Activities And Activities At Dreamland Beach Bali

As a popular beach attraction, Dreamland Beach Bali is perfect for families to enjoy a vacation while on the island of Bali while enjoying the beauty of white sandy beaches, swimming and playing sand and walking along the beach.

In addition, you can also feel the blowing of the coastal wind and breathe fresh air.

For those of you who like surfing, you can try it at Dreamland Beach conquering high waves and of course so dazzling.

After that, you can relax under the umbrellas while watching the beauty of the sunset panorama.

Facilities And Accommodation At Dreamland Beach Bali

When on vacation at Dreamland Beach Bali, you don’t have to worry about the facilities and accommodation available.

For those of you who bring your own vehicle, there is a special parking area for your vehicle.

Of course, in the Dreamland Beach area, there are also public toilets that you can use to rinse your body after swimming.


The facility is also balanced with sufficient accommodation.

If you are not satisfied playing at Dreamland Beach in a day, you can spend the night at one of the lodgings available around the beach.

Starting from guest houses to star hotels, you can choose according to your needs.

Not to forget, a row of places to eat and cafes that will pamper your stomach after being satisfied with activities at Dreamland Beach.

One of the cafes that is quite popular is New Kuta Beach Cafe.

In fact, one of the favorite cafes in Bali is a must-take photo spot for tourists.

Dreamland Beach Bali Entrance Ticket Price

To enter Dreamland Beach Bali, tourists have not been charged.

Especially for those who bring a personal vehicle, you are required to prepare Rp. 5,000 for parking fees for two-wheeled vehicles and Rp. 20,000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

In addition, you will also be charged a rate for the use of bathroom or toilet facilities.

You have to pay Rp 5,000 for urination, while for defecation and bathing or rinse Rp 10,000.

Just in case you want to rent a chair with an umbrella, you have to prepare a sum of Rp. 50,000.

Address Location Dreamland Beach Bali

Access to Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta, Badung Regency.

To reach this beach, you can depart from the Kuta and Legian areas by traveling about 1 hour drive.

From Kuta Beach, you can travel via Jalan By Pass Nusa Dua or Jalan Selatan Utama.

From Jalan Selatan Utama, you will find the intersection of McDonald’s fast food restaurants, then turn west towards the Jimbaran area.

After meeting the intersection, you have to take the road towards the left.

Dreamland Beach Bali
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