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Dresden Public Transport

Dresden Public Transport

Dresden is the capital of Saxony. It has a population of 536,000 people. Public transport in the city is well-developed and includes a tram, bus and train. In this article you will learn how to use public transport in Dresden. How much it costs to travel and clear see maps of tram and bus routes.
Below you can see the tariff zones of Dresden. The fare depends on which area you are moving in. If you only drive through Dresden. You will need information about zone 10, do not even think about the rest.

Dresden Tram

The most important and convenient mode of transport in Dresden is the tram. The first trams appeared in Dresden as early as 1872. And the city has a well-developed tram route to sit. It consists of 13 routes, 154 tram stops, 210 kilometers of tracks. Dresden’s tram fleet made up main of modern Classic Bombardier trams

The route is 11 to 38 km long. Depending on the route, trams run from about 4 a.m. to midnight at intervals of 3-15 minutes. On weekends and holidays, traffic intervals increase.

Some tram routes run around the clock.
At every tram and bus stop you can find a ticket machine. Route numbers, traffic schedules, a city map. And some times an electronic scoreboard that shows the time. That arrives of a certain route.

Buses in Dresden

At any part of the city can reach by tram. But the city has remote areas that can reach by bus. Dresden’s bus network consists of 27 routes. The bus network is quite easy to understand. At each bus stop you will find the same information as on the tram. The city has both day and night bus routes. Daytime runs from about 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. at intervals of about 10-15 minutes. It depends on the time of day and day of the week. Buses in Dresden are new and modern.

Funicular in Dresden

Not everyone knows that Dresden can admire from interesting viewing platforms. It will take you to the funicular. The observation decks are at an altitude of 647 meters and 274 meters. Funiculars in the Loschwitz area have been operating for 100 years. Schwebebahn 274 metera is one of the interesting types of cable car. namely, the suspension road. In fact, it is a monorail, but the car rides under the rail. The 647-meter standseilbahn is a classic funicular, which opened in 1895.

  • The price of a one-way cable car ticket. An adult ticket of 4.00EUR, a children’s ticket of 2.60EUR.
  • The price of a round-trip cable car ticket: an adult ticket of 6.00EUR. A children’s ticket of 3.00EUR.

Water Transport

In Dresden, a ferry crossing the Elbe developed on the following routes. Johannstadt. Neustadt. Niederpoyritz. Laubegast. Kleinzschachwitz. Pillnitz.

One way fare: adult ticket €1.50, child ticket €1.00. Round trip: adult ticket €2.00, child ticket €1.50. The crossing takes only 3 minutes.

Trains and Train stations

In Dresden, as in other German cities, a network of ground trains. That is, you can travel around the city by train. The trains include three routes: S1, S2 and S3. Remember, in Germany trains (commuter trains) marked with the letter S. In Dresden and in the suburbs you will find about 47 stops. Within Dresden, you can move around on regular tickets. If you go to another city. Buy tickets better at the railway ticket offices. Or at the vending machines.

Dresden HBF or Dresden Hauptbahnhof is Dresden’s largest public transport hub. There are many main tram and bus routes through it. Trains from all over Europe and Germany. Such as trains from Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Nuremberg, come to this station. World buses, including buses from Prague and Berlin, also come to this station.

Taxi in Dresden

Taxis are part of Dresden’s transport system. Taxis can drive on special dedicated bus lanes. When taxi rides are worth considering:

  • On the phone to order a taxi is more expensive. Because you will need to pay for a paid conversation.
  • Most taxis can only ordered in German.
  • In the calculation called by the taxi driver. The amount should coincide with the amount on the meter. You should be give a check and change.
  • In a taxi it is better to sit. In designated places for taxi parking. With the appropriate designation TAXI. Although they not located in a convenient place.

Information about the cost of taxi fares in Dresden. The price of travel in a taxi does not depend. On the number of passengers. And depends on the time of day and the number of traffic jams in the city. Boarding cost: €2.8. Fare for 1 km: €1.5 – €2.0.

Dresden Pass and Tickets

All prices in the table below are for travel within one zone 10 (central Dresden). For ticket prices for the other two zones, check the Dresden public transport website.

  • One-way ticket ( Einzelfahrt ): adult ticket €2.30, child ticket €1.60.
  • 1-Day Pass ( Tageskarte ): adult ticket €6.00, child ticket €5.00.
  • Group pass for 1 day (maximum 4 people) ( Kleingruppenkarte ): €15.00.
  • Family pass 1 day (2 adults + 5 children) ( Familientageskarte ): €9.00.
  • 1 week Pass: adult pass €21.00, child pass €16.00.
  • Pass for 1 month: adult pass €59, children pass €44.30.
  • Pass for 1 year: adult pass €565.80, child pass €424.20.

A single Einzelfahrt ticket gives you the right to travel for 1 hour. During which time you can make any number of changes. To any type of transport. The ticket is valid only after you have validated. It in a special machine; you need to validate all types of tickets. If you do not pay for the fare, then you will face a fine of €60. And the controllers will not understand your position. If you do not understand how to buy a ticket. Or bought the wrong ticket, the fine will issued in any case.

Where to buy tickets

Tickets sold at ticket machines at 145 stops. 50 of these machines accept credit cards and cash. In other machines you can pay only in cash. In all trams installed ticket machines. Some can pay only small things, also in these machines not sold all types of tickets. You can buy only a ticket for one trip. Or travel for the day.

You can buy a ticket from the driver on the bus.

Tickets sold in many hotels, tobacco and newsagents. Just go to the seller and ask: can you buy a bus ticket. “Kann Ich hier Busticket kaufen?”.

Dresden Public Transport
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