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Dubai Heritage Village

The Heritage Village in Dubai an open-air historical and ethnographic museum dedicated to the life of the local population until the moment when oil deposits found in the desert. In the Heritage Village, visitors given the opportunity to acquainted with the local traditions, professions, crafts, way of life and culture of the Emirate of Dubai.

The heritage village covers about 10 hectares in the oldest district of Al Shindagha on the western shore of the natural water arm Of Dubai Creek, stretching from the Persian Gulf inland. The place for the museum not chosen by chance, because it on the shores of Dubai Creek that the first dwellings of fishermen and pearl seekers appeared. The Historical Museum of Arab Heritage opened in 1997 at the initiative of the government of the emirate and has been one of the most visited attractions in Dubai since then.

Marine Tour

The presence of the village near the Creek area makes its location distinctive where cruises, diving and exploration of the marine area in addition to the archaeological area together, and the presence of the village near the Creek area contributed to the revitalization of pearling in Dubai as it was one of the most important reasons for activating the idea of diving and exploring the marine area.

Opening Hours

The Heritage Village is open to visitors daily:

  • Sun-Thu — from 8:00 to 22:00,
  • Fri-Sat — from 15:00 to 22:00.

Exposition of the Heritage Village

The heritage village is a typical settlement of local residents of the early XX century. Traditional Arab houses built here from natural materials such as the trunk and branches of a palm tree, shell, clay, goat wool and adobe brick. For a more visual demonstration, there are real workshops in which various tin, pottery, jewelry and fabric products produced. The bakery smells delicious with bread cakes, which, of course, you can try, washing down with delicious fragrant tea or coffee. There an exhibition with exhibits dedicated to the history of Arab settlements. Individual museum specimens of the exhibition are more than 2000 years old.

On the territory of the museum during the tourist season from October to March, a clinic of traditional local medicine is open. And in the very center there a stage for performances, where various shows and concerts shown to visitors.

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How to get to the Heritage Village in Dubai

There are several ways to get to the Heritage Village:

  • by private or rented car,
  • by metro to Al Ghubaiba station on the green line, then walk about 10 minutes,
  • by bus to Al Ghubaiba Metro Station – No 8, 95, C09, X02, X13, then walk about 13 minutes,
  • take a taxi using the RTA Dubai app or get in a car near any major shopping mall, hotel, bus stop or metro station.

Dubai Heritage Village
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