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Cities and Regions in Egypt

Regions in Egypt

Lower Egypt. Includes the northern plain of the Nile. And the Mediterranean coast; Cairo, Alexandria.
Central Egypt. It was part of the Nile Valley separating the historic Upper. And Lower Kingdoms.
Upper Egypt is a series of cities with ancient Egyptian temples. Stretching along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan and Lake Nasser.
The Western Desert is the location of the western oases. These are five greenery islands, each with its own unique character.
Red Coast – luxury beach resorts. Snorkeling and beauty of underwater life. The most famous city is Hurghada.
Sinai peninsula. Peninsula with countless monuments of the biblical past. Great scuba diving in Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab.

Egypt Cities

Administratively, Egypt consists of twenty-seven governorates, and each governorate contains a number of cities, which are:

Cairo Governorate. It is a city. And it is also the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Giza Governorate. Cities in Giza. Sixth of October City, Sheikh Zayed City, Hawamdiya City, Badrasheen City. El-Saf City, Atfih City, Al-Ayyat City, Al-Bawiti City. Manshaat Al-Qanater City, Oseem City, Karadasa City. And Abu Al-Nomros City.

Alexandria Governorate. An ancient city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Founded by Alexander the Great. Retained a minimum number of ancient monuments. But it is an interesting city from a tourist point of view.

Aswan Governorate. A provincial, but important from many points of view, city. Known primarily for its dam. Although its attractions are not limited to this.

Luxor Governorate. The center of ancient Egyptian monuments. Including the famous Luxor Temple. And several other important temples.

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The Red Sea Governorate. Hurghada. A resort city on the Red Sea coast, which, along with Sharm el-Sheikh. Receives the bulk of tourists.

South Sinai Governorate. Its cities are the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. The city of Al-Tur, the city of Nuweiba. The city of Dahab, the city of Taba, and the city of Ras Sidr.

Other Cities

Ismailia Governorate

Suez Governorate

North Sinai Governorate

Beni Suef Governorate

Fayoum Governorate

Minya Governorate

The New Valley Governorate

Sohag governorate

Qena Governorate

Al-Buhaira Governorate

Matrouh Governorate

Damietta Governorate

Daqahleya Governorate

Kafr El Sheikh governorate

Gharbia Governorate

Menoufia Governorate

Sharkia Governorate

Port Said governorate

Cities and Regions in Egypt
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