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‎Egyptian Restaurants in Jeddah‎

Whoever tastes Egyptian food once cannot forget it, so if you are a resident of Saudi Arabia or a resident in it, especially Egyptians, you can of course search for the best Egyptian restaurants in Jeddah, through this article.

Al Dawar Al Masry Restaurant Jeddah

The Egyptian Roundabout Restaurant Jeddah is one of the restaurants that offer various Egyptian dishes and dishes, and the place has a medium area divided into two parts, a smoking section and a non-smoking section, and in this article I present to you in the following article the Egyptian Roundabout Restaurant in Jeddah and it is located on the first floor in Red Sea Mall on King Road next to the entrance to the indoor amusement park.

∴Category:Families | members
∴ Type: Egyptian Restaurant
∴ Prices: Medium
Children’s ∴: Allowed
∴Music: Yes
∴Timings: 1:00–11:30pm Thu, 1:00pm–12:00am Fri, 1:30pm–12:00am
∴Address: 7424 King Abdulaziz Branch Road, Al Shati, Red Sea Mall, Jeddah 23612, Saudi Arabia
∴Phone Number: +966122150390

Abou El Sid Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants that fall under the listof the best Egyptian food restaurant in Jeddahbecause it received a rating of 4.0 due to the restaurant’s wonderful design and calm atmosphere, in addition to the wonderful attractive restaurant decorations that make you feel that you are in Cairo and among your family and loved ones.

Among the best dishes offered by the restaurant mallow and pasta with bechamel, as well as koshary, in addition to rice pudding and tea, which in turn makes the visitor feel that he is inside his homeland, and the reception of the staff distinguished and the general atmosphere excellent, and the management works to reduce costs while providing the best service.

  • Restaurant Name: Abu El Sayed Restaurant
  • Number of Branches: 2
  • Title of the first branch: Al-Andalus neighborhood Ismail Abu Dawood Jeddah.
  • Title of the second branch: On King Abdullah Beach Road in Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: +966556555306
  • Timings: 12 pm to 1 am

Koshary Tahrir Jeddah restaurant

Koshary Tahrir Jeddah restaurant one of the distinctive restaurants, as it known that Koshari is a popular Egyptian dish consisting of rice, lentils and hummus, in addition to frying next to sauce and hot sauce, which a famous dish in Egypt that has popularity in all classes and taste Koshary Tahrir special flavor, it distinctive in terms of decoration, service, method of serving dishes and attention to customer satisfaction, and it considered the oldest chain of Koshari stores in Egypt and was the first branch opened for the chain in 1964, which is an extension For the chain in Egypt, there is no doubt that there a delicious koshary dish in the restaurant that you can eat because the restaurant uses the finest raw materials in order to offer the customer a delicious taste. In this article, we will address the most important dishes offered by the restaurant.

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Koshari Abou Tarek restaurant Jeddah

Koshary Abu Tariq restaurant the best Egyptian restaurant in Jeddah that you can eat Koshary in if you a lover, since 1963 this restaurant has been established and it comes at the top of the list of the most important and distinctive Egyptian koshary restaurants, and the restaurant includes Three branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, two of them in Jeddah and the other in Mecca, and all branches from the best Egyptian restaurants in Jeddah.

The restaurant has become very famous as it is famous in Egypt. As it the best and most prominent restaurant that offers the wonderful Egyptian koshari dish with a distinct taste. As for the restaurant’s rating, it has a rate of 4.3 delicious koshari and they Serve with it sauce and hot sauce. This restaurant also ranked among the best cheap restaurants in Jeddah due to its reasonable prices.

  • Restaurant Name: Koshary Abu Tariq Restaurant
  • Number of branches in Jeddah: 2
  • Address of the first branch: It is located on Palestine Street after the mobile fence, next to Shawarma Alloush, and this branch operates from 11 am to 2 am.
  • Second branch address: Heraa Street, Prince Sultan Road, Al-Naeem District.
  • Phone Number: +966559505501
  • Working hours: from ten in the morning until two in the morning.

Ghamdi Restaurant

If you are a fan of Egyptian foul and falafel, there is no doubt that you know Al-Ghamdi Restaurant, which is one of the most famous Egyptian restaurants in Jeddah, which is classified by its patrons as the most important Egyptian foul and taamia restaurant. . In Jeddah, it has a rating of 4.0 and the demand for it is very large because of its good reputation, it is classified as the best foul restaurant in Jeddah and visitors to the restaurant have indicated that it is good and 100% clean and the Food is delicious and delicious.

  • Restaurant Name: Foul Al Ghamdi Restaurant
  • Restaurant Address: University Jeddah 22341 Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966126501023
  • Timings: 11 am to 1 am

Studio Misr Jeddah Grill Restaurant

Studio Misr Jeddah Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants serving meat, kebabs and kofta served in the Arabic and Eastern style, and the restaurant provides a delivery service to many surrounding areas, as the restaurant is located on Al-Nahda Street in Al-Rawda in Jeddah.

The restaurant is relatively high in prices but with an abundant amount of food that is enough for a large number of people.

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Based on the name of the restaurant, Studio Misr Jeddah restaurant tends to name a number of its dishes with names from the Egyptian heritage associated with ancient films. So we find the menu containing dishes such as The Prince of Revenge. The Game of Six, Ambassador Aziza and Shabab Woman, all of which inspired by ancient Egyptian films.

Wadi El Nile Egyptian Restaurant

If you a fan of searching forEgyptian food restaurants in Jeddah, you will find that the Nile Valley chain of restaurants is one of thebest restaurants that serve various Egyptian foods, the most important of which is grills, as it one of the restaurants with a high level and the treatment of the team distinguished because people of creation as mentioned by visitors.

The Nile Valley Restaurants Group received a rating of 4.1 and therefore it is worth a try, in addition to the successful management and various types of food equipped with the best Egyptian methods, and from here visitors advise everyone to try the restaurant, especially trying the stuffed pigeon, duck and tarab dish, as well as stuffed pigeons of all kinds.

  • Restaurant Name: Nile Valley Egyptian Restaurant
  • Restaurant Address: London After Fitness Time Hall for Women and Pre, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966561378002
  • Timings: 11 am to 1 am

 Farhat Al-Azhar Restaurant

It considered one of the most prominent and important Egyptian restaurants that found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it also opens its branches in more than one Arab country such as the United Arab Emirates, offering the most delicious food, especially Egyptian liver. So it classified by its patrons as the best liver restaurant in Jeddah, and this restaurant of course has a very high rating of 4.2, so visitors acknowledge that it the sweetest Egyptian restaurant in Saudi Arabia. The prices there reasonable for everyone. And therefore it worth the experience and joins the list of the best group of Egyptian restaurants in Jeddah. Which an extension of Cairo branches and characterized by its beautiful atmosphere.

  • Restaurant Address: Palestine Al Hamra Street in Jeddah 23361 in Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966558626555
  • Working hours: from 1 pm to 12.30 pm

Al-Masry Restaurant The most famous restaurants in Al-Jamia District

Al-Masry Restaurant in Al-Jamia Grill District is a restaurant of authentic Egyptian cuisine, a simple restaurant in terms of place and capabilities, but the taste of food in it is distinctive and wonderful and resembles the ideal home food that everyone loves, there is a section for individuals and a section for families.

  • Phone Number :009661226891824
  • Address: University Street – Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Working Hours: Saturday to Friday 12 pm – 12 am
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Ramses Restaurant Jeddah 

Ramses Restaurant classified asone of the best Egyptian restaurantsin Jeddah. As it one of the oldest Egyptian restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that offers the best meals and delicious dishes. The restaurant characterized by luxury and sophistication in terms of design and wonderful modern decorations, as well as cleanliness and a distinguished team that provides services at the highest level.

This is due to the great demand for the restaurant by all people, especially Egyptians, of course, and most visitors mentioned that the features of the place are endless, so there is no need to book in advance, so it is one of the most important restaurants that are worth trying, and the restaurant’s rating is 3.7 because of its wonderful view of the Corniche and the fountain, in addition to reasonable prices.

  • Restaurant Name: Ramses Jeddah Restaurant
  • Restaurant Address: Al Hamra Corniche Road 7353 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966126604049
  • Working hours: from seven in the morning to four in the evening

Gad Restaurant Jeddah

Gad Restaurant in Jeddah is a popular restaurant one of the great restaurants in Jeddah if you are a fan of popular Egyptian food you will find a lot of special dishes that are definitely worth visiting

  • Name: Gad Restaurant Egyptian
  • Category: Families | individuals
  • Type: Egyptian Restaurant
  • Price: Suitable
  • Children: Allowed
  • Music: None
  • TIMING: 6:30AM–1AM
  • Address For Jad Restaurant in Jeddah
  • Heraa Street, Al Nahdah, Jeddah
  • Jad restaurant number in Jeddah
  • +966 12 236 7726

Amani Grill Restaurant

Amani Grills the best Egyptian restaurant in Jeddah with a rating of 4.0 and considered by its patronsto be the most important and best grill restaurant in Jeddah that offers grills of all kinds, in addition to what it offers to visitors from meat, fish, oriental and western sweets and other main and secondary dishes.

Visitors praised the restaurant and its staff as it maintains the level of privacy for families, and the management is successful and the staff is very cooperative and provides the highest level of services to visitors in addition to the distinctive decorations and designs inside the restaurant, making it one of the best Egyptian restaurants in Jeddah.

  • Restaurant Name: Amani Grill Restaurant
  • Restaurant Address: Hail Ruwais Jeddah 23215 Saudi Arabia
  • Phone Number: +966502633609
  • Working hours: from 6 am to 2 am
‎Egyptian Restaurants in Jeddah‎
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