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Enjaz Customer Service Number

Money transfer companies are one of the very important companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because they provide you with the service of transferring money from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to anywhere in the world, and it is the easiest and least expensive way to transfer money, today we show you the number of Enjaz for remittances It is the most famous company in the Kingdom in the field of transferring money to anyone outside or inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and through this number you can track a transfer that has been sent, and know the addresses of branches spread throughout Saudi Arabia, and working hours In each branch, we also show you the various forms of service of the company.

Enjaz number for remittances in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The company has many branches in all countries inside and outside Riyadh, and it is a company affiliated with Bank Albilad, and it has a separate number from the bank through which it can talk independently with customer service, and this number is the 920011541 that receives calls from anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at any time throughout the day during official working hours, and in the following list we show you the services that you will get when you call this number.

  1. Track a transfer that has been sent
  2. Work Schedule Inquiry
  3. Branch Address Inquiry
  4. Inquire about fees for transferring money from one country to another

How to register for Enjaz services?

You can register for Enjaz service by using the Internet through some of the following steps:

  • Enter the official website of Enjaz service and click on the word Become a customer.
  • The customer registers all the data required of them and then clicks on the word submit.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to the number that was registered with the data.
  • The number in the message must be kept, to be given to the responsible employee within the bank to activate the customer’s membership.
  • The original residence permit is requested if residents within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among Saudi citizens The ID card is sent through any branch of Enjaz, registering data and activating membership as soon as possible.
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How money is transferred through Enjaz

When the customer registers in Enjaz service, he can transfer money from one person to another person, by showing the identity of the sender and registering the address and phone number of the addressee.

Enjaz Services

There is more than one way to transfer money through Enjaz service, and one of the most important of these services

The most important features of the Western Union service

Western Union service is characterized by providing many services, the most important of which are:

  • The customer can transfer money easily, and the money is sent in a quick time of only 24 hours.
  • Funds can be transferred electronically without going to the branch, which saves time and effort for the customer.
  • Western Union service is characterized by giving the customer more security when transferring money and ensuring that it is delivered quickly and without any problems.

How to transfer money through Western Union through your account in biladnet

To use the Western Union Albilad Net money transfer service, you must register at Bank Albilad through the following steps:

  • And what employees to log in to my account bilad net .
  • The customer chooses Western Union through the main menu on the account.
  • The customer chooses the word add beneficiary.
  • The customer activates the service through his phone or by using an ATM.

The customer logs into the Western Union Money Transfer List.

  • You will receive a message on the phone that the transfer has been completed.
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SWIFT Service

  • The customer can send money through the SWIFT service.
  • SWIFT offers money transfer at very low fees through a bank account.
  • Money is sent in 24 to 72 hours.
Enjaz Customer Service Number
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