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Family Hotels in Crete

Crete is Greece, and of course there is everything here, especially the conditions for a relaxing holiday with the family.

So, we present to your attention our rating of the best hotels in Crete for families with children:

Pilot Beach Resort and Spa 5 *

Located in one of the best resorts in Crete. A wonderful, comfortable place for a quiet vacation with children – both one year old and older. Bungalows and suites of various categories can be selected. Strollers, pots, high chairs are provided for the child. WI-FI is free in the rooms. Baby food: for annuals, different mashed potatoes are prepared separately from meat, vegetables, fish, fruits on request. In the morning and in the evening – the buffet offers oatmeal, buckwheat, rice porridge, delicious cottage cheese, yoghurts. A variety of egg dishes, cuts of meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, pasta.

All day from 12 to 17 for kids there is a children’s buffet – free of charge and without restriction of visits. Soups, cutlets, boiled chicken breasts, porridge, meat, vegetables, desserts, fruits. For older children – french fries, pizza, meatballs, ice cream. In the evening, they serve fish, meat of various sorts, moussaka, pasta, soups. Water, juices, wine at dinner are paid. But Greek herbal tea in Crete is free.

Children’s pools – 4 pieces. The guys are very happy with the small water park with rides and slides. In the evenings, a small train runs and drives everyone. From morning until late at night, children are entertained by a team of animators. There is a wonderful children’s club, discos are constantly arranged.

The road to the wonderful beach with the baby under the arm is 10 minutes. A wide beach with the cleanest fine sand and a gentle entrance to the clear sea is a delight for the little ones. There are enough umbrellas and sunbeds. They give out towels, toys. Everybody is being watched by a nurse and a lifeguard.

Perhaps the only negative is the long drive from Heraklion airport (about 2 hours).

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort 5 *

This family-run hotel is legendary in popularity. Near the airport (27 km). Warm and calm atmosphere, there is a health center, a eucalyptus park, thanks to which the air in the area is a blessing for children’s and adults’ noses. Huge selection of various rooms with balconies or terraces, two-room family rooms. Thirty renovated buildings of different colors on a green hill by the magical sea.

Little travelers have their own privileges: a whole water park with slides and 6 swimming pools, discos, a club with a special educational and entertainment program, a playground, a nanny on call, strollers and high chairs in restaurants. The water park for the children is large, comfortable, there are vigilant lifeguards around. Everything is completely safe. The water park bar has ice cream, fruits, coffee, juices, pastries, in general – you can spend the whole day here.

The beach is large, clean, made of sand and pebbles, the entrance to the sea is calm, sandy, towels, sun beds, umbrellas are free. The sea is clean and transparent. From entertainment – rent of catamarans, “banana” and “tablet”, jet skis.

The restaurant is just a “gourmet”. A well-thought-out children’s menu and a special one for children under 1 year old. The food is of excellent quality. Several varieties of sausages, cheeses, meat, soups are different every day – kebabs, chicken, turkey, sometimes snails with mussels. Great ice cream. You can drink coffee from morning until 17 in the bar downstairs, and there is also a great snack with the children.

Guys-animators unobtrusively invite everyone to play football, jump into volleyball, shoot an archery. In the evening, discos are held for kids – children squeak with delight. The forums about this hotel have great reviews from moms.

Aquila Rithymna Beach 5 *

The proximity to the airport is about 70 km. Quiet, comfortable, calm. Everything works in the rooms, electrics, plumbing are excellent. The safe is free.

The hotel primarily takes care of the little ones and the younger generation, which will be looked after by qualified nannies, nurses and educators. There are children’s toilets and baths, books, games, strollers, a lot of greenery, which gives shade so that children do not overheat while playing in the air.

Baby food, diapers and pacifiers are available. The room and area with sun loungers and umbrellas for relaxation, a nursery and a kitchen for sterilizing bottles are wonderfully decorated. A magnificent children’s town-club in five languages ​​with an excellent program, where children are divided into 4 groups from 3 to 15 years old. There is a theater, a puppet show, games in the water, fairy tales, birthdays, adventure entertainment, painting, competitions under the supervision of adults on the beach, cyclocross, excursions and parties.

The all-inclusive children’s restaurant offers kids up to 12 years old to eat and drink as much as they like and whenever they want. There are juicy salads, hot waffles and pancakes, sandwiches with a filling, pizza, milk, yoghurts with fruits and honey, drinks, ice cream. There are game rooms with board and virtual games. Children cannot be pulled out of there by the ears. You can even leave the child in the town for the night, provided that one of the parents is resting on the territory. There is a wonderful club from 10 to 20. You can bring your baby and pick him up at any time.

First coastline, private beach – wide and sandy. Sun beds, towels, cabins, showers and umbrellas are free.

Meals are generally organized as breakfast, half board and premium all inclusive. And breakfast – three times, early, full, late – like the “hobbits”. Lots of options for lunch and dinner.

There are 4 pools for adults, of which one is a heated indoor pool, 17 pools near the villas, 2 for children.

Stella Palace Resort & Spa 5 *

Great place with a bunch of ancient scenic spots around, from plane to room – half an hour. Rooms are spacious, you can easily put a crib for a baby. The territory is spacious, green, shady. The food is excellent, the quality is controlled by the owner. Children of different ages and appetite eat their fill, even toddlers. Delicious familiar cuisine for both large and small – boiled potatoes, spaghetti with meatballs, stewed chicken, desserts, bulk fruits. For the whole day, they have a snack in bars with cakes with tea, milk, ice cream and fruits. Every other day, the hotel organizes dinners with a specific theme – delicious.

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Mini-club for children – with animators. Children run around happy with painted faces in the form of animals, splashing under the supervision of a lifeguard in a pool with water slides. They paint with paints, play pirates, look for treasures. Every evening for kids – noisy entertaining animation.

A sandy beach with a scythe that does not let waves ashore, which is safe for the little ones. There are enough sun beds.

But for babies, you will have to take care of nutrition in advance. They sell diapers, the cost is the same as at home – so you don’t have to take it.

Mitsis Laguna Resort And Spa 5 *

New, very beautiful, luxurious resort hotel with a lot of entertainment and an all-inclusive system. Airport 30 minutes. Bright, new, clean rooms, there are separate bungalows.

“Feeding” the guests is tasty, high quality, expensive. Chicken, lamb, rabbits, pork, different grills. There are many desserts and pastries, delicious yoghurts, cherries and peaches, strawberries and pineapples, bananas, apricots, kiwi. There is no children’s menu. But mashed meat, cutlets, meatballs, spaghetti, vegetables are always available. Pancake – a fairy tale for adults and small sweets. A huge number of different fillings, about 15 varieties of ice cream, cakes, cocktails.

Entertainment for young guests – a children’s playground, a pool with slides filled with sea water, an extensive program of educational activities in the children’s club, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, a mini-disco. All pools are clean, no chlorine odor. High chairs, cots, babysitting services are offered.

The beach is small with small pebbles and a gentle entrance to the sea, further inland there are round stones. Due to this, the water is transparent, like glass, the presence of slippers will help you enjoy swimming to the fullest. Sun beds: many and free. Children wallow with rapture among the foam of the surf on the pebbles. The beach is regularly cleaned, the water is gentle, fish are flickering. But it is better to take children from 3 years old with you, so as not to worry about feeding the babies.

Georgioupolis Resort Aquapark and SPA 5 *

It takes about an hour to drive from the airport to this wonderful place, drowning in roses. One of the relatively economical five star hotels. Most of the guests are families with children. The area is small, but cozy and comfortable.

Rooms and bungalows are spacious, everything is clean and serviceable. There is an all-inclusive catering system. Every day the menu is new and delicious. Meat in seven varieties, fish, squid, mussels. All dishes with different sauces and in different forms – from boiled and stewed to grilled. Everything is not cooked spicy, so feeding the children is easy. In the children’s corner there is a European McDonald with pasta, fries, pizza. Breakfasts are plentiful “Swedish”. There is a kids’ club with a small playground with swings and slides and a play area where kids can paint their faces in the evenings.

During the day you can have a snack at the bar with cakes, ice cream, cocktails.

There are two swimming pools. The first, large, with two water slides, where both children and adults have fun, and life is in full swing with music and animation. Second pool for relaxation and rest.

The beach is gorgeous (be sure to watch the video). Clean sand, wide comfortable approach, sun loungers, umbrellas for a fee. It takes 2 – 5 minutes to get to the beach, but you need to run across a large track, where there is no crossing. The water is both warm and refreshing at the same time, a little further from the coast there are small corals and fish.

Aldemar Royal Mare 5 *

A delightful location 35 km from the airport with rooms of a variety of classes, from budget to premium, set amidst lush green gardens.

You can take breakfasts, or boarding, half board. The food is superbly cooked, not greasy, not spicy, not too fried. Always – rice and potatoes, stewed and grilled vegetables, many varieties of differently cooked meat. Children love meatballs and the most tender stews. For dinner, they are fed with fish, pampered with seafood, of course – pork, delicious boiled pork, beef, rack of lamb. It is not a question for the children to eat, even for the biggest whims. Beautiful restaurants. Expensive, but Greek portions the size of Crete. Greek coffee is fabulous, homemade wine is super.

On the beach after the storm it is very quiet, the water is crystal. A flat stone descent to the sand, where the depth is only waist-deep and a lot of fish.

The playground is a huge ship – a whole play center with a bunch of bridges, slides, houses and nets. Very nice, relaxed kids club. Pools for “little ones”: small with a depth of 60 cm, “big” – up to 90. In the evenings, a mini-disco is held right there.

“Scary” is clean, because the entire territory is not swept in the morning, but washed with shampoo – you can let the baby crumbs crawl.

Dessole Mirabello Beach Village 5 * (ex.Iberostar)

The place is very interesting, incredible beauty, but if you are resting in a hotel with children, Mirabello is more suitable for older children. The territory consists of many cascades connected by stairs, so the crumb will have to be carried around for up to a year. But there are plenty of places where the little ones are interested in crawling and exploring everything. With older children, the animation girls play all day in the club and on the playground. In the evenings, they arrange a baby disco, a show program on the big stage.

In the morning – oatmeal with milk, and everything else – in Swedish. The chef’s desserts are breathtaking. If desired, even a one-year-old traveler will find something to feed. In the shop opposite you can buy baby food and other accessories.

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For adults – evening entertainment, spa treatments and bulk sports events.

There are two outdoor swimming pools, one indoor, where children’s sections are arranged.

Sandy beach with a gentle entrance to the water. Sun beds, towels, umbrellas – free of charge.

It takes an hour and a half to drive from the airport.

Grecotel Lux.Me White Palace 5 *

A snow-white palace stretches along the coast. From the airport an hour and a half way. Belongs to the “top” class hotels. Long beach with sand, slightly pebbles. Towels, umbrellas, sun loungers, showers – free of charge. You can go to the sea by stairs or small pebbles. There is enough place where the kids are nice to play in the sand. On the beach, the staff delivers juice, ice cream, watermelon, fruits, cold napkins – free of charge.

There are tropical pools filled with sea water, a children’s pool, a “paddling pool”.

Very popular is the excellent children’s free cafe Tasty, where kids can eat all day. Great teenage club Grecoland. In the kids club, two girls selflessly mess with the kids until late at night or until the last mini-client. Many parents put their children there for the whole day, while they themselves enjoy each other’s company. In the evenings, competitions, outdoor games, mini-disco are held on stage with the kids. In general, the guys here will be given something to drink, they will feed, and they will bathe.

Meals are available according to the All inclusive option. Breakfast is Swedish, no frills, but hearty. There are even cereals and pancakes. Children from 3 years old will always find what they like. At dinner, if you try everything a little at a time, your stomach will burst; the types and methods of cooking fish and meat change every day. Many themed dinners with live national music.

Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa 5 *

The entire area of ​​the hotel looks like a Garden of Eden – cacti, pines and bamboo, palm trees and marvelous roses. A very nice place for families with small children. There are wheelchair ramps everywhere. There is a free rental of strollers. Animators all day ride with children in the club, in the evening – at the disco. At the post at the pools, a lifeguard monitors safety.

Swimming pools – both adults and children with sea and fresh water, and one more – for very small children – is equipped with three slides. Two lovely donkeys live near the children’s club.

The beach is quiet, clean, spacious. When descending, a large slab covered with small soft algae. Sun loungers are free.

Breakfast is generous: crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, natural yoghurts, sesame bread, flat cakes with vegetables, cheese, a special menu for allergy sufferers, three varieties of milk, cottage cheese, cheeses, fresh juices. The kid willingly eats yoghurts, similar to curds, bananas, peaches, porridge. Freshly mashed meat and vegetables will be served if requested. Lunches and dinners are even more plentiful and varied – all types of meat in different versions, soups, kebabs, dolma, paella, moussaka, shark, cod, seafood. And a huge variety of fruits.

The airport is nearby. One of the recommended hotels for families.

Iberostar Creta Marine 5 *

A fragrant, multi-tiered hotel for guests with children. A wide variety of family rooms of different classes and sizes. To make an accurate choice, you can study the reviews on the “Tophotels” website.

The territory is vast, blooming, you walk with your child like in a botanical garden. Everywhere there are small pools, where those who want peace and quiet rest.

The beach is very close, sun loungers are paid. The beauty of the beach itself is in the location – it consists of five wonderful fenced lagoons, and even with strong winds, the water in them is calm and gentle, which is very important for kids. The first lagoon on the right with a cove less than 30 cm deep, and crumbs up to 2 years old are splashing there in warm transparent water.

The adult pool is clean, with sea water, deep. A children’s pool is available, but it is a hundred meters from an adult and is not too clean. The animation and the children’s disco are well thought out, funny, the guys are happy with everything. There is a good mini-club for them, but the playground in the air does not have a shade, which is not very convenient in the sun in the heat.

There are a lot of children, and everyone is actively communicating, starting with yearlings. For children from the age of three, there is a children’s menu in the restaurant, where everyone is fed mentally and variedly.

Atlantica Sensatori Resort 5 *

The architecture of the hotel is harmonious, everything is well-groomed, the cleanliness is perfect – you can go barefoot everywhere. The hotel belongs to the chain hotels Atlantica Hotels-Resort. One of the most successful five-star economy class hotels.

Children’s animation is pleasant, but all the entertainment is conducted in English, since there are a lot of Englishmen. There is not enough green vegetation, but there are many pools. For children, there are three of them – wonderful, with warm water. Children’s playground with a slide and a house.

Rooms with terraces overlooking the courtyards, balconies. No strangers, no music or noise from the restaurants. In the evenings, you can walk with the kids along the beach, in the neighboring lovely village. The quality of finishing and arrangement of the rooms is excellent, lighting, climate control are controlled from remote controls, there is a jacuzzi.

The food is delicious and varied. Divine desserts. The kitchen in the main restaurant will always offer meals for the kids. As part of the “all inclusive” hotel menu is as generous as possible.

For children of the British there is a Tomson kids club. For everyone else, there is a separate children’s club. Wonderful girls who speak English work there. They are engaged in games, various crafts with imagination and skill.

The beach is across a quiet road. Sun beds, umbrellas are paid. But here you only need to sunbathe, because the waves are large and the bottom is rocky. But 150 meters to the left, under the blue church, there is a pier from which kids and adults fish. And right there – a comfortable beach without pebbles, where you can swim in peace with large waves – the pier will protect you.

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Aquila Porto Rethymno 5 *

Good chain hotel. It takes about two hours to get to the resort. Quiet, calm, comfortable, cozy atmosphere. The rooms are standard, but the air conditioning is central. The food in the main restaurant is excellent. On Monday, a great poolside grill. The staff is extremely attentive, the girls advise how to choose a dish on the menu, where to go with the baby.

Three adult pools – 2 open and one heated with fresh water. For children, calm animation, a wonderful club, very large playrooms are thought out. If necessary, a nanny (for a fee) will look after the 4 month old baby. The children’s pool is equipped with two small slides. In the children’s club, contests, games, construction, competitions are held with children (the club is open during the high season). Beds, high chairs are given free of charge.

Beach with sand, showers, cabins. Free – sun loungers, towels, umbrellas. Service is offered in the medical room 24 hours.

Blue Marine Resort & Spa 5 *

By taxi to this beautiful complex – 15 minutes, together with the group by bus – about 40. The beauty is unreal, but the territory is very small. The resort is multi-tiered – it is not very convenient to move with the kids. There are family rooms with new comfortable furniture.

Meals – type “buffet”, continental breakfast, quite hearty, a lot of different things and in abundance. For children, fruits, desserts, delicious croissants. Lots of herbal teas. But there are no milkshakes.

Pebble beach. Sun loungers, umbrellas – for the money. There are many water attractions in operation. Nearby there is a road with active traffic – noise interferes, but there is an underground tunnel to go to the sea. In the incredibly clear water, there are many colorful fish, octopuses – it is not boring to dive with a mask.

Playgrounds, mini-club for games are available. In the evenings in the amphitheater they listen to live music, there is also a children’s disco and entertainment. Very good animators and artists.

Spacious rooms, refrigerator and air conditioning are quiet. There is a medical center where they can get help. Internet is free almost everywhere, but not very fast.

Cactus Royal 5 *

The hotel is not far from the airport, brand new, with a small clean and blooming area, very homey, cozy. There is a wonderful gym. The main building is surrounded by a charming canal that shimmers in the sun. Rooms with balconies or terraces. A crib with a little bear is brought into the room. The staff is friendly, trying to make the guests like it. There is fresh water in the children’s pool. There is a playground where you can play. Children under 6 years old stay free of charge.

The food is decent, there is a lot of everything. Snack – sandwiches, fruits, pastries and ice cream at the bar, which is very convenient for families with children.

The beach is a dream. Sand for kids, where you can mess around for a long time, make “pies”, water is like warm milk, smooth descent into the sea, the waves are small, and it is pleasant to swing on them on an inflatable ring, which brings a lot of joy to children. Paid sun loungers.

In the evening – animation and lovely Petronio coffee shop with excellent coffee and delicious mandarinada drink.

Domes Of Elounda Autograph Collection Hotels 5 *

A very romantic beautiful hotel on the side of a mountain with mesmerizing pictures of the sea and the fortress.

Electric vehicles run everywhere on the territory, which can be delivered to any place in a minute – very quickly and conveniently. For children – an additional free attraction. The rooms are stylish with designer furniture and spacious.

The sandy picturesque beach in the bay, where the sea is always calm, to the delight of children, pleases. Free sun loungers are shaded by olive trees. Very quiet, comfortable, many parents relax so much that they sleep with their children on the beach. Here you can also rent boats.

The hotel offers everything for a special relaxation and entertainment for adults, babies and teenagers.

For small children from babies to 4 year olds, there is a nursery, for older children – a children’s club, where they cannot be dragged away from cars and girls-educators. There is also a special teenage club. Of course, a playroom, a children’s pool.

If necessary, they will bring a crib and a night light, they will send a nanny. There are chairs, bottles, dishes for children. Children are prepared food according to the menu compiled by the parent.

Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort & Spa 5 *

If we compare hotels for children, Ikaros is very good. The magician architect built a town with streets, courtyards, passages, arches. Everything is green, everything is blooming, clean, everywhere – the fragrance of flowers and fragrant herbs. Among the rooms, you can choose between bungalows or suites of different categories with a private pool or outdoor jacuzzi.

The dishes are prepared deliciously, of high quality, the buffet meals are replenished promptly. Highchairs are available. On half board they feed “for slaughter”. In general, the food of tourists in Ikaros is one of the best, even fussy children pick up full plates. Every day – a themed dinner with different cuisines – either Japanese or Italian.

The animation is very calm and there are many entertainment programs in the evenings. The staff is wonderful, you can ask for advice on any occasion – they will always prompt, and always with readiness and goodwill.

The beach is fine sand, clean, a lot of space. The entrance to the sea is very comfortable for children. Everything is free. Beach parties are held under the stars by the surf.

Family Hotels in Crete
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