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Family Hotels in Halkidiki

Some hotels have their own helicopters, which are used to transport guests from and to the airport. It is necessary to book a transfer in advance.

How to choose the best way to travel depends a lot on distance, budget and hotel offerings.

Peninsula hotels

Unlike the southern islands of Greece (Corfu, Kos, Crete, Rhodes), the peninsulas are not so hot, and therefore they are all covered with lush greenery. Therefore, tourists who ask for advice: “Tell me, advise where and which hotel to choose in Halkidiki for a vacation with a child”, we can say with confidence that everything is everywhere. You only need to decide on prices, stars and services provided.

So, we present to you our favorites, we have combined them for convenience in the rating of the best hotels of the Halkidiki peninsula for families with children:

Sani Beach 5 *

The hotel is on the “finger” of Kassandra. 80 km from the airport are covered by the hotel’s helicopter in 10 minutes or 45 minutes by car. Free shuttles are delivered across the vast territory of the complex. Whatever food system the parents have, children under 8 years old are fed here free of charge. The hotel owns 3 sandy beaches with a gentle slope.

In addition to the fact that there is a kids club, a children’s room, a shallow pool, a playground on the territory of the hotel and on the beach, the hotel has a kindergarten, where babies are accepted from 4 months. Kids run barefoot on clean, well-groomed lawns. The restaurant menu contains dishes that can be used to feed a 1 year old child. There are several shops near the hotel that sell everything you need for your holiday.

Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel 5 *

The luxurious hotel complex is located 55 km from the airport on the western coast of the peninsula, near the village of Nea Potidea. The interior of a spacious room with original paintings by artist V. Shilov on the walls can be complemented by a baby cot. For a child 2 years old and younger, a stroller and baby food will be provided. The restaurant has a children’s menu and special high chairs. In addition, there is a children’s pool with water slides, a playground, a mini-disco, children’s animation and a club where children play, draw and watch cartoons. For parents, the best nightclub in Greece operates on site. The beach is sandy and pebble.

Ikos Oceania 5 *

The hotel is 35 km from the airport. He works under the motto “Everything for the child!” On the territory there are 4 swimming pools for adults and two children. The smallest guests (from 4 months) are accepted in a nursery, older children (from 4 years old) can study in a mini-club or in a club for teenagers (from 12 to 17 years old). Well-designed animation programs for entertaining children, both indoors and outdoors. Spacious rooms with ceramic tile floors can accommodate a baby cot upon request. There is:

  • menu for kids;
  • children’s dining room furniture;
  • baths and benches;
  • paths and lifts for strollers;
  • nanny on request (paid).

The sandy beach of the hotel provides free all the necessary equipment and even a nanny on the beach.

Aegean Melathron 5 *

On the shores of the Gulf of Toroneus, 90 km from the airport and 3 km from the town of Kallithea, this beautiful hotel is immersed in the green of forests and gardens. The vast territory is free to move around in electric cars. On the peninsula, all chain hotels with children are distinguished by special attention to young tourists. Each of the 9 pools (one with a jacuzzi) has a children’s section. On the territory there is a mini-club, a buffet with a children’s menu, two playgrounds, in the evenings a mini-disco is organized. The hotel is located right on the coast next to its own beautifully equipped beach with golden fine sand.

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Anthemus Sea Beach Hotel & Spa 5 *

The hotel is located in Sithonia on the middle finger of the peninsula, 105 km from the airport. Rooms are equipped with a kitchenette, free internet and a bath or shower with hydromassage. The type of food in the restaurant is half board (breakfast + dinner / lunch) with a decent range of children’s dishes. For young tourists on the territory of the hotel there is a playground, a children’s pool, a mini-club, where children from 4 to 12 years old can study and play. Every day there is a great animation for children. The hotel’s own sandy beach is equipped with everything you need and has safe gentle slopes into the depths. Rescuers are constantly on duty on it.

Athena Pallas Village 5 *

This is one of the most popular and recommended hotels for holidays on the forums, both with a one-year-old toddler and a toddler 3 years and older. The hotel, working on the all-inclusive system, as well as on the HB systems, full board, etc., provides guests with two restaurants, where special highchairs will be offered for the child. All children under 5 years old are admitted here free of charge. For them, a cot is provided, for babies and not only you can order a nanny (for a fee). There are several swimming pools on the territory of the hotel, including a children’s one. At 50 meters, its own pebble beach is washed by the transparent waves of the Toroneos Gulf. The hotel is located on the Sithonia peninsula, 80 km from the airport.

Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel 5 *

The premium boutique hotel consists of only 20 rooms and is located in the fishing village of Nea Skioni. It offers its own transfer, which is important when the distance from the airport is 80 km. A beautiful area with a heated pool and a children’s playground is located on the slope of the mountain, and therefore descends to the sea with terraces. During the day, the hotel employees are engaged in modeling and drawing with children, and in the evening they hold children’s discos. A small bus runs every hour to the beach, which is 450 meters from the hotel. The beach is sandy and narrow. Sun beds, umbrellas and even air mattresses are given out here free of charge. The restaurant operates on a buffet basis.

Olympion Sunset 5 *

90 km from the airport on the coast of the village of Fourka, hidden under pine crowns, is a small cozy hotel, which is one of the top club hotels for a relaxing holiday with children. Guests are offered unobtrusive animation, quiet music and the absence of noisy companies. The restaurant is famous for its varied cuisine, in which there are always good dishes to feed a child up to one year old. Inflatable toys and mattresses are handed over to the visitors of the children’s pool by the hotel employee. A baby cot is available in baby rooms free of charge. The sea is clean, its own pebble-sandy beach is equipped with everything you need.

Anastasia Resort & Spa 5 *

On the Kassandra peninsula, 95 km from the airport, near the ancient settlement of Nea Skioni, a hotel was built, which, according to vacationers, is an indicator of a combination of classic style and modern comfort, as well as an excellent place where you can go to relax with your child. Because there is:

  • baby cot in the room;
  • Children’s swimming pool;
  • mini-club;
  • children’s disco;
  • playground;
  • children’s menu;
  • high chairs in the restaurant;
  • paid babysitting services.
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The sand and pebble beach starts right from the hotel territory. Free sun loungers can be placed directly under the trees on the grass.

Possidi Holidays 5 *

This small family-run hotel is located 3 km from the village of Possidi on the Kassandra Peninsula, 105 km from the airport. On the sandy beach across the road, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for a small fee. The entrance to the azure water is not safe everywhere; you can find areas of large pebbles and boulders. Spacious room with a balcony and marble bathtub, upon request, a baby cot. There is a children’s playground in a small, cozy hotel area with a pool for toddlers. The absence of a children’s kitchen and animation is compensated by the silence, excellent landscapes, healthy air and attentive attitude of the staff.

Istion Club And SPA 5 *

A new all-inclusive hotel half an hour from the airport is located at the very beginning of the peninsula. The hotel has its own sandy beach with free umbrellas and sun loungers. When entering the water, there is a small drawback – a slab, but behind it the bottom is completely sandy, shallow, you can safely walk barefoot. From the hotel just half an hour drive to the water park. On the territory there is a playground, a children’s pool, and a children’s club for travelers aged 4 to 12 is open every day. Free ice cream is offered to everyone from morning until 1 am.

Potidea Palace 4 *

This luxury hotel is 55 km from Macedonia Airport on the isthmus near the Potidea Canal. All 232 rooms have central heating and can accommodate a baby cot upon request. In a small area with green lawns, there is a football field, two tennis courts, a general store, a wine tasting cellar, a children’s pool, a playground, a children’s cinema and a kids club. The restaurant will definitely provide a high chair for the kid. You can also order a children’s menu there. On the sandy beach just across the road, umbrellas and sun loungers are provided free of charge.

Lagomandra Hotel & Spa 4 *

Located on the Lagomandra embankment, 85 km from the airport and not far from Marmaras on the Sithonia peninsula (the middle finger of Chalkidiki). Such relatively budget hotels give guests unforgettable relaxation, peace and quiet. You can come here with a small child and not be afraid that he will hurt his leg on fluffy lawns or in the sand on the beach. In the restaurant, the baby can be placed on a highchair and fed with delicious, almost homemade food. There is no need for umbrellas on the beach, there are pine trees growing right next to the sand. The sea is clean, the entrance is gentle, safe and long. Great place for kids to swim.

Grecotel Pella Beach 4 *

This hotel is located on the Kassandra Peninsula near the village of Hanioti. On the picturesque territory covered with palm trees, pines and roses, there are two fresh water swimming pools, one of which is for children, a playground, and a club for children. For the convenience of guests with strollers, there are ramps and wide doorways everywhere. A bed in the room, a stroller, a stand, a pot, a bath, a nanny can be ordered in advance. Free lunches are provided for children from 3 to 12 years old. In the village within walking distance there are attractions and all the necessary shops. Near the hotel there is a private well-maintained sand and pebble beach. Free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the property.

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Aegean Blue Beach Hotel 4 *

Right on the seashore, 25 km from the airport in the town of Nea Kallikratia, this small cozy modern hotel with 57 rooms is located. The spacious rooms have a baby cot upon request. There is fast free internet. The hotel has a swimming pool. The sandy comfortable beach, which is located across the street from the hotel, slowly and gently sinks into the depths of clear emerald waters, turning into a flat bottom. There are no spiny sea urchins and crabs, only small nimble fish that can make a free peeling for everyone. A great place to swim for kids. Sun beds and umbrellas are paid.

Blue Dolphin 4 *

Going on vacation with young children, leafing through the catalog of inexpensive hotels, watching videos in reviews and comparing prices, you will certainly opt for this hotel. It is located at the beginning of the Sithonia peninsula, not far from the town of Nikiti, 50 meters from the sandy beach with paid sun beds and sometimes sailing sea urchins (be careful!). In the shade of the garden on the territory of the hotel there is a playground, a children’s pool, a mini-club, where children can practice modeling, drawing, and various active games. In the restaurant for young guests, you can always take a high chair. In the evening, a children’s disco with animators is held for them.

Dolphin Beach 3 *

This is the best economy class hotel where you can go on vacation with a child. It is located in the center of the Kassandra Peninsula near the village of Possidi. The 67 spacious rooms are equipped with all modern facilities, including free Wi-Fi and a baby cot. The restaurant operates on the HB (half board) and All inclusive system. On the menu you can find dishes that are suitable for feeding a small child. A sand and pebble beach is next to the hotel. The entrance to the sea is difficult, the bottom is rocky, you can meet a walking sea urchin, so special coral slippers will come in handy. They, like many other things, can be purchased in the shops of the village.

Port Marina 3 *

A hotel that got 3 stars just because of the distance.

  • to the airport – 106 km;
  • to the sea – 450 m;
  • to the nearest settlement, Pevkohori – 3 km.

All other characteristics of this small 90-room hotel (many of them with kitchens, there are two-room family hotels) correspond to a good four. In a small area there is a small swimming pool and a playground. Animators and the Internet work modestly. Free sun loungers, towels and umbrellas are provided on the sandy beach, a 10-minute walk away and a hotel bus runs every hour. The entry into the sea is wonderful, the bottom is clean and flat.

Family Hotels in Halkidiki
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