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Family Hotels in La Romana

For the same reason, it is better to fly with children for a period of at least two weeks, so that the body has time to acclimatize.

If such nuances are not scary, it is difficult to come up with the best place to relax with children. La Romana with its luxurious beaches, gentle sun, carelessness and fun will remain in the memory of kids for a long time!

So, we present to your attention a rating of the best La Romana hotels for families with children:


Dreams La Romana Resort & Spa 5*

This is one of the resort’s most popular and recommended 5-star hotels. At any travel forum and in the reviews of tourists on top hotels, you will definitely be advised to pay attention to it as the most worthy option in terms of price-quality ratio.

Dreams amazes at once – with a sincere meeting of guests and a sign “Welcome home!” It has many rooms that are great for a spa break. Those wishing to take advantage of the privileged conditions can join the “Preff Club”. Its members are provided with free internet and the latest newspapers, a private pool, and breakfast is served in the à la carte restaurant.

There is a lot of space for children. This applies not only to spacious rooms and a large green area where amazing tropical plants grow. An excellent sandy beach awaits them, where even babies are comfortable to relax – they are happy to touch the fine, pleasant sand with their hands, and next to them one-year-olds learn to take their first steps. The amazing color of the sea bewitches little tourists and looks great on photos and videos that parents make in abundance, trying to capture the happy rest of their kids.

There is also a playroom and playground for children, a swimming pool and a mini disco. Fascinating animation takes place throughout the day. By the way, animators play with their charges everywhere, including on the beach.

The local cuisine has only the best reviews. Great main restaurant and some chic a la carts. The all-inclusive system operates here. On the buffet and on the menu, there are, among others, very refined and very distinctive dishes. Along with this, the assortment also includes simple food, suitable even for children under one year old.

A very popular option – if the child has not finished eating something, you can ask the restaurant staff to pack food with them and feed the baby a little later.

Convenient for families with children and the location of Dreams – less than half an hour from the airport, and it is on the first line.

Almost all tourists who have visited Dreams agree: it is worth crossing the Atlantic!

Grand Bahia Principe La Romana 5 *

Grand Baia Principle is one of the best hotels in La Romana for families with children by the sea. It is located in a secluded place, away from noisy entertainment and settlements with an active resort life. There is a huge, well-groomed area with tropical plants and flowers. Younger guests love walking in the local garden under the shade of amazing palm trees and other unusual trees.

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This natural splendor is partially compensated by not the best sandy beach. It was awarded the Blue Flag, there are many sun loungers and umbrellas on the shore, the beach area is well equipped, but the ocean is muddy, due to the fact that the river flows into it not far away. In addition, there are a lot of algae and jellyfish in the water. However, the scourge fights are doing everything possible to put the coast in order.

What the Grand Bahia Principle can be proud of is its food. The all-inclusive system operates here, and guests do not get tired of admiring the local cuisine.

Excellent meat, wonderful fish and seafood, exotic fruits. What is important for mothers – the chef always makes contact and is ready, if necessary, to cook for kids according to an individual menu. Thanks to this, as well as the chic selection at the buffet, both children at the age of 1 and teenagers eat in a restaurant in peace, and their parents do not have to take food with them or go to the city to buy the necessary products in local stores.

Grand Bahia is not the center of entertainment, however there are several pools and subtle animation. There is a kids club for children, where they are actively engaged. 

This family-run hotel is also notable for the fact that there are only “format” rooms for a junior suite and a family suite. The rooms are great for accommodating a large family, but with wi-fi problems – the signal is very inconsistent. Travelers looking for premium conditions can become members of the Golden Club.

If you want to relax with your family in peace and still choose where to go in 2021, pay attention to the five-star Grand Bahia Principle.

Whala!Bayahibe 4*

Great budget option. Until recently, Vala Bayahibe was a three-star, but after a complete renovation it deservedly received the fourth star.

The hotel has a small but completely green area with many exotic flowers and shrubs, manicured lawns and a fountain.

Travelers will find large rooms with new furniture, modern design and huge balconies.

For infants, a baby cot is available upon request. Superior rooms have a kitchenette, but with the excellent food provided in local restaurants, this option is practically out of date.

They cook here so that absolutely everyone is full and satisfied. The restaurant pleasantly surprises its guests, especially considering that Vala Bayahibe is considered an inexpensive holiday option. A large number of perfectly prepared meat and fish dishes, various side dishes, interesting snacks and extravagant national proposals. It’s not difficult for kids to choose a menu – there are also plenty of lean dietary dishes.

However, the greatest delight for both children and many adults is the chic fruit table. A lot of exotic fruits. It is here that you can taste the real taste of these unusual fruits, because they come to the table juicy, ripe and literally just plucked from the branches.

In Vala Bayahibe, there is no active animation, a water park or even stationary water slides, but the children will not be bored. First of all, there are many tourists here, so they will always find themselves friends. Yes, and there are still certain entertainments, for example, local dancing lessons, and sometimes an inflatable water slide is placed by the pool.

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There is no beach on the hotel territory, but for the convenience of guests there are two artificial beaches with excellent sand and full infrastructure. Lots of umbrellas and sun loungers, beach towels can be borrowed on bail. The entrance here is by stairs and it is not suitable for small children, but lovers of the underwater world will be delighted.

Literally 15 minutes away there is a wonderful typical Dominican beach with good entry into the water, which is suitable even for babies.

If you are planning an inexpensive vacation with children in La Romana, be sure to pay attention to Vala Bayahibe.

Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach 4*

This is a family-run four-star hotel, almost everyone is here with children, so it will not be difficult for young travelers to find a company. The premium level successfully replaces comfort and sincere attention, and newfangled interior gadgets – cleanliness and coziness.

The territory is so huge that it is easy to get lost on it, it is not for nothing that the guests prefer to walk with a map during the first days. For children, this is an additional entertainment – they feel like treasure seekers.

But this does not mean that it is worth worrying about the children: literally in 2-3 days you will understand that you can safely let them go for a walk alone. Despite the large size, the territory is absolutely safe, guards with walkie-talkies walk everywhere, so finding young treasure hunters will not be difficult. The only danger is that a ripe juicy mango can fall on your head, and children can forget about the time, chasing lizards and collecting crabs, of which a huge number crawls there.

The rooms are different – the building is larger in size, but the bungalow is quieter and more peaceful. Bungalows also attract huge luxurious terraces.

The animation is worthy of special attention. A team of thirty people entertains guests from 9 am to 1 am. In the afternoon there is an activity program both on the beach and by the pool – sports, yoga, club and national dances, quizzes, contests. Spectacular shows with vivid special effects in the evening.

There is always something to eat in the restaurant for both children and adults. Meat, fish, interesting side dishes and juicy fruits. But most of all little gourmets are pleased with the ice cream, which is given out every day.

In addition, there is a pizzeria on site that is open around the clock. They make delicious pizza in a real oven. The Italians themselves, who are vacationing in Viva Windham Beach a lot, eat it with pleasure. And they know a lot about pizza!

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This place is not for lovers of pathos, but for those who want to relax in peace, have a tasty meal and swim in the beautiful warm ocean. If you are still wondering which hotel to go to – Viva is waiting for you!

Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace 4*

One of the best 4 star hotels for children. It is networked and shares the same territory with Viva Windham Beach, which is just huge. There is a gorgeous botanical garden with outlandish plants and flowers on it. It is very pleasant to walk in the garden in the afternoon with a stroller while the little baby sleeps, or in the evening before bedtime with the children, especially since flamingos and peacocks will keep you company.

There are several multi-level pools on the territory for every taste. The only thing missing is, perhaps, a heated pool. it is not necessary in this climate.

The beach is like a fairy tale: picturesque palm trees, white sand and incredible color water. However, you can forget about the calm: the Caribbean is famous for its waves. The water here is clean and clear, without algae and mud.

The beach strip is very long, so everyone will find a convenient approach for themselves. There are plots, as if created for babies, who only carefully get acquainted with sea water. Children usually congregate where there is a smooth, gentle approach, and parents may not worry too much about them. For lovers of active water activities, catamarans, sailing boats, kayaks are provided free of charge.

The food is very varied, it will appeal to every guest: both the fastidious gourmet and the child who is only 2 years old. Fresh vegetables and fruits, various types of meat and fish, side dishes, delicious pastries and, of course, ice cream.

There are many children here. However, animators know how to interest and unite their little wards in such a way that the language barrier instantly disappears.

As for the animation, the Palace has it, but in a quiet mode. If tourists want fun, noise and activity, they go to nearby Beach.

Viva Windham Palace is located in the resort town, you can go out, walk, calmly choose souvenirs. It is not recommended to leave the hotel territory only in the evening – it is dangerous. On the other hand, tourists are in complete safety on the territory: the perimeter is fenced off by a high concrete wall with video cameras, and armed guards are on duty all night on the beach.

Many tourists come here more than once and give advice to all beginners: get ready, that you will be surprised, and reality will exceed expectations. It is likely that next time you will not even think about which hotel to choose.

Family Hotels in La Romana
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