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Family Hotels in Punta Cana

This resort in the Dominican Republic has attracted the attention of large hotel chains with world names, so many resorts were built under their auspices and proudly wear 5 stars, there are practically no three-star ones. The objects of the entire tourism business have some peculiarities in common. Most are located next to the sea, support the concept of “all inclusive”, are constellations of bungalows and low-rise cottages, scattered in park thickets of incredible beauty, and all complexes are family-oriented. Animation, kids clubs, playgrounds and babysitting services are everywhere. Some large hotels have water parks.

The country is hot, so a heated pool is an extremely rare phenomenon, mostly they are equipped in spa centers. The number of rooms is outdated, recently it has been actively updated. Additional features include full minibars, but paid safe almost everywhere. The disadvantages for Russian guests include a serious language barrier, the staff communicates only in English and Spanish.

So, we present to your attention our rating of the best hotels in Punta Cana for families with children:

Be Live Collection Punta Cana 5 *

An inexpensive family-run hotel located on the first line of the coast, it surprises with its value for money. Travelers wishing to relax on a budget have long chosen it. They say that this is the most pleasant “five” for the price in the district, even the complexes with 3 stars are not much inferior to it in this parameter. And details such as “all inclusive”, wonderful animation, a nightclub on site and an hour of free Internet per day give the Bee Liv Collection a youthful character: more than half of tourists aged 20-30 are here. So do not count on a calm, measured vacation, the fun pours over the edge. Bonuses for guests with a small child – for babies they provide a crib-playpen in the room, there is a kids club, an incendiary mini-disco takes place in the evening, teenagers are welcome in TEEN CLUB.

A luxurious beach with white sand and a gentle entry into the sea is literally at your side.

You can swim with the whole family on catamarans or rent a chic Balinese bed right at the water’s edge, the waiter service is included. Meals around the clock, at night they offer good food in a cafe on the beach. The main restaurant pleases with an abundant menu: fruits, meat, seafood – everything is in abundance. In the morning, freshly squeezed juice and milk porridge.

Riu Naiboa 4 *

The chain four-star complex of the German corporation Riu also occupies a solid place in the top hotels for children. It has a sandy beach, a playground and a real water park with a scattering of water slides inviting kids who are already 2 years old to ride. Babies are entitled to a playpen. The kitchen is more than 4 stars, the guests are sure. As part of the all inclusive concept, the Swedish line in the main restaurant, à la carte establishments and all bars with drinks and snacks.

Parents include fresh yoghurts, cereals, milkshakes in the baby’s diet.

Gourmets are delighted with flying fish caviar, amazing steaks and half-palm mussels. The number of rooms has been updated, not so long ago, furniture and decoration were changed. The rooms are spacious, the floor is “dressed” in warm carpet, there is access to wi-fi. Advice for families with babies on check-in, which is widespread in travel forums – before booking a hotel, you should choose the “right” room: the pool side is too noisy, parties do not allow you to fall asleep at night, but the other part of the building opens onto balconies on a quiet, immersed in greenery of palm trees and exotic plants territory. It will be fun for both children and adults. Entertainment programs from morning to evening, disco lights up by midnight. A nice feature of the complex lies in the fact that some of the staff speaks Russian. The building is built on 2 lines, walking to the beach is no more than 10 minutes. The coast is called one of the most beautiful in the resort. There are many sun beds, but umbrellas are not provided – their role is played by spreading palm trees.

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Tropical Princess Beach Resort & Spa 4 *

This magnificent resort, with its own beach and good entertainment facilities, allows for a few days of vacation in 2021 to become a resident of the real jungle. Low-rise houses and bungalows are nestled in the thickets of the mangrove forest. The botanical garden is full of amazing birds – peacocks walk along the paths, ducks, turtles swim in the pond and herons live. At the disposal of young children, there is a theater where they learn acting, a splash pool in the pool and a game club. Reviews posted on the Web are full of gratitude to the chefs. A large selection of meat and fish dishes, mashed soups, a sea of ​​vegetables and fruits. For gourmets, brie cheese, jamon, king prawns, smoked salmon. It’s hard to stay hungry. According to the guests, it is better to settle on the second floors, here are the most comfortable rooms. The furnishings will not be disturbed by an update,

The hotel occupies a place on the 1st line of the Atlantic coast, the beach is wonderful, with a good entrance to the sea, it is conducive to walks, as well as to colorful photo sessions.

A water entertainment center is open, boats and catamarans are available.

Occidental Punta Cana 5 *

Travelers from all over the world are happy to come to the five-star hotel with children. Despite its status, it is included in the galaxy of inexpensive but high-quality tourist complexes. It is quite possible to relax in an economy format.

Among the additional advantages – a private beach, excellent cuisine, a kids club, where they are accepted already at the age of 3, babysitting services.

Three-storey buildings with lifts, it is very convenient if the baby is under one year old and still rides a stroller. Among the proposals for settling there are suites with a separate bedroom and a guest area. Particularly demanding guests prefer club buildings with “their own” swimming pool, restaurant and a specially designated area by the sea. You can live in complete comfort, they provide everything, including an iron, a coffee maker and a tea set. The restaurant is beautiful: snow-white tablecloths and table setting, soft sofas and chairs. The range of dishes is impressive, the chefs have tried to please everyone, especially children. Milk cereals, omelets and boiled meat are for very little vacationers, sandwiches, pasta and sausages are the favorite food of teenagers. Mandatory elements are pastries, desserts and ice cream. The beach has a long surf line, the waves are not big, the power of the ocean is restrained by a coral reef.

Vista Sol Punta Cana Beach Resort & Casino 4 *

Feed a peacock from your hand, splash plenty in the gentle ocean water, choose the most delicious ice cream from the sea of ​​the proposed options – cute little things that can delight any child. Nearby, literally 5 minutes by bus, there is an amusement park where shows of parrots and fur seals unfold.

In the reviews, tourists call Vista Sol also a budget one, the voucher is inexpensive, but the bonuses are like a premium resort. The all inclusive system operates: all bars and restaurants are freely available, the attention of animators, unlimited opportunities for recreation on the shore.

TV, air conditioning, refrigerator – everything is in place. There were also some drawbacks, it is an empty minibar, which is rare for Punta Cana, the absence of clothes dryers. The zest of the kitchen is meat, that’s what chefs can masterfully cook! Children enjoy delicious cocoa, spring rolls, fast food is well presented. Shrimp and squid for dinner every day. Nearby is the village of Cortesito, inviting for shopping. In addition to souvenirs, it is easy to buy products for a low cost – coffee, sweets, cocoa, as well as the national drink mamahuana.

Natura Park Beach Eco Resort & Spa 5 *

The resort has gained fame as a paradise. Wildlife lovers will certainly appreciate the surrounding beauty, the green area is a tropical garden. She is safe, there is no place for strangers here, guards are on duty everywhere.

And it is also the best option for a measured, calm rest – the complete absence of noisy parties. Therefore, there are many guests among the guests who come with one-year-old children.

The animation is not very active, but there is something to do if you suddenly get bored. You can learn to dance merengue, get a boost of vivacity in aerobics in the morning, and shoot a bow. There is a playground for kids, a shallow compartment in the pool. The service is excellent, the staff does not skimp on smiles, the attitude is friendly to everyone, regardless of nationality. Caribbean romance in the rooms, created with warm colors and wicker furniture, invites you to relax. Balconies and terraces are impressive in size, there are dressing rooms. There is no need to go far to get gifts for family and friends, on the ocean shore every day there are mini-market tents, where they sell goods with a local flavor.

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VIK hotel Arena Blanca 4 *

The hotel is a scattering of three-storey buildings with sea views, in which it is a pleasure to live – the rooms are new, recently renovated. There is water and beer in the minibar, there are full-fledged bathrooms in the bathrooms, two clean towels are brought daily for each person. Lovers of tasty and satisfying food celebrate the wonderful cuisine. The buffets are rich in gourmet dishes, for example, you can taste the seafood salad, to which fried mozzarella is added.

There is a dietary menu, it is easy and simple to choose a diet for a small child.

The vacations will leave vivid impressions: evening shows, sports events during the day, relaxation in the SPA center and much more interesting things. Young vacationers frolic in the shallow section of the pool, equipped with inflatable water slides. From early in the morning, the Smiley club is noisy, where children from 4 to 12 years old gather. Not far from the amusement park “Manati” inviting you to get acquainted with the amazing life of dozens of animals. The pinkish sand on the beach and the curving palm trees are a delightful sight. The beach is strewn with sun loungers under umbrellas.

Occidental Caribe 4 *

A virtual acquaintance with the Ossidental Caribe will decide the question of which hotel to choose in the Dominican Republic for families with children in 2021. This is perhaps one of the most recommended family resorts in the resort. And there are a lot of reasons for that.

The first thing that pleases is that it is perfect for budget-conscious guests, the tour here will not cost a pretty penny for sure. In addition, the balance of calm and active rest is harmoniously maintained.

The blooming garden is good for secluded walks accompanied by the chirping of discordant birds. And if you want a drive – welcome to the company of groovy animators. Plus, billiards, tennis, an alpine slide, exciting things to do can be found with interest. The doors of the mini-club are open, however, they accept babies who have already celebrated their 4th year of birth and older. There is a miniature water park, and a busy day ends with dancing at the children’s disco. There are a lot of premises, while they differ in decent size – from 33 sq.m. Thanks to careful maintenance, the furniture has been kept in good condition. Bathroom equipment includes comfortable bidets. The sea is rippling very close, the beach delights with the beauty and purity of coastal waters, although the entry is smooth, there are stones.

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Riu Bambu ClubHotel 5 *

The German network Riu has confidently conquered the coastline. The Riu Bambu clubhouse is adjacent to four of its “brothers”, no less popular, but they are united only by the water park, inviting children to ride the water slides every day without leaving the territory.

And yet it is better to relax here with teenagers, because peace and quiet are not characteristic of this place.

The authors of the project have competently approached the creation of a housing stock. It is represented by many small villas located at some distance from each other, there is no unnecessary fuss. Zealous keepers of “personal space” will appreciate it. Free wi-fi everywhere, and on the premises too. In “live” rooms are much better than in the photos and videos presented in tourist catalogs and top hotels, guests say. Coziness and cleanliness in every corner. Compliments from the maids in the quality of fresh flowers and sweets are pleasant. The breakfasts are royal, the morning is offered to be met with a glass of champagne. The location is excellent, the location as a starting point for the excursion is just perfect. The resort has direct access to the white beach, the only drawback is that palm trees play the role of umbrellas.

Catalonia Bavaro Beach 5 *

The complex of low-rise bungalows with a Spanish flavor claims the ultra all-inclusive concept unusual for Punta Cana. The owners approach their guests with trepidation and attention, for example, you can get a room in the cottage you want at no extra charge. Free access to the minibar – travelers enjoy soda, beer and excellent coffee. Some of the premises are after renovation, the rest are waiting for their turn. Food 24 hours a day is a real salvation for latecomers, in the snack bar they are treated to pizza and grilled ribs. If you are still thinking about which hotel to go to, then there are a few more positive pros for Catalonia Bavaro.

A rich fish menu is presented. A huge beach with a good entry into the sea, where there are always free sun loungers, the water is so clear that it allows you to observe the lively life of the shallow inhabitants of the depths.

On the territory there is a riot of tropical colors, an aviary with iguanas attracts curious children, a fun animation program is designed for a week. The cheerful, polite and responsive staff is very happy, they will prompt the answer to any question, help to quickly resolve issues and simply cheer up with jokes. There are many places for walking and shopping around, markets and shops, souvenir shops and cozy cafes are scattered.

Family Hotels in Punta Cana
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