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Family Hotels in The Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic Sea is washed by four countries: Italy, Montenegro, Albania and Croatia. And the resorts of each are different and unique. Therefore, we have collected useful information and nuances of rest in each of these countries, which may be useful for traveling to this region.


Montenegro is one of the most affordable countries on the Adriatic coast in terms of the cost of recreation. Here you can always find cafes with reasonable prices and huge portions of delicious food and inexpensive hotels.

There are other pluses as well. Montenegro is safe for families with children. Many of the locals understand English, are hospitable and friendly. You can stay in the liveliest resort town of Budva and its surroundings. Or, on the contrary, enjoy solitude and tranquility in one of the cozy coves of the coast.

For living with children, you can consider the following options:

  • Aleksandar 4 * (Budva)
  • Budva Inn 3 * (Budva)
  • Castellastva 4 * (Petrovac)
  • Villa Milica APT (Petrovac)
  • Iberostar Bellevue 4 * (Becici)
  • Villa Eden 4 * (Kotor)
  • Accommodation Royal Azur


Croatia has something to surprise its guests. The unusual coastline is indented with many islands, small equipped beaches are cozy and clean, towns with tiled red roofs seem to be specially created for walking. There are many family-owned factories producing olive oil, wineries and even truffle farms in Istria.

Another argument in favor of families with children in Croatia, located on an impeccably clean Adriatic coast with luxurious nature and mineral springs, is the tourist service that has practically not risen in price since last season. Excellent service hotels and gourmet restaurants will delight even the discerning traveler.

At resorts and hotels, young tourists will have fun and comfort, despite the opinion that there is nothing to do with children in this country. For family holidays, the lively tourist center Poreč with a developed infrastructure, preserved historical monuments and equipped beaches, or Umag, suitable for a relaxing holiday, with cozy bays and pine forests, with the best beaches in the country and interesting programs for young travelers, is suitable.

Family-friendly hotels

In Porec, these are three hotels located in the same park area with swimming pools: Hotel Park Plava Laguna 4 *, which has undergone a large-scale reconstruction, and the new Garden Suites Park Plava Laguna 4 * hotel with deluxe rooms with kitchenettes suitable for accommodating small children , and the Hotel Apartments Park Plava Laguna 4 *. Nearby there are tennis courts and a beach 100 meters away.

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In Umag, family tourists are attracted by the Sol Sipar for Plava Laguna 4 * hotel on the first line with a beautiful promenade along the sea, leading to the historical center of the resort. Surrounded by pine trees on a common area, there are Residence Sol Umag for Plava Laguna 4 * and Hotel Sol Umag for Plava Laguna 4 * with bicycle centers, tennis courts, a children’s club and tourist trains that deliver to Umag.

In the resort of Solaris, you can consider the Andrija 4 * and Villas Kornati hotels.

Croatia is beautiful nature. And it is impossible to imagine a vacation in this country without excursions and boat trips. There are a lot of interesting places to visit: the city of Dubrovnik, the Krka National Park (Sibenik) and Plitvice Lakes, the island of Brijuni, Diocletian’s Palace (Split), the Roman amphitheater and ancient ruins (Pula), Vranjaka (Kotlenica) cave, Kvarner bay.


This destination is completely new, but no less attractive.

The quality of the rest meets European standards. Warm sea, friendly atmosphere, pleasant food prices, high-quality branded footwear and clothing: several times lower than in neighboring European countries. Food is only natural – no harmful chemicals are used in agriculture.

There are also enough beautiful sights: the largest freshwater reservoir in the Balkans – Lake Shkoder, Tirana and its unique Daiti national park, the historic city of Kruja and the city-museum of Berat, the Onufri iconography museum – all of these are on the must-see list.

Tourists from other countries have long appreciated the rest in the resorts of Albania: Saranda, Vlora, Durres, Shengin.

The resort of Vlore (airport 148 km, transfer – 2.5 hours) is more focused on a relaxing holiday. There are sandy beaches to the north of the city. Where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet, the beaches are small-pebbled.

The most respectable resorts and “instagram” points of Albania are the “Albanian Seychelles” Saranda and Ksamil with water of a bright azure hue. Noisy, cheerful, with an abundance of nightlife restaurants, clubs and discos, the Saranda resort is more popular with the party youth. It is only 12 km away from the Greek island of Corfu. If there is a “Schengen”, you can visit it by going there by ferry.

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For families with children, experts recommend the central part of Albania with the resort and the ancient city of Durres with the longest sandy beach in the country. During the season, the sea here warms up perfectly, the entrance to the water is shallow.

Family-friendly hotels

  • Albanian Star Hotel 4 * (Durres)
  • Gloria Palace Hotel 5 * (Durres)
  • Leonardo 4 * (Durres)
  • Horizont Hotel 4 * (Durres)
  • Akileda Hotel 3 * (Durres)
  • Sun Hotel 4 * (Durres)
  • Mini-hotel Whispers Hotel 3 * (Durres)
  • Regina City 4 * (Vlore)
  • ApartmentGenti 4 * (Vlore)
  • Apartments Rezidenca Panorama 4 * (Vlore)
  • Rafaelo Resort 4 * (Shengjin)
  • Klajdi 4 * (Tirana).


On the Adriatic coast of Italy, which can be divided into the Adriatic Riviera, the Venetian Riviera, the regions of Abruzzo and Apulia, there are many popular and famous resorts. From May to October, the weather is great here to relax. These places are adored by tourists from Europe, and Italians themselves.

The Adriatic Riviera consists of two areas: Emilia-Romagna, with resorts that are especially good for families with small children, and the Marche region. This is 300 km of the Adriatic coast, dry hot summer with water temperature + 21-26 ° С degrees, air + 26-28 ° С.

The resort of Rimini, with a huge number of long beaches with fine sand, a well-developed hotel base and affordable prices, is perhaps the most in demand. This is the center of the region, a seaside resort. You can fly here from Moscow without a transfer. From Rimini you can go on excursions to many Italian cities.

There are many entertainments for children in the same region: the Mirabilandia amusement park, Italy in miniature, demonstrating the wonders of Italian culture and architecture, the Buratino and Merlin castles in the Children’s Fairy Tale park, the Aquafan, Atlantic, and Beach water parks Village ”, dolphinarium.

Other popular resorts in this region:

  • Riccione is the center of an elite resort area with a well-maintained beach, respectable villas and hotels. It is the venue for film and theater festivals.
  • Cattolica – located in a small bay, well protected from the wind. Shallow water at the edge of the coast. Nearby there is a huge dolphinarium, Le Navi park. The resort is great for families.
  • Grottamare – “Palm Riviera of the Adriatic”. The most beautiful resort, surrounded by greenery of palm trees. Located 200 km south of Rimini.
  • Milano Marittima is a respectable, elegant, green resort, surrounded on all sides by cedar and pine groves, with a well-developed infrastructure, high-class hotels, including those for families. This spacious city-park with clean sea, water parks and a children’s amusement park is located 35 km from Rimini airport and is part of the town of Cervia, whose beach resorts stretch along the coast for many kilometers.
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The Marche region and its largest resort Pesaro are famous for monasteries, ancient castles, medieval temples and the annual August “Opera Festivals Rossini”, who was born in this city.

The Venetian Riviera is northeastern Italy. The coastline stretches along the Gulf of Venice and the Adriatic Sea for 110 km to Ravena. International airports are located in Venice, Trieste and Treviso.

Venice is the center of excursion cognitive tourism, the city of romantics, international festivals and the famous Venice Carnival.

Beach holidays in this region are mainly represented by the resorts of Lido di Jesolo (border of the Adriatic Sea and the quiet Venetian lagoon) and Lignano, located in the picturesque Morano lagoon.

The resorts of the largest lake in Italy, located in the Venetian Riviera – Lake Garda – are also attractive for families.

The Abruzzo region is central Italy with stunning landscapes of 40 local reserves and four National Parks. Its capital – the city of Laquila – is located high in the Apennine Mountains. The variety of natural attractions and clean air are attractive for ecotourism.

120 km from Rome there is another resort of this region with wide pebbly and sandy beaches – the city of Pescara.

Apulia is the easternmost region on the Adriatic coast, the “heel of the Italian boot” with mysterious rocky islands and grottoes, historical monuments, sandy beaches. These places are interesting from an excursion point of view, even for sophisticated travelers.

Wherever you go on the Adriatic: to Albania, Montenegro, Italy or Croatia, you will find something interesting for yourself. All resorts are original and have a special flavor. Here, in addition to beach holidays, there are a lot of opportunities for active recreation with children and exciting excursions. An unforgettable stay!

Family Hotels in The Adriatic Coast
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