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Family Hotels in Varadero

The hotel fund in Varadero is mostly represented by old resorts, built 20-30, or even more years ago. They are in no hurry to update the content and interiors.

However, you can relax in a big way, the premium class is also presented. Such resorts were built under the auspices of European hotel chains, but living in them significantly hits the wallet. Budget guests still choose which is simpler.

Hotels for children are usually presented in the form of huge complexes with a vast territory. All such hotels (with rare exceptions) provide for children:

  • arenas for sleeping;
  • animation (exclusively in Spanish and English);
  • playgrounds, small “paddling pools” (heated pools are rare, in such a warm climate they are useless);
  • mini-clubs

The place of residence matters. Which hotel to choose depends on what age you are going on vacation with. If this is a baby girl who needs peace and quiet, it is worth settling down far from the city part. Living in the center is comfortable only with teenagers – under the windows there is a constant buzz from taxi signals and a busy highway, but nearby are the main places for parties and shopping.

So, we present to your attention our rating of the best hotels in Varadero for families with children:

Iberostar Laguna Azul 5 *

It is no coincidence that this magnificent hotel complex is at the top of our list. Although, at first glance, it does not differ from most Cuban resorts: located on the first line, it has its own sandy beach and operates on an all-inclusive basis.

Its peculiarity is the pronounced concept of family vacations. Toddlers and older children are welcome and beloved guests here. Excellent conditions have been created for them, parents can relax, starting from check-in – quickly and wishes by number will be taken into account. To make it more convenient for moms and dads, they usually settle on the first floors, tourists say in the reviews. The balconies of such rooms are not even limited by the railings: you can watch the kid playing on the grass while drinking tea in a comfortable armchair. Instead of a simple folding bed, the child will be provided with a full bed. Everything you need is in place, only the number of towels is missing, it is advised to take them from home. The complex of pools with islets and a waterfall pleases with a shallow depth, no more than 1.5 m, plus a shallow “paddling pool”.

The holidays will be filled with fun and interesting activities: rooms with toys, a playground that looks more like a playground, in the evening a mini-disco or performances by visiting circus performers. An experienced nanny will sit with the baby.

Emphasis is placed on the variety of cuisine, the menu is rich in seafood, meat delicacies and fresh vegetables and fruits. Soup, yoghurts, milk, colorful cocktails … Seafood for kids. Communication with the staff at the Iberostar Laguna Azul will not be a problem. In extreme cases, there are guides, so they will certainly act as reliable guides to the world of the sunny Atlantic.

Iberostar Bella Vista 5 *

The new hotel by the sea from the very opening has declared itself as a first-class hotel in Cuba for families with children and still successfully justifies its five-star status. The network complex belongs to the world famous company Iberostar, therefore the service is excellent. Without tips and other material incentives, a warm attitude of the staff awaits.

The authors decided not to surprise the guests with exoticism, having embodied the usual European design ideas. The seascapes from the windows add magic to the atmosphere. Spacious rooms are furnished with a needle and the same fixtures. You can feel like royalty in the Family room – there are two whole rooms at your disposal. Elit premises, where even wi-fi is free, will significantly increase the comfort of living.

A narrow strip of beach cozily hides behind the rocks, it has a good entrance to the sea, to go and go to the depths. Very young children sit with their priests in warm shallow water for hours.

There are a lot of umbrellas and sun loungers on the shore, with the arrival of dusk they do not disappear – you can lie down and admire the sun burning in the water. An additional entertainment for the kids is a pool with water slides and a kids club, where they are accepted already at the age of 4. You can become the star of a costume show, flaunt the image of a gnome thanks to face painting, or find treasures with pirates of the same age.

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The complex is located near the center of the resort town, which gives it a youthful character. There are cafes with restaurants, markets and shops, discos and nightclubs scattered here.

Melia Marina Varadero 5 *

The family-run hotel offers you to choose one of two types of accommodation: regular and apartments, where there is a kitchen with all the utensils. Groceries – in the shop on site. But if you don’t want to stand at the stove on vacation, it’s easy to switch to all inclusive with a surcharge. However, food in the main restaurant does not differ in abundance and sophistication, but you can eat even at night. In addition, a beach bar is open, the menu includes not just fast food, but aromatic meat on an open fire.

The living quarters are huge by the standards of the country, 43 square meters are the most budgetary ones. Advice from experienced vacationers: when checking in with small children, take a room with a view of the port, then in the evening, without leaving the threshold, you will get the opportunity to watch the show performed by animators.

Convenience and comfort in every corner. There is cola, beer, water in the minibar, a full set of detergents in the bathroom, an iron in the closet.

The resort is located on the 1st line, but across the street from the ocean. To those too lazy to go, they drive electric cars, now and then scurrying from the lobby to the shore. The beach is wonderful, with clean sand, a set of sun loungers and waiter service. Coconut is offered inexpensively by local vendors.

Did you want to learn how to dance salsa? Or maybe you want to relax in the YHI-Spa, do archery, or spend the night at the disco? Everyone is at your service! Children do not get bored either, for example, a course on diving for children is organized, and a nanny will take care of the baby.

Grand Memories Varadero 5 *

People come from different parts of the world to relax in this hotel with children, a real international – Canada, America, Europe. it justifies the title of one of the most popular. Still would! Near the sea, the beach is amazing – not wide, but picturesque, with a gentle entry into the water. The entertainment infrastructure is rich – a “simulator”, several swimming pools, tennis courts, animation program. Every evening, the touching voices of a piano and a guitar are poured out, somewhere they rap and perform country music.

There are two dining rooms with a wide selection of food and drinks. Milk porridges and natural juices are an obligatory attribute of every morning, to the delight of kids and parents. And the sweet tooth is absolutely delighted: marshmallows, cakes, pastries and delicious ice cream with fillings.

A 24-hour bar awaits for fries and hot sandwiches, while a candy bar is held in the lobby throughout the day.

The zoning of the hotel allows you to get settled in comfort. Three sectors have been created – with numbers of the “standard”, “superior” and “deluxe” format. From the latter – a stone’s throw to the coast, according to guests, of course, this option is the best. In total, the asset has more than a thousand well-equipped premises. One has only to look at the mini-bar – soda, beer, drinking water, supplies are replenished. In the evenings, you can relax with a glass of rum or whiskey – there is a bar with five alcoholic drinks.

Barcelo Solymar 5 *

The ratio of parameters such as price and quality is amazing. The bungalow complex is positioned in tourist catalogs as an economy option in the 5-star segment.

In other words, an inexpensive “five”. It is the main building and a scattering of houses in an incredibly green garden, where you can hear the overflow of overseas birds from morning to night.

An aesthetic surprise awaits in the lobby – a wall of vines falling from the top floor to the floor. There are many locations for colorful photos and videos everywhere, for example, a giant cactus sprawling across the territory.

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Families with two or three children are recommended to settle in duplex rooms with a living room, bedroom and two bathrooms. Comfortable.

An excellent cuisine full of vegetables and fruits will help to increase the child’s immunity. They are presented fresh, as well as fresh juices, juices, mousses. And on the ground floor there is a shop where you can buy baby food. This is a paradise for seafood lovers. Fish, shrimp, lobster and crabs every day. A dozen types of coffee. Dinners turn into concerts of vocal and instrumental groups. A picturesque gazebo on the shore invites you to spend a romantic evening with your beloved: they will set the table and sing a serenade, the highlight of the program is a tender lobster.

The sandy beach, they say, is better than in the Dominican Republic: light sand and clear, like a tear, water. Suitable for families with children under one year old, because the shallow water area is quite decent. The location is excellent, just outside the doorstep is the center of the resort. You can walk without spending money on taxis and buses.

Ocean Varadero El Patriarca 5 *

It is definitely worth booking a hotel for those who dream of feeling like a resident of some suburban village in America for a week or two. Well-groomed paths are intertwined on the territory, on which lovely two-storey houses are built. Everything around is buried in greenery – the owners did not fail with the construction site, erecting a complex in the reserve. Nature has remained almost untouched, including the Patriarch cactus, which has become the main attraction. If you want peace and quiet – settle from the side of the tropical forest.

The hotel is not even ten years old, so the interiors and furnishings were little affected by the time, it is still almost new. The beach is an excellent place for swimming and entertainment. You can sway on the waves, here the ocean is never calm.

For the same reason, you should not leave the kids alone by the water, you need to watch their safety vigilantly. It is a real pleasure to collect colorful shells with young children.

The doors of the mini-club are open every day. Adults are drawn into the whirlpool of events by the animators. Teenagers have their own gathering place – a club where children from 13 years old are interested. Relatively nearby, 5 km away, is the dolphinarium, which is waiting for the amusing performances of marine animals.

Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa 5 *

Another heavenly place where every corner is entwined with bright flowers. It will help to stop time and forget yourself in a tropical oasis. The territory is conveniently zoned, for family tourists the Family sector is especially curious – children will spend almost all their time here, at their disposal a kids club and a pool with water slides.

For parents, he has his own interest – here you can rent a crib, stroller and even a car seat.

The food is wonderful, it is easy to choose the ingredients for the diet of your children. Freshly cooked pancakes with jam and jam, sweet yoghurts, milk with breakfast cereals. Natural juice is always on the buffet. Simple soups are very helpful.

The beach is fenced off from the “world” by a low mountain. Plenty of room for leisurely strolls along the edge of the ocean. The degree of fun is raised by the musicians who come ashore in the afternoon to delight guests with fiery Cuban songs.

Iberostar Tainos 4 *

The four-star resort with its own beach offers to spend your holidays in the all-inclusive format that everyone loves. An amazing team of animators will not let you get bored even for a minute, in their hands – almost all the guests’ leisure. There will be something to do: boccia, football, archery, dancing until you drop and evening shows that will forever remain in your memory. Plus, guests are pampered with live music by visiting artists.

The complex admires the beauty of the landscape. Fountains, well-groomed paths with shrubs and palms, a strip of jungle – as a border between the territory and the beach.

By the way, be sure to take a walk in this forest, here you can come across a wild vineyard with delicious fruits – another impression of the rest.

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The architecture takes you to an authentic seaside village. Only the main building does not fit into the rural surroundings – after all, there are 4 floors. But the rest of the houses do not exceed two levels. The rooms are spacious, but are already asking for renovation. The maids do the job perfectly and even spoil the guests with figures of their towels. In general, the staff is excellent, good-natured and helpful, ready to help at any moment.

The city center is relatively close, you can get to restaurants and shops in a few minutes by taxi or public transport. A walk to the dolphinarium on foot is no more than half an hour’s journey.

Memories Varadero Beach Resort 4 *

Holidays with children in Varadero will become one of the most important travel experiences. Still would! Huge territory – expanse for walking. Around there is a real botanical garden, you can safely study the tropical flora. And if you’re lucky, you will see beautiful hummingbirds.

The living quarters are furnished with luxurious wide beds, there is a safe, TV, hairdryer, iron. Minibar refilling is a bonus from the owners. Playpens are provided for a restful sleep of the child. You can live on the ocean shore – some of the buildings are built right on the shore.

Moms and dads can relax and enjoy their vacation, everything has already been taken care of. The restaurants have high chairs and a varied menu with suitable meals. There is a pleasant service – babysitting services.

The shallow pool is a miniature water park, inviting children who are already 1 year old. Playground, nursery, children’s animation – everything is there.

Teenagers are keen on snorkeling. On the beach they give out masks and flippers, not far from the coast there are a lot of all kinds of animals and beautiful corals.

Be Live Experience Tuxpan 4 *

This option is primarily referred to by travel agents when asked to recommend a good hotel for a vacation with older children. To be honest, there really is nothing to do with a small child who is 2-3 years old.

The resort has one peculiarity – weak animation, which is compensated by the proximity to the city (20 minutes walk) and a lot of entertainment on the beach. On the one hand, it is calm, but on the other, all the benefits of civilization are at hand, including noisy nightclubs.

Solid 4 stars are felt in terms of service and cuisine, but the number of rooms is very old, barely reaching for a three-star status. The food is not chic, but varied. The chefs offer meat, fish, and sometimes seafood. The fruit plate is abundant. Dinners are for romantics, with candles and live music. If there is a problem, the staff acts quickly, without delay, and do not skimp on radiant smiles. At the same time, tips do not play a special role.

Animation is limited to evening shows. But on the territory of the coolest disco of the resort – “La Bamba”, the entrance for the guests is free. The beach is wide and clean, giving magical sunsets. At guests’ disposal are catamarans and sailboats, the use of them is also within the framework of all. On the shore, there is a trade in inexpensive souvenirs and coconuts with might and main. There is a bar serving a la fast food.

Family Hotels in Varadero
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