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Family Restaurant in Khobar

Al Khobar Restaurants families keen to provide entertainment and comfort within Saudi Arabia, especially in the city of Al Khobar, which characterized by Corniche Street and the most beautiful restaurants and cafes, and for the convenience of visitors and lovers of sessions and entertainment, we offer you a bouquet of various restaurants on Al Khobar Corniche that you can visit and enjoy eating in, and here are these restaurants with some information and brief classifications

Laguna Restaurant Khobar

Laguna Al Khobar Restaurant one of the largest restaurants in Al Khobar on the sea families, a restaurant and café at the same time and characterized by its beautiful sessions, it consists of two floors overlooking the sea, and Laguna Al Khobar called in relation to the city in which it is located, it located in the city of Al Khobar, specifically in the village of Al-Deghaither, Laguna Restaurant offers a lot of delicious foods that a person cannot help but stand in front of it, feeling the pleasure of food and gratitude together, and the restaurant also offers international dishes as well as local meals, Laguna is one of the best restaurants in the Eastern Province, one of the most important features of the restaurant is the lack of music and the variety of dishes between Indian, Italian and local, in addition to hot and cold drinks in the restaurant’s café, with high quality service.

Fairuz Garden Restaurant

One of the best Lebanese restaurants in Khobar, the restaurant distinguished by its location and wonderful view of the sea and the Arabian Gulf directly, seagulls fluttering near you in a quiet romantic atmosphere and modern sophisticated décor The staff and service are excellent and welcome like no other The meals served in the restaurant are varied and rich from Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, with art and taste in serving and offers lunch, dinner and brunch at reasonable prices.

Al Marsat Seafood Restaurant

If you are a fan of eating fish of various kinds along with distinctive seafood dishes, do not hesitate to visit Al Marsat Restaurant during your trip to Al Khobar, which is a distinguished restaurant that specializes in preparing the most delicious fresh fish dishes, along with some other Saudi dishes, especially meat and various grills.

Blue Garden Al Khobar

One of the finest restaurants in the news is families, the restaurant’s work starts from the morning and continues until twelve and a half in the evening, except Friday, so its work starts from twelve in the afternoon until one after midnight, the restaurant characterized by serving Lebanese cuisine in particular and Arabic in general, with prices from medium to high, but they are acceptable to visitors, and there are internal and external family sessions for visitors, but the restaurant’s policy prevents the entry of young people under thirteen years old to the outdoor sessions for their sake, and to provide safety Greedy.

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Bait Al Tanour Restaurant in Al Khobar

Bait Al Tanour Restaurant is located on Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road in the Green Belt area in Al Khobar, and it is one of the distinctive and exceptional restaurants that you will want to visit again and again with your family, the restaurant specializes in serving delicious Arabic and oriental dishes, and you can see the chefs cooking food in front of you, and the prices are amazing and you and your family will not pay much, making it suitable for families with large numbers.

My grandfather’s house restaurant Khobar

It is one of the grill restaurants of Al-Khobar Families, a Syrian restaurant whose prices are suitable and suitable for families and children and there is quiet music, the restaurant offers a lot of delicious Syrian dishes, including shawarma without any oils, with grilled meat and chicken, in addition to delicious appetizers and sauces eaten by adults and children, the restaurant starts its activity from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until twelve o’clock in the evening, the restaurant receives a lot of praise because of the quality of service and cleanliness of the place and the good reception of visitors.

Steakhouse Restaurant Khobar

Steakhouse is located on Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road in Al Khobar, and it is one of the best restaurants in Al Khobar families as it has been very popular in Saudi Arabia for twenty years; it has won several awards for several times.

The restaurant has a children’s playroom so that families with children do not worry too much; it also offers free meals for children on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week, and the restaurant’s system itself is distinctive where chefs cook food in front of you as in major international restaurants.

Shami House Restaurant Khobar

It is a grill restaurant in Al-Khobar families There is a Shami House restaurant on the twenty-second street Al-Aqrabiyah opposite Al-Fahd groceries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the grill restaurants in Al-Khobar Al-Akbar families, which is a Syrian restaurant in origin, characterized by simplicity and mediates meal prices and is suitable for families and children, there is also free delivery Shami House Grills offers food for outdoor parties and buffets, as it specializes in Syrian grills and provides distinguished meals from grills, appetizers, salads, and others at reasonable prices and received the acceptance of many of its patrons.

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Piatto Restaurant Khobar

Pizza Al Khobar is the best family Italian restaurant where you will try the best hot and fresh Italian dishes with your family, especially the irresistible pizza.

The restaurant is very popular in the city due to the fact that it is located in the Al Fouad Commercial Center, which makes its patrons very numerous, it serves fresh and hot garlic bread with all dishes in addition to a large bowl of salad for free with any dish you order, you should not miss trying it if you are with your family in Al Khobar.

Madena Restaurant Khobar

Madena Restaurant is located on Yarmouk Street in the Aqrabiya area of Al-Khobar, specifically in the heritage village of Al-Khobar, in this restaurant
you can eat the delicious popular dishes that the region is famous for.

The sessions are Arabic, and the food contains an authentic Arabic taste, and it is suitable for families in terms of sessions and prices.

Sushi Restaurant and Fashion Seafood

One of the luxurious Japanese restaurants in Al Khobar, located in the Merdian Hotel in a charming view of the sea, the restaurant dominated by luxury and sophistication in its location with a private elevator for the restaurant, modern luxury décor, a quiet romantic atmosphere, and a sophisticated and classic décor.

Primavera Restaurant Khobar

Primavera Al Khobar is located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, one of the excellent and popular hotels in the city, on the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Al Khobar.

You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner with your family in the Primavera restaurant, where there are different menus throughout the day and food always freshly prepared in front of guests every day. There are no words to describe sweets. It is an open pastry only buffet that includes a wonderful chocolate fountain and unsurpassed sweets which makes the restaurant very suitable for your children and family.

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Orient Restaurant Khobar

Orient Al Khobar Restaurant located on Prince Turki Street, and it one of the best restaurants in Al Khobar families, where young children love its food, as it specializes in serving delicious Asian food, as children love Asian food very much, so the restaurant is frequented by many families.

You can eat Chinese, Japanese and even oriental food with some Asian touches added to it, and the most beautiful thing is that
the food presented in an amazing artistic way as if an artist is the one who cooks, and the prices are suitable and not high at all.

Marrakech Restaurant Khobar

One of the restaurants of Al Khobar families, this restaurant is characterized by serving Moroccan and African cuisine, and many other foods, the restaurant is located in the Crowne Plaza Hotel and serves lunch and dinner only, where the restaurant starts its activity from twelve in the afternoon until eleven in the evening, and the restaurant is characterized by being one of the most important restaurants in Al Khobar families, where it is visited by many people who love Moroccan flavors, and the visitor finds a luxurious Moroccan décor design as if you were in a high-end Moroccan house, and it has received high ratings on Google.

Al Sanbok Al Khobar Restaurant

It is one of the restaurants of Al Khobar on the sea families the destination of many beachgoers who love fish and seafood, Al Sanbok Seafood Restaurant is characterized by its wonderful view of the Corniche and is characterized by very ancient and beautiful interior designs with an attractive appearance and offers a lot of seafood in a variety of ways that are accepted by all customers, Al Sanbok Restaurant is famous for the ideal prices for food that suit most budgets, as it is a five-star seafood restaurant, and it is one of the oldest and most important seafood restaurants in Al Khobar.

Family Restaurant in Khobar
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