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Flamingo Mall Jeddah

Flamingo Mall Jeddah one of the best and largest malls in Jeddah Flamingo Jeddah is a global commercial center that includes the finest international famous brands and is located in one of the most important tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, all the merchandise in it is in accordance with Islamic teachings, regarding clothing, food and all household necessities. Through this report, you will learn about the Flamingo Mall Jeddah stores, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment areas in the mall.

Flamingo Park Jeddah Location

  • Address :4965 Prince Majid, Aziziyah, Jeddah
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.

Flamingo Mall Working Hours

Work at Flamingo Mall in Jeddah starts daily at eight and a quarter in the morning until eleven and a half in the evening, except on Fridays and Saturdays where work starts from one o’clock in the afternoon until eleven and a half o’clock in the evening.

  • Saturday, 1:00–11:30pm
  • Sunday, 8:15am–11:30pm
  • Monday, 8:15am–11:30pm
  • Tuesday, 8:15am–11:30pm
  • Wednesday, 8:15am–11:30pm
  • Thursday, 8:15am–11:30pm
  • Friday, 1:00–11:30pm

Flamingo Mall Jeddah Shops

Flamingo Mall Jeddah stores also feature the latest trends in accessories and modern designs in the world of jewelry, as well as offering a variety of furniture and home decorations. You will also find a good number of electronics stores with exclusive offers and attractive discounts, and Carrefour Flamingo Mall Jeddah offers all the daily family supplies and supplies. As you wander, you’ll find shops dedicated to sports equipment and cosmetics, such as Dr. Nutrition, as well as body and skin care stores. Recreational and service commercial activities within Flamingo Mall are varied, including:

Fashion & Fashion Shops

Clothing Shops in Flamingo Mall

  • Cayan Shop
  • Devan
  • Excellence for Women’s Clothing
  • Islamic Design House
  • Batik
  • House of Cottons
  • Splash
  • The One Men’s Clothing
  • RN Boutique,
  • Al , Shiaka Men’s Clothing
  • Naomi Women’s Clothing
  • Pink Blue Fashion
  • Brand Center
  • Giordano
  • And the lady of the robe.

Abaya shops in Flamingo Mall

Flamingo Mall includes a number of shops specialized in women’s clothing, specifically abayas and jalabiyas, which suit all tastes, and the most important of these stores we mention the following;

  • Islamic Design House Shop: It is a store for women’s clothing, especially abayas with different classic and modern designs.
  • Her Shop: It is a store in Jeddah for women’s clothing such as abayas of various kinds.
  • Favori Shop: It is a special store for women’s clothing such as abayas, jalabiyas and dresses.
  • Black Rose Store: is a women’s clothing store in Jeddah.
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Shoe & Bag Shops

You can buy shoes and bags from Flamingo Mall stores such as:

  • Skechers
  • Square shoes

Cosmetics Shops

You can buy cosmetics from Flamingo Mall stores such as:

  • My makeup
  • The Body Shop

Watch Shops in Flamingo Mall

There are more than one Flamingo Mall store in Jeddah that specializes in selling watches of various kinds, and among these stores we mention the following;

  • Swiss Corner Company: It is a leading Saudi company in providing the best and latest international watch brands such as men’s and women’s diamond watches (GF Ferrery), and stainless steel watches with a high-quality Swiss machine such as DK Domoskinos for women and men.
  • Splendor Watches Shop: It is a store that specializes in selling all kinds of watches such as men’s and women’s wristwatches, in addition to sunglasses and the possibility of tailoring chains or brooches upon your request.
  • Al-Humaidhi & Bin Hatem Watches Company: is a Saudi company that is an expert in the field of selling all types of watches retail, the company offers its customers wristwatches from the most famous watch brands in Saudi Arabia, which include the brand Special, laser brand, Pearson brand, Solovian brand, Cinderella brand as well as Polica brand, and the company is keen to provide the latest designs and collections and keep up with fashion constantly.

Perfume shops in Flamingo Mall

There are a large number of Flamingo Park stores in Jeddah specialized in selling perfumes and good aromatic formulations, the most important of which are the following;

  • Ajmal Perfume Exhibitions: It is a famous exhibition in Jeddah that was established in 1951 to sell cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Rosemary Paris Perfumes: is a shop selling men’s and women’s perfumes made up of the finest types of oils and natural ingredients.
  • Ibrahim Al Qurashi: It is the most famous shop in Jeddah and specializes in manufacturing distinctive and innovative oriental perfumes to suit all tastes from Musk Group, Doz Group, Gemstone Group and Al Wafia Group.
  • Al Majid Oud Company: It is one of the leading companies in the field of perfume industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, founded in 1956, meaning that it has more than sixty years of experience in the field of oud and perfume industry and the innovation of new aromatic preparations and formulations.
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Gold and jewelry shops in Flamingo Mall

There are no shops that specialize in selling gold in Flamingo Mall in Jeddah, but there are two shops that specialize in selling Italian silver products in Flamingo Mall in Jeddah, namely:

  • The Jewel of Legend for Silverware: It is a jewelry store in Jeddah, specifically specializing in the sale of Italian 925 silver products.
  • Moon Marina for Silverware & Jewelry: It is a store that specializes in selling 925 caliber Italian silver products, such as chains, brooches, bracelets and rings.

Mobile Shops in Flamingo Mall

There are no shops that specialize in selling, buying and replacing mobile phones in Jeddah’s Flamingo Mall, but Carrefour Flamingo Mall has some places to sell mobiles.

Supermarkets in Flamingo Mall

Flamingo Mall in Jeddah does not have a large number of supermarkets, but the most important of them is the Carrefour supermarket.

  • Carrefour: Carrefour flamingo mall jeddah one of the most famous stores of Flamingo Mall in Jeddah, where it offers a large number of products to its visitors, including supplies and food products that the family needs on a daily basis, and one of the advantages of Carrefour, which made it one of the distinguished stores is that it offers its patrons many offers, benefits and discounts on its products.

Flamingo Mall Jeddah Restaurants

In order to get hearty and fast meals, just visit Flamingo Park Jeddah restaurants and choose the restaurant closest to your taste to enjoy your delicious meal Below we review with you some of the mall’s restaurants and the main meals they offer:-

  • Mcdonald ‘s
  • Bamboo Chips
  • spices
  • Albeck
  • Bergerking
  • House of Chambers
  • Kudo
  • In Cool Crepes
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Flamingo Mall Jeddah Cafes

Which offers the best types of hot and cold drinks, in addition to the possibility of watching many exclusive events, especially heritage ones, enjoy drinking drinks from Flamingo Mall cafes such as:

  • Venus Cafe
  • Esquire Cafe
  • Bertzel Micker

Things to do in Flamingo Mall in Jeddah

Flamingo Mall in Jeddah offers excellent and diverse services to its patrons, where you can shop and stroll while visiting the mall, and Flamingo Mall in Jeddah includes a closed entertainment center that has been allocated to families and contains halls for various sports, including these recreational activities we mention the following:

World of Adventure Amusement Park

It is a children’s amusement park full of adventures, excitement and fun and offers very special performances especially on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week.

Al Radsi Beach for Kids

It is a children’s entertainment center in Jeddah, where they can play with the sand without exposure to the heat of the sun, because the place is covered to protect children from the sun’s rays, so as to provide them with an atmosphere that helps them enjoy games and feel happy and fun.

Gold’s gym

It is one of the most famous gyms in Jeddah, it has several branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, among which is the branch located in Flamingo Mall in Jeddah, you can perform aerobic exercises of various kinds in the gym gym under the hands of professional trainers, and the gym also provides its patrons with tips and advice on proper nutrition, exercise and personal training methods with the strongest fitness team in Saudi Arabia.

Flamingo Mall Jeddah
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