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Florence from Rome

How to get to Florence from Rome?

The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Florence from Rome is by high-speed train. An alternative and, of course, less convenient is a regional train or, even more fun, a bus. We will consider all options.

High speed train in 1 hour 30 minutes

Cost: from up to 19 euros

High-speed trains cover a distance of 300 kilometers from Rome to Florence in just 1.5 hours. I recommend only using this method. It is quite convenient to go to Florence for a day just to take a walk, visit, for example, the Uffizi Gallery, dine in a delicious restaurant and return to Rome in the evening.

There are 2 rail carriers in Italy:

  1. is a government campaign, see instructions on how to buy a ticket.
  2. is a private campaign, the level of trains is superb.

Regional train in 4 hours

Cost:  from 21.45 euros

Traveling by regional train is a tougher and more compromise option for travelers on a tight budget with time to spare. Also keep in mind that during the strikes of transport workers, which happen regularly in Italy, it is the regional trains that strike. Such a train goes from Rome to Florence for about 4 hours and costs constantly 21.45 euros, that is, it is not necessary to book a ticket in advance.

Bus in about 4 hours

Cost:  from 5 euros

The trip from Rome to Florence by bus is an option for the most economical, but nevertheless, the review would not be complete without mentioning this option. Travel time is about 3-4 hours.

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We go to the official website to compare and search for bus tickets to Florence and see quite budget options for 5-9 euros.

My opinion: if you travel in Italy on a budget, then only comfortable buses. A bus ticket from Rome to Florence usually (without promotions) costs from 9.90 to 11.90 euros, there are sockets and free internet in the salons.

Conclusion: a high-speed train without options is the most comfortable way to get to Florence, especially if you buy tickets in advance, you travel even cheaper than on a regional train. The bus is an option for poor students and people of short stature who want to travel around Italy as cheaply as possible.

Florence from Rome
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