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Florence Public Transportation

Public transport tickets in Florence

There are the following types of tickets for tram and bus in Florence:

  • paper ticket for 1 trip at a price of € 1.5
  • paper ticket for 4 trips at a price of € 4.7
  • plastic ticket for 10 trips at a price of € 14

You must buy a ticket before boarding the vehicle. The driver may not have tickets available. And if they do, they will cost you more – €2.5 per ticket. After boarding, the ticket must be applied to the reader. Located in the front of the cabin next to the driver. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes. You can change to another tram or bus during the validity period. Travel tickets selling at vending machines at tram stops. The machines accept payments by. Visa, Masterdard, VPay, Maestro cards, as well as in coins or banknotes.

In addition to vending machines, tickets selling. At newspaper and tobacco kiosks. With the Ataf & linea sign. Finding newsstands selling transport tickets in Florence is not easy. There are tons of shops labeled Tabacchi, but few have tickets available. Therefore, if you find tickets somewhere. Buy directly with a margin at least 10 pieces.

Trams in Florence

There is no metro in Florence, and the main traffic load falls on buses and trams. Florence’s tram network is an essential part of the city’s public transport system. It includes two long tram lines. Route opening hours: from 04:44 to 00:12. The trains run every 4 minutes from 07:30 to 20:30 and every 6 minutes the rest of the time. Trams in the city are gray-pink. Equipped with an electronic scoreboard indicating. The line number and the final stop. Tram stops equipped with a sun and rain canopy and a light display.

The first line – T1 (blue, Leonardo). Runs from the north-east of the city to the south-west. From the Careggi Ospedale stop to Villa Costanza. The most important stops for tourists on this line.

The second line – T2 (purple, Vespucci). Connects the Florence airport with the center. It runs from Peretola Aeroporto station to Unità station. It commissioned quite recently. At the beginning of 2019. Travel time from the first to the last station is 22 minutes. The current map of tram routes attached below.

Buses in Florence

Florence’s bus network includes about 100 routes, 4 of which are night bus routes. Tourists most often use routes A, B, C and D. Using them as Hop On Hop Off buses. These are electric minibuses passing through the city center. These routes operate from 08:00 to 20:00.

Other routes that will interest tourists are # 12 and # 13 to Piazzale Michelangelo and Basilica di San Miniato.

Florence Buses the second most popular form of transport in the city. City buses are easily recognizable by their bright orange body color. However, there are also newer models in bright purple and white. Boarding the bus is carried out strictly through the front door, disembarking through the middle and rear doors. When boarding the bus, be sure to validate your ticket so that the date and time of your trip are printed on it. If you do not, you will face a fine of up to € 240.

City bus routes in Florence schematically indicated at bus stops. The stops are named according to the street or point of interest near which they are located.

Florence Train

There are several train stations in Florence. But the central one is Santa Maria Novella (SMN). This is a huge train station. A whole city with shops, restaurants and dozens of platforms. It is close to the historic city center. Just 700 meters from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiori, and 1.5 km from the Uffizi Gallery.

From the station, regional trains depart to nearby cities in Italy. (Lucca, Pisa, Siena) and ICE high-speed trains in Italy. (Rome, Milan, Venice). And abroad (Vienna, Munich). Train tickets are selling online. Or at the railway station ticket offices and in special machines. Tickets purchased online do not need to be punched out. But tickets from a ticket office or a vending machine must be. Punched in a small green vending machine. It scattered throughout the station, before boarding the train. Access to the platform is possible only. Upon presentation of a train ticket.

Trains on the main routes within the country leave every 30–45 minutes. Approximate rates for one-way train travel:

  • 1-Florence – Bologna: € 29
  • 2-Florence – Lucca: € 9.9
  • 3-Florence – Pisa: € 8.6
  • 4-Florence – Rome: € 45

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In addition to the main station, there are 2 small stations in Florence. Firenze Campo Marte (next to the Florentine stadium). And Firenze Rifredi (passengers coming from other cities in Italy often transfer to Florence Central Station).

Taxi in Florence

Taxis are not popular in Florence. The reason for this is the compact city center. And well-developed public transport network. As a result, there are few taxi stands in Florence. The largest of them located next to the central station and in the main squares. To go somewhere by taxi. You need to call a car by phone or try to find a free car on the street. In Italy, there are a lot of surcharges when using a taxi.
For a taxi ride at night from 22:00 to 06:00. For carrying a suitcase, for a taxi ride for four, for calling a car by phone. Plus, local taxi drivers speak only Italian. Payment accepted only in cash – not by card.

If your hotel located outside the historic center of Florence. It’s much easier to order Uber via the app on your phone.

Car rental in Florence

You will hard need a car if you are planning to spend your vacation in Florence. However, if you have planned outings to small villages. To the sea or to wine agro-tourism. Then you cannot do without a rental car.

We rent cars for travel at the best prices. And with the best conditions on the Rental car rental website. The site selects rental car options. Depending on your wishes and budget. Renting a Volkswagen Polo for 7 days with manual transmission. And unlimited mileage will cost you €130.

Florence Public Transportation
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