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Florence to Verona

How to get from Florence to Verona?

The cities of Florence and Verona are connected by high-speed Italian railways, so traveling by train is the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable option. The distance from Florence to Verona is 230 kilometers.

Travel time by train will be only 1 hour and 30 minutes, and if you wish, you can easily make a trip from one city to another for one day.

By train Florence to Verona

High-speed trains from Florence leave from Santa Maria Novella Station and from Verona Porta Nuova Station.

I recommend, if possible, always using the Italotreno trains, which leave Florence for Verona 4 times a day. When booked in advance, tickets in economy class cost from 14.90 euros. It is very convenient to leave Florence, for example, at 08:54 in the morning, then you will arrive in Verona at 10:24.

In Verona, you can spend a rich and interesting day by ordering individual excursions.

You can return from Verona to Florence at 19:44, leaving by evening train at 18:17.

Likewise, you can plan your trip from Verona to Florence. It is convenient to leave Verona at 08:17 in the morning, so that at 09:44 you can already be in Florence, where you can spend at least one perfect day, and preferably all three.

You can also get from Florence to Verona by high-speed Trenitalia trains, but their website is terribly inconvenient, constantly buggy, and prices are mostly higher.

By bus Florence to Verona

The option to travel by bus from Florence to Verona can only be advised to true fans of this kind of travel. Travel time will be from 2 hours 40 minutes. The cost of day tickets starts from 14 euros – with timely planning of a cultural holiday, you can get by train for about the same price. In Verona, buses arrive at the parking lot at Porta Nuova station.

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From Florence to Verona by car, you can make a route for a week through Bologna, Modena, Parma, and, as an option, even take a short detour through Piacenza and Brescia. Then ride along Lake Garda, stop there for a day or two and complete the trip in Verona.  

By car Florence to Verona

Getting from Florence to Verona by car makes sense if you plan to spend at least a few days on the trip and visit small fairy-tale towns along the way. Between major cities in Italy, due to parking problems and restrictions on entering the historic center, I recommend traveling only by high-speed trains. Be sure to read tips about parking in Florence and fines in Rome.

Florence to Verona
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