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Flycana VIP Lounge

The Flycana VIP Lounge is a luxurious travel experience offered by Flycana, a new airline based in the Dominican Republic. The VIP Lounge is designed to provide passengers with a comfortable and relaxing environment to unwind before their flights. Here’s a closer look at what the Flycana VIP Lounge has to offer.

Lounge Locations and Hours

The Flycana VIP Lounge is located in the international departure area of Punta Cana International Airport. The lounge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it convenient for travelers with early morning or late-night flights.

Lounge Facilities

The Flycana VIP Lounge boasts first-class facilities that cater to the needs of all types of travelers. Here’s a closer look at the lounge facilities:

Seating Options

The lounge offers a variety of seating options, including armchairs, couches, and bar stools. There are also private areas for passengers who want to work or relax in a more secluded environment. The seating is arranged in a way that offers privacy and comfort, making it an ideal space for passengers to catch up on work or simply unwind before their flight.

High-speed Wi-Fi

The lounge provides high-speed Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected and productive during their stay. The Wi-Fi is fast and reliable, making it easy for business travelers to keep in touch with clients and colleagues while on the go.

Charging Ports

The lounge features multiple charging ports, ensuring that passengers can keep their devices charged and ready for their flights. There are charging ports located throughout the lounge, making it easy for passengers to stay connected and productive.

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Entertainment Options

The Flycana VIP Lounge provides a range of entertainment options, including magazines, newspapers, and television. Passengers can browse through the latest newspapers and magazines or catch up on their favorite TV shows while waiting for their flight.

Private Shower Rooms

In addition to these facilities, the Flycana VIP Lounge also offers private shower rooms, providing travelers with the opportunity to freshen up before their flights. The shower rooms are spacious, clean, and well-stocked with towels and toiletries, making it easy for passengers to refresh themselves before their flight.

Business Facilities

For business travelers, the Flycana VIP Lounge offers exclusive facilities, including a private meeting room, conference facilities, and private shower rooms. The lounge also provides complimentary newspapers and magazines, allowing business travelers to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

Kids’ Play Area

The Flycana VIP Lounge also has a dedicated Kids’ Play Area, equipped with toys, games, and a TV to keep young passengers entertained. This area is designed to be child-friendly, making it a great option for families traveling with children.

Dedicated Smoking Area

For passengers who smoke, the Flycana VIP Lounge has a dedicated smoking area. This area is equipped with comfortable seating and an air purifying system, ensuring that the air quality remains high for all passengers.

Access and Cost

Access to the Flycana VIP Lounge is available to business class passengers of Flycana, as well as to passengers of other airlines who have paid for lounge access. The cost of lounge access varies depending on the airline and the time of day. However, the cost of access is generally reasonable, given the range of facilities and services on offer.

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Dining Experience

The Flycana VIP Lounge offers a range of dining options, including hot and cold sandwiches, pastries, and snacks. The lounge also provides a variety of local and international cuisines, including vegetarian and halal options. The food is freshly prepared and of high quality, ensuring that passengers have a satisfying dining experience.

In addition to the food options, the Flycana VIP Lounge also offers a variety of beverages, including soft drinks, coffee, and tea. There’s also a self-service bar, allowing passengers to help themselves to their favorite beverages. The lounge also offers a selection of premium wines, champagnes, and spirits for passengers who want to indulge in a more luxurious experience.

Additional Services

Flycana also offers a range of services for business class passengers, including priority check-in, fast track security clearance, and extra baggage allowance. These services are designed to make the travel experience as seamless and stress-free as possible for business travelers.


The Flycana VIP Lounge offers a luxurious and comfortable environment for passengers to relax before their flights. With its state-of-the-art facilities, dining options, and business facilities, the Flycana VIP Lounge is the perfect place to start your journey. Access to the lounge is available to business class passengers of Flycana, as well as to passengers of other airlines who have paid for lounge access, making it a convenient and accessible option. If you’re looking for a luxurious travel experience, be sure to check out the Flycana VIP Lounge on your next trip.

Flycana VIP Lounge
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