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Frankfurt Public Transport

Frankfurt is a German city with a population of 700,000 people. With a well-developed public transport network. There are subways, trams, trains, buses, taxis and night buses. Next in the article I will tell about the cost of travel. You will see the schemes of subways, trams. And learn where and how to buy tickets.

Buses in Frankfurt

With passenger traffic in Frankfurt perfect copes with rail transport. So the bus network developed quite poor. Only the northern part of the city covered by buses. And some hotels use buses to deliver passengers to the airport. But at night only buses work.
Night buses start running from midnight to 5 a.m. At intervals of 30 minutes. The route network of night buses. Covers the entire city and suburbs of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt tram

The tram network is well-developed in Frankfurt. There are 11 routes in total that intersect. With the U-Bahn metro stops and the S-Bahn trains. The tram network is 64 km long and covers the entire city. In the city you will find 128 stops. It has a schedule of trams for each day of the week.

Frankfurt Metro

The metro in Frankfurt called U-Bahn. In the central part of the city metro stations are underground. On the outskirts. On the surface. The interval between trains during peak hours is 2.5 minutes, in the evenings increase to 10 minutes. The metro line consists of 9 branches. On the map you can see both all the metro lines and the lines of commuter trains. You can reach the neighboring cities of Wiesbaden. Mainz. Darmstadt. Hanau and others.

Frankfurt public transport map

Taxi in Frankfurt

Taxis are part of Frankfurt’s transport system. There are 1,712 taxis in the city. Taxis can take on one of 100 parking lots. If you want to order a taxi by phone, please note that it paid. And make sure that the taxi driver turned on the meter.

Frankfurt public transport tickets and prices

In the cost of public transport in German cities, difficult to understand. Because you need to know the zone. (and even the city center divided into zones). whether you will make transfers. Whether you travel in a group. Whether you go to the destination in a straight line and much more. Just imagine, in Frankfurt there are more than 40 types of tickets. And the city divided into at least 7 zones: 5000, 2645, 3570, 3670, 3675, 6649, 6664. It is crazy, so I will tell about the most popular tickets.

  • A one-trip ticket per person (Einzelfahrkarte Regelpreis). Within the central zone of 5000 costs EUR 2.75.
  • A short trip within 2 km of the city centre costs EUR 1.85.
  • Day pass per person (Tageskarte) EUR 5.35.
  • Group ticket up to 5 people for one day (Gruppentageskarte 5 Personen) EUR 10.50.
  • Travel for the week (Wochenkarte) EUR 24.70.
  • Monthly pass (Monatskarte) EUR 85.2.
  • Travel for the year (Jahreskarte) EUR 852.

Buying tickets

Tickets for public transport can buy in special machines. With a touch screen or in old analog machines. It located in the subway, at railway stations and major stops. To buy a ticket through a smartphone. You need to download the official public transport program of Frankfurt. Tickets can be purchase at public transport ticket offices. Under the name RWV Ticket Shop.

Official public transport website

On the official website of public transport. Of the Frankfurt region on the Main You can find out the current fare. The location of the tariff zones, download maps of buses. Trams and subways. See the schedule of all routes, as well as pave the route from point A to point B.

Frankfurt Public Transport
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