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French Phrases for Travel

French phrase book for tourists is a very useful thing when traveling not only to France, but also to Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, a number of African countries, etc. Over 270 million people in the world are able to speak French.

The French phrasebook contains a number of commonly used expressions on various topics that can be useful both on a business trip and on a tourist trip: greetings, questions, requests, orientation, numerals and much more.


good afternoonBonjour
Good morningBonjour
good evening(bonsai) bonjour
WelcomeSuae le (la) bienven
Hello (not official)Salu
Greetings (Official)Wu salu
Goodbye!Oh revoir
Good luckMae suet
All the bestMae suet
See you soonA biento
See you tomorrow!A demen
Allow to deviate (official)Permete mua de fer me zadyo
GoodnightGood news
Have a good tripBon voyage! Bon root!
Hello yours!Salute votr surnames
How are you?Koman sa va
What’s up?Koman sa va
Thank you, OKThank you, yes
Everything is fineIn va
Everything is the same as beforeKom toujour
FineSa va bien
WonderfulTre bien
Not complainingIn va
Never mindYou are an enemy

Standard phrases

PleaseSil vu ple.
Many thanksThanks a lot.
I’m sorry but I can’tExcuses mua, me zhe n pe pe
Yes, sureWee Bian sur
NowYou have a suite
Of courseBian sur
What can I do for you (official)Koman puij vu zede?
Colleagues! (official)Sher Colleague
Young woman!Mademoiselle!
I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.Jo n. e. by Zantandy
Please repeatRepete, sil wu ple
Please…Aye la bonte de…
Excuse me (getting attention)Excuses mua
We already knowWell catfish horse
Pleased to meet youOr sui yoryo (h) de fer votr conesans
I am very happy)Or help (help)
Very nice.Anshante
My last name…My name is…
Let me introducePermete mua de my president
Decide to introducePermete mua de vu prezante le
MeetFat consensus
What is your name?Coman woo?
My name is…Or maple
Let’s get acquaintedPhase consensus
There’s no way I canThe same is not true
I would love to, but I can’t.Avec plezir, me zhe ne pe pa
I have to refuse you (official)Or sui oblije de refuze
In no case!Jame de la you
It is absolutely out of the question!Se tenposibl!
Thanks for the advice…Mercy pur votre konsei…
I’ll think about itOr pansre
I will try toOr tashre
I will listen to your opinionZhe pretre lerey, and votr opignon

Railway station

Where is the waiting room?Have e la sal datant?
Already announced registration?Aton deja announcements lanyard?
Has the boarding been announced yet?Aton deja announcement lottery?
Please tell me flight number … Not delayed?Dit silvuple, le vol numero… Ethyl retenyu?
Where does the plane land?Does the lion fetil escalate?
Is this flight direct?Es en vol san zeskal?
What is the duration of the flight?Combiène dur le vol?
I’d like a ticket to…Power vouple, en biye, a destination do…
How to get to the airport?Koman puizharive, and laeropor?
Is the airport far from the city?Eske laeroport e luen de la ville?

Passport control

customs inspectionDuane control
I have nothing to declareJo n. e. rien, and declare
Can I take my bag with me?Esque same pe prandr sa sak dan le salon?
I only have hand luggageOr n. e. kyo me tool, a men
Business tripFull afer
TouristCom tourist
PersonalSur evitation
This…Jew vien…
Exit visaTwo varieties
Entry visaDante
Transit visaThe transit
I have…Or en visa…
I am a citizen of USOr sui situayen de us
Here is the passportVoissy mont passor
Where is passport control?Do you have a control tone?
I have… dollarsOr… Dollar
They are giftsThis is a dream de cado

Orientation in the city

city ​​mapLe plan de la ville
Where can you buy…?Wu puizh ashte…?
What to see first?Caskilfo rogarde an premie lye?
My first time in ParisSe pour la premier fua kyo zhe sui e pari
This streetSet Ryu
This parkThis is a park
What is the name of…?Koman sapel…?
Here “- where exactly…?In all truv…?
Railway stationLa Gar
Can you please tell me where is…?Dit silvuple u all truv…?
HotelThe plane
GuideLe guide
I’m a newcomer, help me get to the hotelJo sui zetranje, ede-mua, a arive, a letel
I’m lostJoo moo sui zegare
How to get to…?Koman tale…?
To the city centerAbout the center de la ville
To the stationA la garde
How to get outside…?Coman puij arive, a la ryu…?
It is far from here?Se luen disi?
Is it possible to get there on foot?Puige and arive, and drink?
I’m looking for…Жё шэрш…
bus stopLara dotobus
Exchange officeThe bureau de shanj
Where is the post office?In all truv le bureau de post?
Please tell me where is the nearest department storeDit silvuple u e le grand store le plus prosh?
Telegraph?Le Telegraph?
Where is the pay phone here?Do you have a taxi?


Where can I get a taxi?Have puig prandre en taxi?
Call a taxi, please.Aple le taxi, sil wu ple.
How much does it cost to get to…?Kel e le pri zhuska…?
Take me to…Deposé mua, eh…
Take me to the airport.Depoze mua, and lyaeropor.
Take me to the train station.Depot mua, and near the mountains.
Take me to the hotel.Depoze mua, and letel.
Take me to this address.Conduise mua, and the set address is sil vu ple.
Left.And gosh.
Right.A druath.
Directly.Tu drua.
Stop here, please.Arété isi, sil vu ple.
Could you please wait for me?Purye wu matandr?
It’s my first time in Paris.Zhe sui, and pari pour la premier foie.
I’m not here for the first time. The last time I was in Paris was 2 years ago.This n. e. pa la premiere foie kjo jo vian, a bet, jo sui deja venu ilya dezan
I’ve never been here. It is very beautiful in hereJo nie sui jame wenyu isi. Se tre bo


Can I reserve a room?Puige reserve yun chamber?
Single.Ten shambr pur yun persona.
Room for two.Ten chambers are full of people.
I have booked a numberHe has a reserve un chamber
Not very expensive.By tre cher.
How much is the room per night?Combian koot set shaumbre par nui?
For one night (for two nights)Pur yun nyui (de nyui)
I would like a room with telephone, TV and bar.Jo Woodre yun shambr avek on phone yun television e year bar
I booked a room in the name of CatherineThe same reserve yun chamber o nom de katrin
Give me the keys to the room, please.Jo udre la klef de ma chamber
Are there messages for me?Avevu de massage pur mua?
What time do you have breakfast?What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”
Hello, front desk, could you wake me up tomorrow at 7 am?But at the reception can you see my mother-in-law, and set?
I would like to pay.Zheu woodray ragle la music.
I’ll pay in cash.Jo we pee an espes.
I need a single roomSame bezuen dune chamber purun person
Number…Dan la chambre ilya…
With a phoneEnt phone
With bathUn sal de ben
with showerUn shower
With TVEn post de television
with fridgeThe most refrigerated
Room for a dayUn shambr pur en jur
Room for two nightsTen chambers are full
What is the price?Combine angle…?
What floor is my room on?What about calletazh setruve ma chaumbre?
Where is… ?U setruv (u uh) …?
RestaurantLe restaurant
BarLe bar
A cafeLe cafe
Room key pleaseLe cla, sil wo ple
Please take my things to my roomSil vu ple, porte me valiz dan ma chambre

public places

What architectural monuments are there in your city?Kal monyuman arshitektur yatil dan votr vil?
What would you recommend visiting first?Where do you go for a first visit?
GalleryThe gallery
How does it work…?Kan etel uwerth…?


Help!O sekur!
Call the police!Apple la polis!
Call a doctor.Apple knows!
I’m lost!Or my sui egare.
Stop the thief!O aviary!
Fire!Oh phe!
I have a (small) problemHe has (five) problems
help me pleaseEde mua sil wu ple
What’s wrong with you?Kyo vuzariv til
I feel badHe (o) he malez
I’m sickSame mal e ker
I have a headache/stomachThe same small, and la tet / o vantr
I broke my legZhe myo sui kase lajamb


Please show me this.Montreux mua sela, sil vu ple.
I would like to…What the hell…
Give it to me please.Done mua sale, sil vu ple.
How much does it cost?Kombyan sa kut?
What is the price?Combine angle
Please write it.Ekrive le, sil vu ple
Too expensive.Se tro lion.
It’s expensive/cheap.Se sher / bon march
Sale.Sold / promotion / vant
Can I measure it?Puij l’eseye?
Where is the dressing room located?Have e la cabins deseiyazh?
My size is 44This is the port of Carinthia.
Do you have it in xl size?Ave wu sela en ixel?
What size is it? (clothes)?How are you?
What size is it? (shoes)Is that a point?
I need a size…Or bezoan de la tai / puantur
Do you have….?Awe woo…?
Do you accept credit cards?Acceptance le credit de credit?
Do you have an exchange office?Avevu on bureau de shanj?
Until what time do you work?What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”
Whose production is this?Have an ethyl factory?
Something cheaper for meJo ve un shaumbr muen cher
I’m looking for a department…Jo shersh le rayon…
ShoesDe shosur
HaberdasheryDe Mercury
ClothDa Whatman
Can I help you?Puig vuzede?
No thanks, I’m just lookingNo, thank you, this is your sample
When does the store open/close?Can uvr (farm) all shop?
Where is the nearest market?In all truv le march le plyu prosh?
You have…?Awe-woo…?
BananasDe banana
Grapedu raisin
A fishDu Poisson
Please kilo…The flood is coming, the next one …
grapesDo rezen
A tomatoThe tomato
OgurtsovThe comcomb
Give me please…Done-mua, silpuvple …
A pack of tea (oil)En pake de te (de bir)
A box of chocolatesUn buat de bonbon
jar of jamEn bokal de confitur
a bottle of juiceUn butei de ju
Bread loafUn baguette
Package of milkEn paque de le


What is your signature dish?Keskyo vvu zave com special mason?
Menu, pleaseLe Mene, silvuple
What do you recommend to us?Kyo puwe-wu nu ryokomande?
Is it busy here?La dance etal ocupé?
For tomorrow at six o’clock in the eveningPur demain, and sizer du soir
For fourFull cat
For three personsPur troy
For twoFill it
Hello! Can I reserve a table…?But, puyzh reserve at the table…?
I invite you to a restaurantSame tenvit o restaurant
Cokeen coca cola
Ice creamA voice
CoffeeAnn Cafe
Let’s have dinner at a restaurant tonightAl’n o restaurant le soir
Omelet with cheese)Un omelette (oh fromage)
SandwichUn tartin
Here is the cafe.Boir du Café
Eat tasty and cheapCuff bon e on tro cher
To drink coffeeBoir du Café
Where can…?Have a peton…?
Quick biteMange sur le pus
I want to try something newJo ve gute kelkjoshoz de nouveau
Please tell me what is…?Did you say silvuple kiss …?
Is this a meat/fish dish?Satan beach de viand / de poason?
Would you like to try wine?Not a beehive?
What do you have…?Keskyou wu zawe…?
For a snackCom order
For dessertKom deser
What drinks do you have?Keskyo wu zawe com boisson?
Bring it please…Aporte mua silvouple…
MushroomsLe champignon
ChickenLe poole
Apple pieA tart of pom
I would like some vegetables please.Silvuple, kelkyo shoz de legum
I am a vegetarianJo Xui Vegetarian
Me please…Silvuple…
Fruit saladUn Salad d’Fruy
Ice cream and coffeeUn glass e en cafe
Delicious!Se tre bon!
you have a great kitchenVotre quizine etexelant
The check, pleaseLyadision silvuple

Numbers and numbers

0Zero21Wen te en
1Ann22Wen doyo
2Come on30Trant
6System71Suasan te onz
7Seth72Suasan douz
8Out73Suasan trez
9Inexplicable74Suasan kyatorz
10Dis75Suasan kenz
11Onz76Feeling thirsty
12Salt77Suusan diset
13Trez78Suasan dizuit
14Кяторз79Suasan diznoyof
16You81Kyatroven te en
17Diset82Kyatroven doyo
18Desuit90Katroven dis
19Diznoyof91Kyatroven te onz
20Wen92Katroven douz


Where is the nearest exchange office?U se truv le bureau de chang le le plus pros?
Can you change these travelers checks?Rambourse wu se shek de voyage?
What is the exchange rate equal to?Kel e le cur de chang?
How much is the commission?Sela fe combian, la commission?
Until what time do you work?What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”
French Phrases for Travel
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