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‎French Restaurants in Jeddah‎

Trying French foods is one of the most enjoyable experiences, and if you are in Saudi Arabia, you can discover the top 10 French restaurants in Jeddah that offer delicious and varied dishes prepared by chefs who have great experience in French cuisine, which makes you feel like you have moved to Paris, so we will give you the most important information about each restaurant and its menu through the next lines.

Angelina Paris in Jeddah

If you want to try French cuisine and enjoy a session overlooking the sea, try Angelina Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the best French restaurants in Jeddah and one of the most luxurious in terms of décor, location, and quality of food. It offers a rich menu of food, desserts and baked goods prepared in the French style. Do not miss this restaurant as it is one of the most famous luxury French restaurants in Saudi Arabia, and when you visit it, you can enjoy a special session and taste the most delicious French dishes.

Intercot Rails de Paris Restaurant

Intercote Reels de Paris is one of the good options for your vacation and enjoy a calm atmosphere and eat delicious French cuisine as it offers the famous intercote slices in French cuisine, in addition to many distinctive varieties that you can try and listen to and you will judge for yourself that the restaurant deserves to be on the list of the best French restaurants in Jeddah.

Paul French Restaurant in Jeddah

Are you a fan of fine French food and want to enjoy it in the morning? Then head to Paul’s restaurant, which prepares a great French-style breakfast. The menu, prepared by the most skilled chefs, contains many and varied varieties that you can choose from savory or sweet food, and order a cup of tea or coffee to start your day actively, it will be your right choice for breakfast with friends or family, and it is also a suitable choice for lunch or dinner as it offers a range of delicious French dishes.

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Lintour Restaurant

Lintour Restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants in Jeddah that contains a diverse menu and has about 7 different branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and if you are a fan of French sweets, this place is considered the best restaurant in Jeddah for sweets and chocolate. , and the most distinctive feature of the place is that it provides special hospitality services for happy occasions and provides a variety of citrus, sandwiches and French sweets, in addition to the finest types of cakes that you can order with certain designs or additions according to your desire.

Brioché French Restaurant in Jeddah

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the café is the smell of coffee, and the French style of the restaurant, as it hails from a French brand. It offers the finest French coffees and desserts, and also offers other types of cuisine as it has a long menu that satisfies many tastes. What makes it famous inside and outside Saudi Arabia is that it carries the French character in the décor and in everything it offers, visited by visitors from all over the world.

La Grand Maison Restaurant

La Grand Maison restaurant is characterized by a French character and if you prefer to eat meat, this place is considered one of the most important and best French restaurants in Jeddah because it offers a variety of beef and lamb cooked in the French way with different flavors, in addition to that, you can enjoy eating meat cooked in the bourguignon style, which is one of the most famous cooking methods in the Burgundy region of France, where the meat is settled with herbs on low heat, which gives it a different and distinctive taste a lot, so it will be an experience This place is a great opportunity for you to eat your favorite food.

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Entrecôte Relais de Parisin Jeddah

This is another restaurant that joins the list of the best French restaurants in Jeddah. This restaurant specialises in serving the famous Entrecôte meat in France in a delicious and attractive way. Savour fine French cuisine in a contemporary setting, as well as other fine items that fill the menu. If you are looking for a place to relieve the fatigue of the week, this restaurant will be a good choice.

Brochet Restaurant

This place is specifically characterized by the distinctive French style that transports you to another world as if you were in Paris, and when you enter the restaurant you can inhale the delicious smell of French coffee, so it is among the best French restaurants in Jeddah because of its wonderful decorations, and irresistible good food, it has a large list of food, drinks and luxurious desserts.

Amwaj French Restaurant at Hilton Hotel in Jeddah

Amwaj Hotel is located on the 12th floor of the 5-star Hilton Hotel. This restaurant is different from the others because it only serves brunch every Friday. Experience the violin and enjoy the sunset at Jeddah’s longest brunch from 10 pm to 6 pm. Savour fine French cuisine in a contemporary setting, as well as other fine items that fill the menu. If you are looking for a place to relieve the fatigue of the week, this restaurant will be a good choice.

Paul Restaurant

If you love to have a very special French breakfast, we advise you to choose Pool Restaurant because it is one of the great places to serve French breakfast meals and is classified among the best breakfast restaurants in Jeddah as it is interested in providing very special items, main And side dishes, desserts and delicious French drinks that you should try and enjoy.

‎French Restaurants in Jeddah‎
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