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From Milan to Venice

How to get from Milan to Venice?

The distance from Milan to Venice is 269 km and the journey will take you about 3-4 hours depending on the vehicle.

The most comfortable way is a train, if you want to get cheap from Milan to Venice, then choose a bus and buy tickets in advance, and if you want to see the cities along the way or drive to Lake Garda, rent a car.

Let’s look at all the options in detail:

By train

From Milan to Venice there are high-speed and regional trains Trenitalia, as well as ItaloTreno.


ItaloTreno high-speed trains go to Venice from Milan every 2 hours! The first train leaves at 06:34 and arrives in Venice at 08:34. I would advise you to leave at 11:34 and check into the hotel after 14:00, which is convenient if you plan to spend several days in Venice.

You can catch a LowCost fare in advance for only 9.90 euros or travel in business class (Prima) for 18.90 euros.

Watch the detailed video instruction on how we got to Venice from Milan in first class for 50 euros:


The Frecce high-speed trains leave for Venice from Milano Centrale station starting at 06:45 am. In Venice, arrive at the central station Venezia Santa Lucia. Tickets cost from 34.9 euros. Travel time 2 hours 25 minutes is the fastest and most comfortable way to get there.

If you take care of tickets for a few months, you can save a lot and find cheap options for only 14.90 euros.

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If tickets for the high-speed train are no longer on sale or there are options that you can’t afford, then you can get to Venice from Milan by regional trains, however, you will have to change trains in Verona. If the train from Milan is delayed, you can leave by the next train. This trip will take at least 3.5 hours. The ticket price is constant – 20.70 euros, there are no discounts.

If you are planning a trip from Milan to Venice for just one day , then it would be optimal to leave Milan at 07:45, and you will be in Venice at 09:40. You can leave back at 18:20, 19:20 or 19:50.

By bus

Comfortable buses run from Milan to Venice about once an hour. Travel time is about 3.5-4 hours.

In Venice, buses arrive at the station in the Mestre district, from there you will need to get to Venice by regional train or bus.

From Milan to Venice
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