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From Milan to Verona

How to get from Milan to Verona?

Distance from Milan to Verona is 164 kilometers. The most convenient way to get from Milan to Verona is by high-speed train in 1 hour and 14 minutes, and independent travelers can make a trip in a rented car in about 2 hours.

An economical but longer option is the bus. In the article I will tell you about the features and cost of each way to get to Verona and back.

By train

My favorite ItaloTreno high-speed trains run from Milan to Verona several times a day. If you take care of tickets in advance, you can easily buy them for only 9.90 euros. Travel time 1 hour 14 minutes. Trains leave very conveniently from Milano Centrale and arrive in Verona at Verona Porta Nuova Station.

The cost of tickets in the first class (Prima) starts from 14.90 euros. If you buy at the last moment, then the second class usually costs 21.90 euros, and the first – 27.90. When traveling to Verona for one day, I recommend leaving Milan by train at 08:34, in Verona you will arrive at 09:48.

If you are arriving at Verona airport, then you need to get to the central station according to this instruction.

It is convenient to travel back from Verona to Milan by train at 18:12.

By Car

Upon arrival, picking up a pre-booked car at the airport, you can immediately go on a trip. A trip to Verona from Milan by car makes sense if you aim to see other cities and places of interest along the way. Just like that, going to Verona by car does not make much sense.

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Keep in mind that entry into the central part of Italian cities is usually allowed only for taxi drivers and local residents. 

By bus

Comfortable buses run from Milan to Verona. Travel time is about 2 hours, and a ticket can be bought in advance for only 5 or 8 euros. In Milan, buses depart from the Lampugnano bus station or the Sesto S.Giovanni stop – I maggio, and in Verona they arrive at the Porta Nuova central station.

From Milan to Verona
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