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From Rome to Bari

How to get from Rome to Bari?

The distance from Rome to Bari is 429 km. The fastest way to get there is by plane, more interesting – by car, and cheaper by trains and buses. In the article we will consider in detail all the options. Go!

By train

Trenitalia’s regional and high-speed trains depart from Rome’s central station, Roma Termini, to Bari 5 times a day. The cheapest regional train is available only in the morning at 07:28, costs only 15.90 euros, but the journey will take you at least 6.5 hours – I recommend this option when you have no choice and money.

The best option to travel by train to Bari is to buy tickets for the Frecciagento daytime high-speed train, which cost between 49.90 and 61 euros. Travel time is about 4 hours, and if you take care of tickets at least a month in advance, you can buy them for only 39.90 euros. I do not recommend evening options, as the train may be delayed, and being in Bari at the station at midnight is not the best idea.

By Car

Traveling by car from Rome to Bari will take you from 4.5 to 6 hours – this is the most interesting and beautiful option possible, since in some places the road is very beautiful. It is most profitable to rent a car immediately upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci di Fiumicino). 

I advise you to lay a route through Benevento along the A1 / E45 highway, part of the road is tolled – prepare about 20 euros.

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If there is a lot of time, then you can leave Rome in the morning and make a detour to Tivoli, visit the villa of Cardinal D’Este, then drive through the incredibly beautiful region of Abruzzo (Abruzzo) and along the sea bypassing Pescara (Pescara) go down south to Bari – such a journey will take you have from 8 to 12 hours, but the day will be full of impressions.

By plane

Ryanair and Alitalia fly from Rome to Bari 7-9 times a day. A direct flight from Fiumicino Airport lasts 1 hour 5 minutes.

Taking a plane to Bari is a great idea if you are flying into Rome and connecting right away. Taking into account the travel time from the center of Rome to Fiumicino airport, and then from the airport to Bari, the journey will take you about 5 hours.

The ticket price, excluding luggage, at the Ryanair low-cost airline starts from 11 euros.

By bus

The journey from Rome to Bari by bus will take you about 6 hours, but this option is the cheapest possible, as ticket prices start at 20 euros. Of all the companies, the only reliable and comfortable one that I can recommend for traveling in Italy is Flixbus.

Buses run regularly, about 10 times a day. For budget travelers under 180 cm tall, I advise you to leave Rome by night bus at 22:30 or 23:30. A ticket costs from 18 euros, spend the night on the road and save on a hotel.

From Rome to Bari
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