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From Rome to Venice

How to get from Rome to Venice?

The distance from Rome to Venice is 528 kilometers , the most convenient way to get there is by high-speed trains, but you can extend the pleasure and go by bus or by car. Depending on the chosen mode of transportation, the travel time will be from 3 hours 35 minutes to 7 hours .

Let’s look at all the options in detail:

By train

I strongly recommend the train to all our readers as the most comfortable way to get to Venice or any other major city in Italy.


The ItaloTreno high-speed train from Rome to Venice will take you only 3 hours and 45 minutes. In Rome, trains depart from 06:15 am from Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina stations. You can arrive in Venice at Santa Lucia Central Station as early as 10:00.

One-way tickets cost between €27.90 and €89.89. If you buy at the last moment, then only the most expensive options may remain, and if you plan a trip at least a month in advance, you can find very comfortable and profitable tickets. For example, for a ticket in first class (Prima) you can pay only 18.90 euros.   


Trenitalia high-speed trains leave for Venice from Roma Termini station starting at 05:35 am.

For a few months, you can catch a cheap Super Economy fare for just 19.90 euros.

Venice is a very popular destination. In the summer, it happens that even the most expensive tickets are not available.

  • Conclusion-advice: plan your vacation in advance and you will be happy without overpayments.
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Night trains

For intrepid travelers, there is an option to get to Venice by night train to save on a hotel. The cheapest ticket in the second class of a seated car costs only 12.90 euros. A men’s or women’s coupe will cost about 60 euros, and a separate coupe will cost more than 100 euros. I hope this schedule is useful to someone, but still try to consider other ways.

By bus

The option to travel by bus from Rome to Venice is worth considering if you have a very limited budget and a lot of free time. Travel time will be at least 7 hours, and in Venice you will arrive at the station in the Mestre district. Ticket prices are from 19.90 to 29.90 euros.

If you go by bus to Venice from Rome, then I would choose a night transfer with departure from Rome at 22:50 and arrival in Mestre at 05:30 in the morning – so you do not lose a precious day on the road and save on a hotel. By taking care of tickets several months in advance, you can still save about 5 euros.

By car

Consider a trip from Rome to Venice by car only if you plan to stretch this trip for at least a week. You can lay interesting routes with a gastronomic bias, stop in Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna. Visit the production of wine, parmesan, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar and delicious restaurants.

Based on the effort expended, the cost of renting a car, fuel and toll roads, driving to Venice non-stop for 6 hours is an impractical option.

From Rome to Venice
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