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Furniture Shops in Jeddah

The city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for being home to a large number of furniture and furnishings stores and stores in the Kingdom, and through the following points we will show you, dear reader, the best and most famous furniture stores and stores in the city of Jeddah.

Rocket Markets in Jeddah Furniture

The cheapest furniture market in Jeddah with everything you want, including the Omreen market for furniture and bedrooms, and they have all kinds of cash payment or installments through SABB or other banks, and they also have new and used.

It may be the largest in the world in terms of area and the number of its shops, which exceeds 12 thousand stores, but that is not all that distinguishes it, but it is remarkable that it includes under its roof everything, anything, from needle to aircraft pieces, as you find all kinds of new and used clothes, just as you find any book you want. It deserves to be the most exotic market in the world, a market for the rich as well as the poor, and embraces most, if not all, nationalities of the world. To be more informative, visitors are keen to visit it on Thursdays and Fridays, when the market turns into a beehive.

Al Mutlaq Furniture Stores

  • Al Mutlaq Furniture Stores is one of the most important and famous furniture stores in Jeddah, which offers a range of the most luxurious types of furniture and furnishings.
  • Al Mutlaq Company has been established since 1954 and is considered one of the most important leading companies in the field of furniture and furnishings manufacturing.
  • The stores include distinctive pieces from the most important international brands, modern furniture, furnishings, and everything necessary for a modern home.
  • One of the most important features of Al Mutlaq Furniture Stores is the availability of installment service without interest or conditions and at a cash price, so it has become one of the most famous furniture stores in Jeddah.

Lenny Rosé Furniture Stores

  • If you are looking for high-end and distinctive furniture, there is no better place than Lenny Rosé furniture stores located in Jeddah.
  • One of the most important features of Lenny Rosé furniture stores is the availability of European and modern models to suit all tastes and suit modern homes.
  • We also find in the shops materials that are characterized by durability and hardness and live for large periods.
  • The shop provides furniture in distinctive colors and shapes that go with all types of décor, and provides very delicate, simple and sophisticated furnishings.
  • The prices of Lenny Rosé furniture stores are unbeatable and have payment systems that suit everyone.
  • The shops also provide a furniture moving and installation service for all places within Jeddah.
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Al Saraya Palace Furniture

Al Saraya Palace offers classic furniture, American furnishings, bedrooms, children’s wardrobes and accessories with a number of offers on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan by 10% to reach 50% of the value of products with shipping to the door of the house.
The shop is located in King Fahd Road in Al-Faisaliyah neighborhood of Irfan Hospital in Jeddah and works daily until three in the afternoon to eleven in the evening and you can call him on the following number 0126448080.

Days Furniture

Days Furniture has an online store through which you can buy dining tables, dining chairs, buffet tables, beds, side drawers, cabinets, boxes and food accessories, in addition to Ramada discounts of up to 70% of the value of products.
The branch is located in Saud Al-Faisal Road in Al-Rawdah neighborhood in Jeddah and works daily from half past nine in the morning to ten in the evening and on Friday work starts from four in the afternoon and you can call him on the following number 920009283.

I Home Jeddah Branches

iHome is one of the companies known for providing the most beautiful furnishings that suit the different tastes of customers such as modern, classic and classic modern and provides high guarantees on its products because it depends on the best recognized materials and the highest international specifications and standards, as iHome imports from around the world a wide range of the finest types of furniture, furnishings, home accessories, interior lighting, as well as bed linen, bathroom and kitchen accessories.

The company has two branches in Jeddah you can find in the beach market near the lantern library, and in Jarir Mall Prince Sultan Road, both of which open its doors from three in the afternoon until eleven in the evening.

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Global Furniture Group in Jeddah

You can find in their showrooms a large number of high-quality furniture varieties in addition to a group of professional designers and ornamental specialists who can help you search and assemble different pieces in addition to providing advice on creating a different atmosphere in the space that you have. Al-Alami Group also provides design services from buying furniture and textiles to the fine details of drawings and specifications, in addition to the presence of more than two hundred furniture lines in our showrooms, and we encourage you to let our professional team have the opportunity. of creative designers to help design your life place.

In addition to providing professional assistance on how to coordinate the placement of the room in the house. Al Alami Group for Commercial and Industrial Investment for Furniture & Interior Design will guide you to furniture and accessories that suit your home and lifestyle. The company owns four showrooms in Jeddah, namely Advent Modern, Amder, Mania, and Al-Arabi, and you can also visit the website of Al-Alami Furniture Group in Jeddah 

Ashley Furniture

Al Ashley Furniture considered one of the most famous furniture stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, Khobar, Madinah and Khamis Mushait with offers up to 75% on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.
Ashley Furnishings offers you living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, dining rooms, garden furniture and home accessories such as clocks and pictures on the walls.
The shop is located in Jarir Mall on King Sultan Road in the Mohammedia neighborhood and works daily from noon to half past two in the morning and you can call it on the following number 920002540.

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Al Omar Furniture Stores

  • The most important feature of your home is the presence of wonderful pieces of furniture and furnishings in it, which you can find inside Al-Omar Furniture and Furnishings stores in Jeddah and Riyadh.
  • The stores have everything you need from furniture, furnishings, décor, decorations, and all the belongings that your home needs at reasonable prices.
  • All products are of high quality and are characterized by luxury, sophistication and simplicity at the same time, thus catching all tastes.
  • Al-Omar Furniture stores enable you to choose everything you need to renovate and establish the house while providing professional moving and installation services.

Roomz Furniture Store

  • Roomz Furniture Store enjoys a good reputation among all the stores in Jeddah.
  • It is a modern store that offers the best types of furniture and furnishings, and inside the shop a distinctive group of bedrooms, dining rooms, and sofas.
  • Roomz Furniture opened 40 years ago, and we find that it has launched discounts of 40% on all products.
  • The shop has an Instagram site through which you can learn about everything inside the shop through the photos it displays on a regular basis.

Al Raqeeb Furniture Store

One of the most famous furniture and brush stores in the Kingdom and owns many branches in addition to the possibility of buying from its website and shipping to the door of the house.
The most prominent thing you can get from the watchdog is the living room, bedroom, dining room, offices, candle holders, watches, pillows, decorations and many other supplies.
Jeddah branch is located in Prince Sultan Road in Al-Rawdah neighborhood of Jeddah and works daily from eleven and a half in the afternoon to two in the morning and you can call him on the following number 920002540.

Furniture Shops in Jeddah
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