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Furniture Shops in Khobar

Furniture Stores in Khobar

Choosing the right furniture for your home and your taste is one of the most difficult things that many face, as they are confused amid all these cheerful and beautiful shapes and colors, so you find classic and mortal brown designs, and others with modern and heritage cheerful colors, which make you confused which is the best and suitable for my taste and home.

There are also many types of furniture that make you wonder what are the best types of home furniture that can be bought and acquired to finally get my dream home, which dazzles everyone when I enter it, and I feel comfortable and relaxed.

1- Home Furniture Store Khobar

Are you looking for a place where you will find all shapes and types of home furniture from bedrooms, living rooms, salon, dining rooms, lighting units and everything your home needs, with the finest and most beautiful designs and modern and classic colors that make it the best furniture stores in Al Khobar.

Good design and various shapes are not the only advantages that you find in home furniture stores, as it provides a variety of services that live up to the aspirations of customers and help them choose the ideal furniture suitable for them and their homes, as it provides interior design planning service to customers for free, providing specialized furniture and carpentry according to specifications and drawings, providing home furniture sets suitable for villas and small apartments.

If you are looking for furniture in Khobar, you will not need to search at length, you will find curtains, carpets, wall coverings, antiques and accessories, lamps, porcelain, lighting, prints, painting, flowers, plants, accessories and outdoor furniture.

2- Bedroom shops in Khobar

The home furniture store, known as Happyt, is also one of the finest stores in the Kingdom, which has a branch in the city of Khobar, and it is one of the shops where you find everything your home needs at various prices, especially bedrooms.

You will find that it has different sizes of bedrooms, including large and small, suitable for those who are about to get married or want to renovate their bedrooms, and you will find that they have room groups for young people and teenagers.

The variety of designs and models that it displays within the branches of its stores or on its websites makes you choose the shape you want, so you find it has modern rooms, characterized by its comfortable and simple modern shape and in many colors, and it also has classic designs in its distinctive colors of brown, white, black and others, but maintaining luxury and sophistication for lovers of this type of furniture.

3- Masterpieces Furniture Khobar

Masterpieces is one of the most famous furniture stores in the Kingdom, one of whose branches is located in the city of Khobar, and is known as the Masterpieces Store or Marvels Furniture.

The masterpiece stores are distinguished by offering the finest pieces of classic furniture, which is characterized by a modern touch that makes it comfortable and at the same time luxurious and elegant, to feel that you have distinctive pieces that turn your home into a painting and a beautiful piece of antiques.

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You will find many salon shapes, includingthe Modern Kashmir Salonwith a classic, sophisticated touch.

The combination of calm and cheerful colors, and modern style with classics, makes you find pieces of furniture that you will not find in places other than this store, as these arrangements are made by a group of experts and professional furniture designers with good taste, while providing antiques and accessories suitable for each room to complete the shape of the room in the end.

Masterpieces are characterized by providing many offers and discounts, especially on various holidays and occasions in order to satisfy customers and make them happy always.

They also created an official account on Instagram in order to further communicate with customers, and display pictures of their most beautiful and luxurious products, which are beautifully coordinated and integrated, and their account can be visited by clicking on the following link: here.

If you want to communicate with them by sending messages on WhatsApp, you can do so on the following number: +966-538929872

4- Modern furniture stores in Khobar

Simple designs, beautiful shape, practicality, comfort, are all words and synonyms that come to your mind when thinking of modern and modern furniture.

Modern decorations in homes are characterized by the beauty of the shapes of their furniture pieces, and simple pieces of art that do not have geometric decorations or drawings, as it is a style that depends on getting rid of everything that is traditional and complex such as mosaics, decorations, arabesques, and other forms that are found more in the classic style.

Modern decorations are also characterized by their bold and unconventional colors, mixing different and unexpected colors to finally come out beautiful.

Despite the simplicity of this style, it has many shapes and patterns, and needs good planning and coordination of all elements together, so that the final shape of the rooms comes out beautiful and elegant, and not an annoying color palette.

In line with the times and the latest fashion in the world of decorations, there are many shops that offer modern, simple and sophisticated furniture, as well as manytypes of Turkish furniture, which are characterized by being one of the latest fashion trends in the world of decorations, which are characterized by their cheerful and beautiful colors, and their completely new style from what we are used to, so many young people accept to implement it in their homes because of the joy and comfort that beautiful colors give it inside the house.

5- Openscept Al Khobar

One of the most famous international stores, which dates back to Denmark, was established in 1952, and today it is a distinctive brand with branches in more than sixty countries.

Boxcept is famous for designing and producing the sale of contemporary furniture and all its accessories from accessories, antiques and lighting units in different rooms of the house from living rooms, dining rooms, modern bedrooms, home offices, and outdoor spaces.

The service at Spot is not just a furniture store for customers, they help their customers create a home to their own tastes by providing an integrated interior design service or interior.

Their designs combine elegance, simplicity, and modernity, so you find the best pieces of furniture made of the finest types of wood with a choice of different types of elegant and sophisticated fabrics, to finally get modern furniture suitable for your taste and the design and decorations of your home.

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Hungary has many branches within the Kingdom, including the city of Khobar, where it is located on Prince Turki Street, the coast, and Corniche Street. For information and inquiries, you can contact us by calling the following number: 013881478

In order to further communicate with customers, and display their different products and the forms of furniture they offer to customers, you can visit their official account on Instagram

6- Demos Al-Khobar

Demos, which was established in 2001, is one of the prominent companies in the field of home furnishings, includingliving room furnishings, design implementation and decoration.

And because the customer comes first, the company has been keen since the beginning of its establishment to attract administrative and technical employees, engineers and specialized designers selected by highly skilled and talented people to design and implement the finest decorations, until it was able to record many achievements in the field of home furnishings, design and decoration in all its branches in the Kingdom.

The company offers a large variety of home accessories, modern furniture and furnishings, dining tables, bedroom and sofa collections, while making sure to provide all these products with the highest required quality that is at the level of ambition and aspirations of its customers, with many and varied options in shapes and designs and at various prices that come to be suitable for all customers with their different tastes and budget.

Demos products were also selected in a deliberate manner to meet the needs of the Saudi market in cooperation with distinguished international companies in the furniture industry.

The services provided by Demos are not limited to luxury home furniture only, but it has other services carried out by distinguished and highly trained cadres, it has furniture delivery services, installation and installation, and it evaluates many tips for interior design so that the shape of the furniture pieces becomes harmonious with the decorations.

Kids Furniture Stores in Khobar

Our young children are the apple of our eyes and our children, and the design of their beautiful rooms should be suitable for their imagination, innocence and naughtiness, and there are many stores that specialize in selling children’srooms 2019on the latest fashion trends in the world of decorations for children, which is full of beautiful cheerful colors suitable for girls and boys.

7- Pink & Blue Boutique stores

One of the furniture stores for everything related to the famous children’s rooms in the city of Khobar, and it is one of the favorite stores for many parents and children alike, because they find distinctive pieces of furniture, and children’s bedroom furnishings. You can visit the store and see the most beautiful pieces in it at the following

address: Al-Shehab Al-Taifi, Al-Olaya, Al-Khobar 34448 For more information and details, you can contact them via the following number: +966 50 691 2471

Office furniture stores in Khobar

Desk for work. To study. To receive customers in your home. Some like to have their own offices inside their homes, which need to be furnished in proportion to the rest of the home decorations, and searching for office furniture stores in Khobar is also not difficult, as there are many famous stores, including:

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8- IKEA Al Khobar

One of the stores that were able to achieve international fame, and has several branches in the Kingdom, including the city of Khobar.

Providing high-end furniture with simple and practical designs, taking into account small spaces, and made of distinct materials that guarantee a good product, and at the best competitive prices, all advantages make the store the first choice for many customers, especially when buying office furniture.

Furniture Stores in Khobar

The elegance of the rooms of the house is not complete by buying furniture pieces only, but you need supplements and different pieces of accessories and different antiques to complete the elegance of the room and highlight the beauty of the furniture, especially in bedrooms that need bedspreads on the beds that highlight the beauty of the bed and complement the elegance, andTurkish bedroom furnishingsare products that are accepted by many as they are present in many colors and styles that make them the best choice for furnishing your home. Furniture stores in Khobar

9- Al Bayt Furniture Khobar

One of the famous stores in the Kingdom, in the city of Khobar, in which you find everything you are looking for from elegant modern home furniture, luxurious classics, American furniture and furnishings, carpets, antique pieces, and others. Al Bayut Furniture is characterized by the great discounts it offers to its customers, which reach 70%. You also don’t need to buy an entire room, you can shop by the piece and get what you want to complete your home furniture by buying just a chair, sofa or table.

Al Bayut Furniture has an official account on Twitter, through which you can view all the designs and decorations it offers by clicking on the following link: From here. If you would like to visit their branch, you can visit the following address: Khobar South, Khobar 34611 and for more information you can call +966 13 898 0976. Furniture stores in Khobar

10- Al-Dulaijan shop in Al-Khobar

One of the famous furniture stores also in Khobar, which is located at the address of Tenth Street with the intersection of Prince Nasser Street, and they have aphone number 0138981332, in order to communicate with customers and provide various information and details, and they also have a number on WhatsApp in order to mess with 0581941391.

Al-Dulaijan is distinguished by providing all types and forms of home furniture, which combines the simplicity of modern and the elegance of classics, so you will find everything you are looking for at the best prices because it provides a lot of offers all the time in order to satisfy customers. You can view their products by visiting their Instagram account through the following link: From here.

Furniture Shops in Khobar
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