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Getting Around Baku – Public Transportation and Private

Buses to Baku

Bus routes are open from 0:00 to 23:00. The bus route can viewed on the website. By selecting the Avtobuslar tab. And entering the number of the route you interested in.

Bus timetables and routes indicated at stops. Buses are often late, many of them are not air-conditioned. In the summer it is not the best option for getting around the city. Along with buses, minibuses run in Baku. The destination indicated on the windshield. And on the side of the bus or minibus. During the trip, I advise you to hold on tight. Local drivers love to play around.

The most important bus stops that will come in handy in Baku:

  • 28 May – stop near Baku train station
  • Axundov Bağ – a triangular garden north of Icheri-Sheher
  • Azneft is a major transport interchange southwest of the Old Town.
  • MUM – stop next to Fountain Square
  • Tə zə Avtovağ zal – main bus station

Metro in Baku

The metro system in Azerbaijan is only in Baku. It works from 06:00 to 24:00 every day. Metro stations, trains are clean and safe. Trains run every 2-3 minutes on weekdays. The metro fare fixed at 0.2 mantas. And does not depend on the duration of the trip. When entering the metro, attach your BakıKart pass to the turnstile and walk through.

There are 2 metro lines in Baku: the red line. The green line and the laid purple line. Connecting the city center with the bus station. The metro, like buses, not equipped to transport people with disabilities. The metro is a convenient way to get around Baku.

It is better not to take photographs in the Baku metro. There have been cases of detention of people. Who took pictures of the local subway. The subway in Baku built during Soviet times. Some of its stations are a real work of art. Be sure to check out Nizami, Elmlyar Akademiyasy. And Ganjlik stations. When entering any station, you will have to go through a metal detector. There are a lot of people in the Baku metro during rush hours. Keep an eye on your belongings. See the current Baku metro map below.

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Taxi in Baku

Official taxi in Baku represented by London eggplant-style taxis. To take a taxi, you pay 0.7 AZN per 1 km. Unofficial taxis, which are many in Baku. Charge a minimum of 5 AZN from a passenger.
Some taxi cars have counters, some don’t and you have to bargain. Never deviate from the pre-agreed taxi fare. Many taxi drivers will ask you for a higher price. After they take you to your destination. But they will insist on the original price and don’t fall for that trick. Taxi drivers in Baku are arrogant. And you don’t need to show your weakness in front of them. When traveling by taxi, I advise you to look at the map on your smartphone. And see which streets you need to go through. otherwise, you can go in circles. And ask for the appropriate payment for it.

Car rental in Baku

Renting a car in Baku is suitable for independent travelers. With many years of driving experience. Who does not want to depend on the unstable public transport schedule. As a rule, when renting a car in Baku. You cannot drive it to neighboring countries. That is, you will not be able to rent a car in Baku and go. For example, to Georgia.
A good alternative to public transport in Baku. Renting a car with a driver for the day.

Baku Ferries

This ferry is well-known among travelers. Traveling along the Silk Road route. As you can spend the night on the ferry and save on the hotel. However, this ferry is not comfortable. And is only suitable for those looking for adventure. In addition, the ferry departs from Baku. To the city of Aktau in Kazakhstan. At intervals of 3-5 days. It is very difficult to get tickets for this ferry.

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There is no ferry departure schedule. And a lot depends on the weather conditions at sea.

Getting Around Baku – Public Transportation and Private
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